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## page was renamed from Lubuntu/CommsTeam

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= Introduction =
The '''Comms Team''' is a group of community volunteers responsible for writing, editing, and updating the advertising of lubuntu on all media.

= How to help =
Join the [[ | mailing list]] and make yourself known [[| Getting Involved]] has how to do that. You do not need to be familiar with how to format up press releases, there are people who will gladly help you if you wish to learn. If you have a 'rough' set of notes then please put any ideas to the team. We will happily get them 'tydied' up for release! As lubuntu is still young and evolving, getting our name out and about is an important part of the project.

If you'd like to have a chat about either contributing to the comms team, drop the team an email or pop onto the IRC: #lubuntu-offtopic on and ask to chat to any of the team on there. If you have not set up your IRC yet, you can get access to the #lubuntu channel by clicking [[ | Lubuntu-Offtopic]] (It is pretty basic, regardless of the name you choose, you will become <Guestnnnn> and the bar for typing in as at the very bottom of your screen). If you are having problems getting registered to the mailing list, our direct contact details can be found at our Launchpad page: [[ | Launchpad page]]
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