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Founded and Created in 6th of July, 2013, Lubuntu Brainstorming Team will coordinate and work closely with each and every other Sub-Team within Lubuntu Community and also have a mutual collaboration with other projects and communities within the Ubuntu Family.


We believe that all of us are smarter than one of us .


  1. Planning For Lubuntu+1 Release 15.04 and LXQt
  2. Encourage and Motivate The Team Work Spirit
  3. Build a Community Based on Sharing Thoughts, Contributions and Friendly Environment
  4. Not Necessarily Discussing Development Ideas But Anything Related to Lubuntu
  5. Come Up With an Idea > Discuss it > Improve it > Vote > Implement

Important Note

This team will handle the planning and discussion of Lubuntu 15.04 and LXQt. This planning should be done through the blueprints

Joining The Team

Please, send a request to join the team on Launchpad

  • Members of this Team can, of course, also be members of other Lubuntu Sub-Teams they may be interested in.

How to Contribute

Interested to make Lubuntu 15.04 the best release ever and help with LXQt? please, register your idea as a Blueprint - See this. You will need a Launchpad Account. Or simply, check the list of all the blueprints which have been registered already.

HOWTO Edit The Whiteboard

The steps are very easy and simple:

  1. Click on the Blueprint you would like to edit.

  2. Click on the Yellow icon which says "Edit Whiteboard".

  3. Add your name/username/launchpad name between two [yourname].

  4. Post your suggestion at the end of the whiteboard.
  5. Once done, click on the Green Icon to accept the changes.
  6. You are Done.

See Also

  • Helpful Tips about Launchpad and Blueprints can be found here

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