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= Introduction =

Communication has been derived from the Latin word "communis", meaning to share. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality and this is precisely what the Lubuntu Communication Team does :)

We are sharing almost everything about Lubuntu with the users of Lubuntu, anyone who is interested about Lubuntu and also those who might be interested soon!

= A bit of our History =

[[ | The Communication Team]] has been founded in 6-1-2012. Before, a group of members were taking care of whatever related to the communication stuff and day after day, with the rapid growth of Lubuntu, we felt that we are in need to a dedicated team who can keep up with such growth and be as close as possible to Lubuntu users, hence the communication team was founded.

= Who Are We =

The [[ | Communication Team]] is a group of community volunteers responsible for writing, editing, and updating the advertising of Lubuntu on all media.

= What We Do =

We are responsible of communicating with Lubuntu users and everyone else who is interested in Lubuntu. In another words, we are the front page of Lubuntu to the whole world.

We make sure to interact with users on all [[ | Lubuntu Official Channels]], update these channels, etc. We believe it is important to keep our users and community up-to-date with all what is going on behind the scenes, specially Lubuntu Development.

== Projects ==

=== WOW Lubuntu ===

[[| WOW Lubuntu]] is not a personal project anymore, it's a community project that few (we are looking for more volunteers) Lubuntu Members will be involved on maintaining it and improving it.

=== Lubuntu 101 ===
A sub-project under WOW Lubuntu Project. Please see this page for more details: [[ | Lubuntu 101]]

== Polls ==

Please have a look at our [[ | Polls Wiki page]] for more information.

= Communications Team Places =

== Mailing List ==
<<MailTo(lubuntu DASH comms AT NO SPAM lists DOT launchpad DOT net)>>
 * Archives : [[]]
 * To participate, become a member (otherwise all your messages need to be moderated : [[]]

== Blog ==

== Social Networking ==

For News, Updates and tips, you will find that on:

  *[[ | The Official Facebook Page of Lubuntu]]

  *[[ | The Official Google+ Page of Lubuntu]]

= How to help and join =
##Communications team need active and skilled people who are ready to help and contribute once they join.
##All the teams are very important teams and we have a 'special' mission to do and those who join this team MUST know what they are talking about and doing.
##Why are the above two lines comment?

As Lubuntu is still young and evolving, getting our name out and about is an important part of the project which is why the communication team exists for such mission.

If you are interested, please join the [[ | communication team]] and make yourself known, [[ | Getting Involved]] has how to do that. You do not need to be familiar with how to format up press releases, there are people who will gladly help you if you wish to learn. If you have a 'rough' set of notes then please put any ideas to the team. We will happily get them 'tidied' up for release. However, communications require an active person who can maintain a high level of activities on all kind of media like blogs and social networks; little bit of marketing is a plus. If you are a blogger, an active user on Facebook and/or Google+, if you are an IRC type of user, spend hours on forums, etc then you are the right candidate for such task ;)

If you'd like to have a chat about either contributing to the communication team, drop the team an email or pop onto the IRC: #lubuntu-offtopic on and ask to chat to any of the team on there. If you have not set up your IRC software yet, you can get access to the #lubuntu channel by clicking [[ | #lubuntu-offtopic]] (It is pretty basic, regardless of the name you choose, you will become <Guest#####> and the bar for typing in is at the very bottom of your screen). If you are having problems getting registered to the mailing list, our direct contact details can be found here: [[ | Contact Lubuntu]]
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