Local Community Team Contact

This is the person who acts as the designated interface between the local Ubuntu team (which often do not speak English or might have difficulty following Ubuntu development), and the larger Ubuntu community.

All Local Community team contacts will be subscribed to a special low-volume mailing list (see here).

The team contact ...

  • is active in, and part of, their LoCo Team. He or she is visible and accessible.

  • might want to follow the ubuntu-devel, ubuntu-announce, and/or ubuntu-news mailing lists.
  • keeps track on which team member is able to do what (translate, help install Ubuntu, organize meetings, ...)
  • has signed the CoC and is either an Ubuntu Member or intends to pursue Ubuntu Membership, see here for details.

  • maintains a list of regional contacts, as a mailing list or on the Web. This is useful for when people need local help, or just want real-world friends to chat with over a beverage-of-choice.
  • should step down gracefully if he or she is no longer able to serve. There is no shame and no harm in being too busy to do the job well, but there is in being too busy, not saying anything, and blocking the work of an entire group.
  • is expected to make sure that information flows
    1. from the LoCo team to the rest of the Ubuntu world (team reporting)

    2. from the rest of the Ubuntu world to the LoCo team

    this does not necessarily mean that the team contact performs all the reporting funtions on their own, but this can be a small team as well.

It is essential to the LoCo community that we

  1. learn from each other's successes (and mistakes)
  2. feed back information about events, announcements, process changes, ideas and so on to our teams


Team contacts are listed on the LoCoTeamList. All official LoCoTeams need a contact.

Feel free to suggest improvements to this page on the LoCoCouncilAgenda.


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