The Manual is to be the Lubuntu variant of the Ubuntu manual. This area will be expanded to include details of how the manual is created and the work needed. It will also be used to explain how you can help.

The people behind the project are the following ones, but we are always accepting contributors. Feel free to add yourself to the list and drop by at #lubuntu-devel, on freenode.


Contact Address

IRC nick

Gustavo Silva



Phill. Whiteside



Pierre Gobin


Jonathan Marsden



Sergio Meneses



Dale Visser





Cory Byrnes


How Can I help?

You can simply join Lubuntu Wiki and Docs Team and after the administrator of the team approves your request, please send an introduction email to the list and make yourself known. It is wise to mention that you are more interested in contributing to this project, if that is the case. This team is doing two different projects at the same time, so we always appreciate help.

Be aware, though, that the manual is being written in TeX format. Therefore, in order to contribute to its development, you should be comfortable writing in TeX. If you are not, fear not! TeX is very easy and straightforward - It is a good chance for you to learn, right?

Thank you in advance and we are looking forward to work together on the Lubuntu Manual!

How to contribute to the Manual

Launchpad Project

We have decided to register Lubuntu Manual as a project on Launchpad so that the work becomes easier and better. Launchpad's behaviours is simultaneously to work as informational and as a way to structure our work. You can also find different "blueprints" that contain all the necessary information.

Bazaar Project

The project is hosted online, using bazaar (or bzr) which allows us to contribute to the same project simultaneously and, if ever needed, we can always push our editions above, directly to the fellows from Ubuntu.

Lubuntu Wiki & Docs Sub-Team is the driver of this project. However, for any questions in regard to its structure, please address gsilva, since he created the project and has more experience in this topic.


Your participations is always more then welcome. However, in order to keep it simple and as organised as possible, we have our own procedure to ensure that everyone can contribute without jeopardizing the integrity of the manual itself. Therefore, if you wish to contribute to Lubuntu's Manual, you should follow our instructions, sign-up on Launchpad, register yourself on the team and check out the blueprint sections for more further instructions and updates in regard to what we have planned.

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