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About me

I'm a Computer Science student of Department of L'Aquila University (http://informatica.di.univaq.it / http://informatica.di.univaq.it/?lang=en).

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<lorenzosfarra AT ubuntu DOT com>


L'aquila, Italy


http://lorenzosfarra.blogspot.com ( https://wiki.ubuntu.com/htdocs/ubuntu/img/flag-it.png )

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My projects

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My translations

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My Documentation

Italian Documentation


  • Maintainer of ubot-it, the official bot of #ubuntu-it (Freenode).

  • I've written a program in python, to convert Italian pages from this wiki to Italian wiki:
    it takes care of renaming pages, fix links in all pages, etc..

  • I'm very happy to support users on the forum and the irc channel.

Me and Ubuntu

Me and Ubuntu distribution

After a few years with Debian, I read something about Ubuntu. I have to be honest...the name "Warty Warthog" has immediately made a hit! So..In October 2004 I've created a small partition for it, and....the small partition now it's growed to 70 % of my hard disk, I've been using all the releases with many gratifications. The philosophy of this distribution, the great work for communities from all the world, the spirit that Ubuntu hands on the users, the unstoppable development of its team, its encouraging parallelism with Debian, and much more things makes Ubuntu my distribution par excellence. It's the right trade-off between simplicity and stabilty.


About the future...well...who knows the future?Next to nothing, I believe Smile :) I know that Ubuntu is already a great OS, and it's already in a very high position between other distributions. So .. I hope in the near future we'll see Ubuntu (or Edubuntu) at work in schools, public departments, etc ..

Me and the Community

A few time ago, me and three other members of the current Italian LocoTeam, carry out a reorganization of Ubuntu Italian Community. After a few months of hard work, now we have a great community (I really believe that). At first the community was composed by a web site, a forum and a wiki. From that moment, the community has grown, on the technical side, members'sides...all sides Smile :) This is the Italian Community structure.


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