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== Wiki ==
 * Added a note about Pbuilder/revisons number to KubuntuPackagingGuide


About me

  • Student in computer sciences, France
  • 21 years old
  • Ubuntu user since Warty release, I want to be more than a simple user by improving this wonderful distro (currently I create and fix packages)


  • Computers in general (x86 and my ultra5), Linux user since 2000 (suse 6.4, slackware, redhat, debian then ubuntu Wink ;) and FreeBSD for personnal server).

  • Guitar beginner as autodidact


Ubuntu activity

Since july 4th, I try to do more than simply using Ubuntu, I have learnt a lot since, like building correct packages, make usefull (I hope) bugs reports, and trying to help people in #ubuntu-fr.


Packages activity

New packages

Working on

  • k9copy
  • ksystemlog

Malone activity

Bugzilla activity


  • I like fixing and creating packages, I'm currently writing a script to detect "empty" packages (missing files making the package useless), like [https://launchpad.ubuntu.com/malone/bugs/1412 here]

  • I want to help Ubuntu, especially Kubuntu, and creating and fixing new packages from universe.


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