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      * Ubuntu specific support
      * Language Translation
       * Converting documentation into local language
       * Rosetta translations
       * wikis and websites e.g. [http://www.ubuntu.org.cn/]
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 * ToDo: [wiki:JoeyStanford Joey] to update with his LoCo's findings.

Working With Other User Groups


Coming Soon.


  • Common feelings:
    • "LUGs are meatspace" - LoCo teams tend to be more virtual (national/statewide vs. "local")

    • "LUGs are dying" - Linux is widely demystified, Internet/forums have taken the need for meatspace stuff
      • A contentious statement with no evidence to back it up.
      • In the UK there are over 100 LUGs, some generate hundreds of mails a month, some are less active of course
      • LUGs do good things in the community.
        • Info Points
        • Software Freedom Day mobilisation of troops to raise awareness
      • LUGs provide an on-tap resource of local knowledgable technical people
      • LUGs are not tied to one distro, and can therefore be distro/technology agnostic.
  • Some LoCos can complement this by

    • Providing support to LUGs e.g.:
      • Speakers at LUG meetings
      • Ubuntu expertise to assist in LUG activities
      • Advocate Ubuntu at LUG meetings
      • Ubuntu specific support
      • Language Translation
  • LoCos should not

    • Be seen to be taking over a LUG
    • Drive LUGs down a single distro (i.e., Ubuntu) path.
    • Interfere with the operation of a LUG.
  • LUGs could be called upon to assist the LoCo in activities.

  • There are probably other groups, e.g., local societies etc., that LoCo teams could interact with.

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