Linda Lubu

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West Coast, Canada

  • "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful citizens can change the world;
      indeed it is the only thing that ever has."
      -  Margaret Mead

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Strong history in the Fine Arts, Classical Film Animation, Education, Writing and Theology.

Why do I use Lubuntu?

Early in 2012, I install my first Linux OS - Ubuntu 11.04 - and discover that ancient hardware works best with lighter versions of Ubuntu. A friend at a live Ubuntu Meetup suggests LUBUNTU, that comes with LXDE instead of Unity.

Why did I switch my OS to UBUNTU?   Ubuntu  My previous OS   =   niggling fear (real or imagined) about security issues; compounded by annoying slow speeds; bothersome updates and random happenings; constant interruptions to my online experience; never ending update and software expense; difficulty with finding answers to questions; and frustration with feeling out of control. Artists do like to control their tools and media.

Thus began an exciting learning curve, which ever increases my fascination with all things Ubuntu - especially the community and community built resources. ACCESSIBLE SUPPORT PEOPLE make Ubuntu great.

Social Network Profile

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Contribution to Ubuntu

Volunteer Activities:

As a new-comer to Linux, my experience with code and software development occurs only as a student and enthusiast. My contributions stem from the things I can do best: writing articles, listening to people, editing wiki's, and passing on the things I learn, as I learn them - paying it forward.

Current Area of Interest:

Writing tutorials for the very new students of Ubuntu. As I flounder in my own learning process, I discover gaps in documentation that may have been overlooked by experienced Linux writers.


I love to give new life to old computers, and find deserving homes for such renewed computers. This activity provides opportunity to focus on learning installation procedures, and experience the fresh wonders of upgrades.

Lubuntu Communications Team:

I share time with other Lubuntu Admins, to be present as a catalyst in various IRC channels and Facebook Groups.

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