The Documentation Team is a group of community volunteers responsible for creating, writing, editing, and updating the Lubuntu Wiki and the Documentation related to Lubuntu.

Two Focuses

Under the Wiki & Docs Team, we are working on two areas that are linked in terms of what they contain, but use different methods to deliver that information:


This are is focused on the Wiki area. Our task is to make sure all pages are updated and that the information suits all kinds of needs, for all kinds of users.


This area is focused on building, updating and maintaining a manual dedicated to our own distribution. As a variant of the Ubuntu Manual, one can find this one very similar. The overall goal is to create a document that can be viewed online, downloaded or ordered as a book for future reference.

Lubuntu Wiki & Docs Standards

Because Lubuntu is an easy and simple lightweight system, the Wiki area should also reflect that. Therefore, there are some standards we are following with each and every page. Please note that we have so many pages and lack of manpower and volunteers to update the Wiki area could explain why some pages are still complicated but we are working on that.

Wiki Pages must be:

  1. Simple
  2. Informative
  3. Direct to the point
  4. As short as possible
  5. Up-to-date


Is the wiki faulty or incomplete? Please email the Lubuntu wiki-docs mailing list.

How to help

  1. take the steps necessary to edit the wiki.

  2. edit away!

If you are unsure about an edit, don't worry. We can always revert things. If you are making major changes, or are otherwise in doubt, to ask on the mailing list of the documentation team.

Looking for something to work on? See the TODO list.

Subscribe to a Wiki Page

Subscribing to the a Wiki Page will make it easier for you as a Wiki Editor to follow up with the chances other members are doing.


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