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Working With Other User Groups

LoCos are not meant to replace existing LUGS, but instead to complement them. Here we discuss how LoCoTeams and LUGs can work together.

Common Misconceptions

LUGs are meatspace

LoCo teams tend to be more virtual (national/statewide vs. "local"), but many LoCoTeams do meet regularly.

LUGs are dying

Linux is widely demystified, Internet/forums have taken the need for physical interaction. This is not true for the following reasons:

  • LUGs do good things in the community.
    • Info Points
    • Software Freedom Day mobilisation of troops to raise awareness
  • LUGs provide an on-tap resource of local knowledgable technical people
  • LUGs are not tied to one distro, and can therefore be distro/technology agnostic.

What LoCoTeams Can Provide

  • Providing support to LUGs e.g.:
    • Speakers at LUG meetings
    • Ubuntu expertise to assist in LUG activities
    • Advocate Ubuntu at LUG meetings
    • Ubuntu specific support
    • Language Translation
    • CD distribution
    • Release parties
    • Press releases based on the Fridge
    • Outreach programs with local schools
    • Marketing support
    • Establish a generally community aspect within your local area
    • Participate or hold Installfests

What LoCoTeams Should Not Do

  • Be seen to be taking over a LUG or competing with a LUG
  • Drive LUGs down a single distro (i.e., Ubuntu) path.
  • Interfere with the operation of a LUG.

Other Possibilities

  • LUGs could be called upon to assist the LoCo in activities.

  • There are probably other groups, e.g., local societies etc., that LoCo teams could interact with.

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