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Clear message

We are happy to assist active local teams in growing their communities by providing them with sponsored hosting. This server space should be used to promote Ubuntu as a focus point for local language Ubuntu discussions and to coordinate local activities. We are currently able to offer a range of hosting solutions to provide flexible web hosting solutions for LoCoTeams and other teams such as the documentation and art teams. Some hosting will be provided in-house in our data centre while other solutions will be provided by 3-rd party hosting providers. This will depend on the nature of the team, the required capacity and infrastructure. We may ask several teams to share a server. We obviously require that sites we sponsor be hosted on Ubuntu Smile :)

The following LoCoTeams currently have Canonical sponsored Hosting:



Server type


http://www.ubuntu-pt.org/||Linode VPS

more teams soon ...


Server Pronto dedicated

To request LoCoTeam hosting, please contact HenrikOmma and give a brief description of your hosting needs (and read the following terms).

Terms and Conditions for Canonical-supplied LoCo Team servers

Because the servers will be registered to Canonical, Ltd. with the hosting providers, we hold the formal responsibility for the content and management. These terms and conditions are required to ensure that local teams administer the servers in a responsible maner. Decisions on which teams will be granted server space will be made by Canonical, Ltd. and teams with modest requirements may be asked to share a server. The current contact person at Canonical is HenrikOmma.

Terms and Conditions:

  • To qualify for sponsored server space a team must be officially recognised as an Ubuntu LoCoTeam (see the first table on the LoCoTeamList page)

  • The LoCo team is responsible for all system administration of the server.

  • The team must apoint a server contact person who is ultimately responsible for the administration and content of the server. This may optionally be the same person who is the LoCo team contact and must in all cases have signed a copy of the Ubuntu Code of Conduct.

  • The server contact may grant sudo (root) administration rights to other members of the LoCo team, provided they also sign the Ubuntu Code of Conduct and agree to these Terms and Conditions.

  • Canonical, as the formal lease-holder, reserves the right to take full control of the server at any time for any reason, including but not limited to breach of these Terms and Conditions.
  • No content that is in breach of copyright or otherwise illegal may be stored on the server.
  • The LoCo team, as represented by the server contact person, idemnifies Canonical of all responsibility should illegal material be found to be hosted on the server.

  • Good taste: The LoCo teams agrees to refrain from posting content that may offend other groups or individuals.

  • The LoCo team website should not contain advertising or promote one commercial enterprise over another. A neutral and objective listing of local companies providing services for Ubuntu is fine, however.

  • Teams agree to use the Ubuntu logo in accordance with the trademark policy.