How to run a LoCo

Have you just taken the initiative to start a Ubuntu Local Community, and don't really know what to do next? Take a look here to get some suggestions, tips and experiences from other LoCo members.

Suggested activities

  • Attend conferences near you and hand out Ubuntu CDs. See UbuntuAtConferences for more information.

  • Carry CDs with you at all times!
  • Organise installfests.
  • Collect local success stories (e.g., case studies of organisations that are using Ubuntu) and submit them to Canonical for inclusion in a new website section of success stories.
  • Start an UbuntuFriendlyHardwareSuppliers initiative

  • Participate in Software Freedom Day, 20 September 2008 and help promote free software and Ubuntu!

  • Beer drinking
  • Barbeque
  • Lectures by local and international developers/community members

How to recruit people

  • Talk at LUG meetings.
  • Post announcements to local tech group mailing lists that dovetail nicely with the local Ubuntu community.
  • Post a free community ad on Craigslist

Tips & Tricks

What did you do in *your* LoCo, and how did it work out?

  • [PlLocoGoodies] -- we're starting with it, so I can not say how it worked out yet. Smile :-)

  • [BasenPelenPomyslow] -- This is an idea to let people put their ideas into native version of [IdeaPool]. After we get some ideas, we translate it into English and put it back to the [IdeaPool]. Too bad it didn't work out quite good.

  • This is what we do in the Italian Community to organise ourselves Smile :)

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