The Lubuntu team is proposing that the Lubuntu 14.04 release be supported for 3 years as an LTS release.


Lubuntu had many releases since the beginning of the project (2010). However, in 2012, for the last LTS, we was uncertain of the future of our desktop environment (LXDE), and we didn't have enough manpower to maintain all the desktop.

The first reason for this proposal is that LXDE is now maintained correctly for the GTK components, most of the code is stable, or well maintained (example of the file manager). The others applications of the Lubuntu seed are well maintained, or stable.

The second reason for this proposal is that LXDE is now in maintenance mode for the GTK components. It means the code will be stable, or change to improve the overall quality (example of the current work on the panel). In the future, LXDE will move to Qt, but it will take a while. In the meantime, we would like to offer a version of Lubuntu that can be maintained during the time the Qt port will be finished. So, the timing with 14.04 is quite perfect.

List of applications

The Lubuntu seed is available on

  • Common LXDE components and lubuntu-software-center : all are GTK components currently on maintenance mode (only translations updates, bug fixes, and small improvements), for some time now. Exceptions are described below.
  • File manager : pcmanfm had a big update this cycle, which include most of the features the authors wanted to include. Plan for the future is to stay with bug fixes and translations updates.
  • Session manager : it was updated this cycle, mostly on the preferences side, and it's maintain by a member of the Lubuntu team.
  • Web browser : Firefox (in main and well maintained)
  • GNOME / Ubuntu components : file-roller, transmission, gucharmap, evince, simple-scan
  • Xfce components (with Xubuntu going to LTS 3 years) : xfburn, xfce4-power-manager, xfce4-notifyd, light-locker, abiword, gnumeric, pidgin
  • Windows manager : openbox. There was a recent update recently, it's currently maintained upstream, and quite stable since many years.
  • Applications which didn't change since years, but not known to be unstable as far as I know : leafpad, galculator, mtpaint, hardinfo, scrot, xpad, synaptic
  • Applications maintained upstream with periodic udpates: sylpheed, gnome-mpalyer,gecko-mediaplayer, guvcview, audacious

The others components should be common with other GTK flavors.

Logs from Technical Board Meetings

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