Why report bugs ?

Reporting bugs is important to improve the quality of Lubuntu and of all the software included. Before you can report bugs, if you not have a Launchpad account please do follow These Instructions. If you're not sure if you should report a bug, report it anyway. Also, it's easier to troubleshoot bugs in a single place than it is on a mailing list or IRC. The results of any testing should always end up on the bug report.

How to report bugs ?

For general documentation of how reporting bugs, please read the documentation about Ubuntu. Launchpad has a quick introduction to using / tracking bugs on Launchpad.

Where to report bugs ?

Bug on a specific component

If you find a bug on a specific component, run in a terminal "ubuntu-bug the_name_of_the_component".

If ubuntu-bug is not available, you need to install apport ("sudo apt-get install apport"). See: Enabling Apport

Names of important component :

  • the panel : lxpanel
  • the filemanager : pcmanfm
  • the login manager : lightdm (lxdm before 12.04).
  • the windows manager : openbox
  • the music player : audacious
  • the video player : gnome-mplayer

You also can see the detailled list of applications on Lubuntu.

Request for adding a new program or a new package

Please report a bug against lubuntu-desktop package, using this command "ubuntu-bug lubuntu-desktop"

Missing translation, or bugs

Please refer to the Lubuntu/Translations page directly.

Don't know where to report ?

In the case you still don't know where to report a bug, please use "ubuntu-bug lubuntu-desktop" command in a terminal.

Improve bug reports

Use up-to-date packages

When people report bug against stable version of Lubuntu, it's interesting to test with an up-to-date package. You can find packages from unstable Lubuntu versions in LXDE PPA. If you want to test against the newest upstream version, you can try the testing LXDE PPA

Manual Backtrace

When a program crash, it's useful to report a backtrace of the crash. To do so, follow those instructions :

  • Install gdb with "sudo apt-get install gdb"
  • Install useful debug packages with "sudo apt-get install libglib2.0-0-dbg libgtk2.0-0-dbg"
  • Install the debug package of the program you want to debug. See the wiki instruction

  • Generate the Backtrace using the wiki instruction

  • You can also pass --g-fatal-warnings inside gdb to debug gobject criticals

Subscribe Lubuntu Packages Team

  • If you're sure the bug only affects Lubuntu and not other flavors, then make sure to subscribe the Lubuntu Packages Team to the bug report. If you're unsure, do it anyways.


  • Consider joining the Bug Squad team and help out with bug triage.

  • Also please consider submitting an application to the Bug Control subteam which can change all statuses and priorities.

Enable automatic reports

Managing bugs with others teams

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