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 1. Figure out `ContactForm` (`teams/forms.py`)!
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 1. Add functionality to pull team information to Launchpad. (Daniel)  1. (./) Add functionality to pull team information to Launchpad. (Daniel)
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 1. Code cleanup (Lots of unused code.) and general beautification. (all)  1. Code cleanup (Lots of unused code still.) and general beautification. (all)

Work is ongoing on the Loco Directory. Discussed at UDS Mountain View it's going to solve a lot of today's problems and make collaboration much much easier.

Get Started

  1. bzr branch lp:loco-directory

  2. cd loco-directory; less INSTALL

0.1 release

In its 0.1 release we plan to replace the "big list of loco teams" and make administration of that list a lot easier.

Working features

  • Log in via Launchpad OpenID.
  • Overview of teams
  • Detailed view of team data.
  • Click Update button, will check if you're admin of that team.
  • admin overview.


Branch: https://code.launchpad.net/loco-directory/trunk

  1. (./) make ./loco_directory/teams/forms.py work (used within ./loco_directory/templates/teams/team_update.html). It currently explodes when you try to change data. (Efrain)

  2. (./) Ask teams to join ~locoteams (Nick and Efrain)

  3. Figure out ContactForm (teams/forms.py)!

  4. Add functionality for ~loco-council change of loco contacts, etc. (Daniel)
  5. (./) Add functionality to pull team information to Launchpad. (Daniel)

  6. Make sure that all approved teams end up in ~approved-locoteams (Nick and Efrain)
  7. (./) New view "upcoming re-approvals". (Daniel)

  8. (./) Take care of translations. (Daniel)

  9. Code cleanup (Lots of unused code still.) and general beautification. (all)

0.2 release

Map Sexyness.

Branch: lp:~christophe.sauthier/loco-directory/0.2-map




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