WOWLubuntu Project is currently on hold due to the simple fact that despite this project has been around for more than a year, there were no serious activities from the community. However, this project was the birth place of StartUbuntu Project. Hopefully, when this project can find serious and dedicated people who are interested to take the time and do something, only then, it would be good idea to carry on. As of now, it is very hard to do anything. Not to mention, Lubuntu Community will be busy for the coming 5 months to prepare for Lubuntu 14.04 LTS, the very first LTS release for Lubuntu. And, sadly, myself as the founder of this project, I have no time to spend on it. Thank you! - Founder of WOWLubuntu Project - amjjawad

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Lubuntu as you never heard about before!


Dazzling the world is not an easy mission but with Lubuntu, nothing is impossible. We keep talking about Lubuntu and share its love with everyone.

WOW Lubuntu's main target/mission/aim is to reach to as many users as possible.

It's very easy. ALL what you need to do is keep talking about Lubuntu and Sharing your experience and/or story with your friends and people around you.

With your help and support, we will fulfill our mission Smile :)


What is WOW Lubuntu

WOWLubuntu is a project created by amjjawad (a member of Lubuntu family) to enlighten the whole world with the power of Linux generally and Lubuntu specifically, as well as, tell the untold story about a unique system that could breathe a new life into an ancient machine instead of breathing dust somewhere in the dark, which can also be installed on newer machines in 5 minutes installation time*.

  • Tested on HP Pavilion dv6, core i5 with 4GB RAM - Lubuntu 12.04

Why WOW Lubuntu

When there is a system like Lubuntu does exist and has proved itself as one of the strongest player among so many other systems, has showed itself as a lightweight, easy and simple yet strong, customizable and stable system; it is really hard to ignore such facts and stop talking about it. When we say "You will be dazzled", we do mean it with confidence.

So, don't be surprised to see more projects coming, more pages, blogs, etc. That is Lubuntu's Charm Smile :)

How does it work

News, updates, tips, tricks, etc. You will find that on WOW Lubuntu and you will love it. A dedicated Blog for Lubuntu that will add an extra fun and draw a smile on your face. We believe that Lubuntu needs more attention, websites, blogs, etc and that is why we are here.

The Huge Project - Start Ubuntu

WOW Lubuntu as described above, was created for a certain mission. If truth to be told, there wasn't any special activities for WOW Lubuntu, simply, because Lubuntu Popularity was rapidly growing day by day. We were waiting for the right moment where we can use WOW Lubuntu to reach to more people, help them and enlighten them by offering a system like Linux to replace what they are using and yes, we mean Windows.

In another word, WOW Lubuntu was created and kept low profile for such moment. The REAL FUN has just started Big Grin :)

Starting from 8th of April 2013, WOW Lubuntu has started its first activity by launching a very huge project. Microsoft Windows will stop supporting Windows XP in 8th of April 2014 - for more details, please read this article.

Long story short, Windows XP Users will be offered two options: either to purchase new machine OR if their machine can handle it, to upgrade to Windows 7 or 8.

We believe that Lubuntu, Ubuntu and all the family (Ubuntu Variants) will be the perfect candidate to replace Windows XP. These machines which eventually will breathe Linux using a modern system instead of a very old system made back in 2001. So, this is our huge campaign has already started

One of the most popular feature in Microsoft Windows is the Start Menu. Instead of Starting a Menu, why not start Ubuntu? Start using Lubuntu? Xubuntu? Kubuntu? Hence, this project will have Start Ubuntu as its code name Big Grin :)

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