We don't want the LoCo Project divide the community into small entities gradually taking their independence. That's a quite dangerous risk for both the reputation and the integrity of the community. We need to keep the community unified.

A regular contact between a LoCo and the rest of the world is absolutely necessary. The suggestions are :

1) Better TeamReports

LoCo teams should take more care of the monthly TeamReports. Approved LoCo Teams should also submit Weekly reports (useful for the UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter)

The LoCo Council should supervise those reports, especially for the approved LoCo teams. A LoCo should receive a complaint from LC if no reports are being sent.

This will activate the work in LoCos as nobody want to submit an empty report :). This will also ensure exchanging ideas between LoCos. I think we will also see a positive competition between the LoCos with one saying "We did more !" and another "But we did best !". It's all for the best.

Those reports will also facilitate the approval/re-approval processes. A team will simply copy/paste its TeamReports for the last 12 months to fill up the ApprovalApplication page. The LoCo council could even make automatic re-approvals as the reports are already there.

2) LoCo IRC Meetings on #ubuntu-meeting

LoCos should hold their IRC meetings on #ubuntu-meeting. This will place the people in the context of the worldwide big community. It can't be bad to the community integrity. Plus, They will also have the opportunity to use Mootbot Smile :)


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