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## afaik this is not true now that we have kris again
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= Introduction =
Communication has been derived from the Latin word "communis", meaning to share. Communication requires that the communicating parties share an area of communicative commonality and this is precisely what the Lubuntu Communications Team does :)

We are sharing almost everything about Lubuntu with the users of Lubuntu, anyone who is interested about Lubuntu and also those who might be interested soon!

= History =
[[ | The Communications Team]] has been founded in 6-1-2012. Before, a group of members were taking care of whatever related to the communication stuff and day after day, with the rapid growth of Lubuntu, we felt that we are in need to a dedicated team who can keep up with such growth and be as close as possible to Lubuntu users, hence the communications team was founded.

= Purpose =
 * Organize the internal and external communications within [[ | Lubuntu Community]]
 * Handle Lubuntu Social Media Networks/Sites (Facebook, Google+, Twitter)
 * Spread the word of Lubuntu - kind of marketing department

= Joining The Team =
Please, send a request to join the team on [[ | Launchpad]]

 * Members of this Team can, of course, also be members of other Lubuntu Sub-Teams they may be interested in.

= Communications Channels =

The team communicates via the [[ | Lubuntu-Comms mailing list]]

Public announcements are made via social media channels on occasion:


= Projects =
== WOW Lubuntu ==

[[ | WOWLubuntu]] is project founded by [[amjjawad]] and became a community project but due to lack of manpower, is '''on hold''' for the time being and due to the fact that all our resources are focus toward Lubuntu 14.04 LTS which is our first LTS release, we might not be able to move forward with this project unless someone '''so serious''' steps in - please read the announcement on [[ | this link]].

== Polls ==

Please have a look at our [[ | Polls Wiki page]] for more information.

= How to Contribute =
 * Join the Launchpad Team
 * Send an introduction email about yourself to Lubuntu Communications Team CC The Main Mailing List
 * Refer to the purpose section on this page
 * We mainly need '''more''' people on our Social Media Channels
 * Each and every contribution is highly appreciated
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