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  * Pull team owner information from Launchpad initially.
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  * Needs integration of https://translations.launchpad.net/loco-directory
 1. Code cleanup (Lots of unused code still.) and general beautification. (all)
 1. (./) Code cleanup and general beautification. (all)

Work is ongoing on the Loco Directory. Discussed at UDS Mountain View it's going to solve a lot of today's problems and make collaboration much much easier.

Get Started

  1. bzr branch lp:loco-directory

  2. cd loco-directory; less INSTALL

0.1 release

In its 0.1 release we plan to replace the "big list of loco teams" and make administration of that list a lot easier.

Working features

  • Log in via Launchpad OpenID.
  • Overview of teams
  • Detailed view of team data.
  • Click Update button, will check if you're admin of that team.
  • admin overview.


Branch: https://code.launchpad.net/loco-directory/trunk

  1. (./) make ./loco_directory/teams/forms.py work (used within ./loco_directory/templates/teams/team_update.html). It currently explodes when you try to change data. (Efrain)

  2. (./) Ask teams to join ~locoteams (Nick and Efrain)

  3. Figure out ContactForm (teams/forms.py)!

    • Pull team owner information from Launchpad initially.
  4. (./) Add functionality for ~loco-council change of loco contacts, etc. (Daniel)

  5. (./) Add functionality to pull team information to Launchpad. (Daniel)

  6. Make sure that all approved teams end up in ~approved-locoteams (Nick and Efrain)
  7. (./) New view "upcoming re-approvals". (Daniel)

  8. (./) Take care of translations. (Daniel)

  9. (./) Code cleanup and general beautification. (all)

0.2 release

Map Sexyness.

Branch: lp:~christophe.sauthier/loco-directory/0.2-map




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