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This is no really a theme (yet), because LXDE does not support themes (as Gnome does). The idea is re-creating from scratch the whole LXDesktop interface elements, such as system tray icons, menu button, panel background, etc.

Theme elements

System tray icons:

Panel (light, dark and clearlooks):
panel24_light.png panel24_dark.png panel24_clearlooks.png

Menu button (several colours or transparent):
menu_preview1.png menu_preview2.png

Wallpapers (blue, brown, cyan, green, pink and human)
wall_blue_th.png wall_brown_th.png wall_cyan_th.png
wall_green_th.png wall_pink_th.png wall_human_th.png

Theme matching

Window border: Sodio, Clearlooks or Human (openbox-themes package)
Controls: Clearlooks
Icons: Elementary-monochrome

Session graphics


Experimental Plytmouth theme script.


Similar design to current styles on Ubuntu flavours and matching wallpaper.


This is not finished (need to be coded).


In case Lubuntu uses LXDM (now that it's themeable!) here it is (just extract files in /etc/lxdm/).

Logout dialog



LxDesign package
XSplash theme
LXDM theme
Wallpaper pack sized 800x600, 1024x768, 1280x1024, 1600x1200, 1440x900, 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600 pixels PNGs. Warning: 11 mb download! :)
Plymouth theme


gilir : Really nice Smile :) Some comments :

  • It'll be nice if all the components are available in the official repository of Ubuntu. I don't think elementary icon set is available.
  • Also, there is a high probability that plymouth will be used instead of xsplash.
  • Lubuntu target low resources computer, maybe mobiles devises, with potentially little resolution and screen. I think 2 panels is too much. For example, I use Lubuntu on a eeePC 701, and using 2 panels hide too much of the screen.

神癒礁湖: Thanks to everybody, I'm very pleased to collaborate!

  • I mainly focus the theme design on blue look, so you'd prefer Brave icons, available on repos.

    • gilir: Yes, it's a nice choice.
  • My desktop is not a mobile device and I think that two panels is a waste of screen space, so I have only one too. I did that screenshot to resemble Ubuntu's default installations (Gnome and XFCE).
    • gilir: We don't need to be close to the default theme :)
      神癒礁湖: fully agree!


  • I made a list of peice of artwork that will be nice to have, you can try to your stuff to match your theme. You can find the doc here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams/ArtworkSubTeam/Documentation

    • 神癒礁湖: artwork list is almost complete. Please, send your suggestions and / or instructions about packing all of this.
  • Also, I make a quick plymouth theme based on the Ubuntu one, with your Xsplash logo (attached as lubuntu-logo-plymouth.tar.gz)

    • 神癒礁湖: ...and modified to have more "blueness" Smile :)

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