IRC Meeting February 20, 2010

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<phillw> hiyas

<leszek> meeting in 13 mins yes ?

<phillw> so i understand, grab a ring side seat Smile :-)

<pcman> Oh?

<pcman> there is a meeting?

<mmaksimov> well, actually there _will_ be one

<mmaksimov> in some 10+ minutes, I guess

<pcman> cool

<mmaksimov> BTW, shouldn't we post lubuntu meeting announcements on lxde-list?

<leszek> pcman, did you add shortcut support to pcmanfm2 ?

<leszek> like pressing delete key to delete(move to trash) a marked file

<gilir> mmaksimov, the meeting will be mostly informational and questions/feedback sabout lubuntu, lxde people can join, but it's not strictly necessary

<pcman> leszek: not yet. I need to think about how to do this cleanly.

<mmaksimov> gilir, but I think currently lxde people don't even know about it

<leszek> aha ok

<gilir> mmaksimov, I'm sure they know there is something in progress Smile :)

<gilir> and it will be better to make more communication when we will be in beta/RC state

<gilir> for now, it's more alpha than beta Smile :)

  • pcman is here to listen to user feedbacks.

<leszek> pcman, the desktop in pcmanfm2 still has no copy,paste, cut feature enabled even though it is in the code(only commented out). Is there any reason ? Because the basic copy & paste functionality is implemented like I saw

<pcman> leszek: let me check.

<pcman> leszek: your package is out of date. it works.

<leszek> aha ok, need to update my git tree then

<gilir> let's wait a few minutes more, if people are late

<pcman> leszek: Oh, paste into desktop is not yet done.

<leszek> aha ok

<leszek> oh hyperair, hmm... somewhere heard this nick few days ago

<leszek> I think

<gilir> leszek, MOTU promotion perhaps Smile :)

<leszek> yep

<gilir> ok, let's start the meeting

<gilir> first, hi and welcome to all people here Smile :)

<gilir> I'm happy to see more and more people involve

<gilir> I would to talk during the meeting about severals topic

<gilir> 1. quick summarize of what we have done since the beginning of the Lucid developement

<gilir> 2. what we plan to do after

<gilir> 3. feedback/questions from you Smile :)

<gilir> about what you want, default applications, artwork etc ...

<gilir> any items you want to add to this ?

<leszek> plan += goal of lubuntu ?

<mmaksimov> leszek: +1

<gilir> leszek, ok so, let's start with this

<leszek> because it somehow unclear at least to me if it is a distribution for netbooks + old pcs, or only old pcs

<gilir> the goal of lubuntu is to provide a Ubuntu based on LXDE desktop environnement

<leszek> yeah thats clear to me

<gilir> it mean also, maintaining all the packages inside this project

<leszek> is there any goal set which users we will target with Lubuntu ?

<gilir> clearly, we try to build a light distribution, to be able to work nicely on low specs hardware

<gilir> this mean old hardware, but this can apply to mobile device also

<mmaksimov> speaking of old machines, just how exactly low the target machine may get?

<gilir> the mobile team seems to be interested in the LXDE environnement

<gilir> but I don't know how far

<Yorvik> I’ve had Lubuntu boot in 32MB

<leszek> hmm... mobile, lxde with efl :P

<leszek> Yorvik, how long did it take to boot ?

<gilir> mmaksimov, IMO, it's memory between 128 and 256 Mo, to be useable (several applications running)

<mmaksimov> I believe the exact lower bound on, say, RAM available is really important if we talk about application selection

<gilir> 128 Mo is the big target, but with a browser, it's difficult to achieve

<Yorvik> Just under 20 mins - unusable once iit booted mind you Smile :)

<mmaksimov> will we aim at anything les then 128? say, 96 or maybe even 64....

<d0od> ouch!

<leszek> gilir, 128 MB and a livecd with ubiquity installer is critical . You need 192 MB RAM or at least a swap partition otherwise it becomes a real pain

<gilir> mmaksimov, Lubuntu start with 50~60 Mo Smile :)

<Yorvik> 128MB seems to be the bottom limit and still give a reasonable experience

<mmaksimov> I know that, but the system that starts does not necessarily _work_

<gilir> that's why under 128 Mo, I think it will be very difficult

<Yorvik> Not tried the current live CD in less than 128MB

<leszek> it won't work

<Yorvik> It takes about 2.5 hrs to install

<pcman> I'd suggest 192 MB.

<leszek> for less than 128 MB (or even 192MB) you need the alternate text installer to have a nice installation experience

<gilir> leszek, for 128 Mo, the command line installation will be necessary, or at least easier

<leszek> the problem is the livecd installer (ubiquity) it needs 184 MB free RAM

<gilir> about CPU, did anyone test on old CPU generation ?

<leszek> had the same problem for zevenos, we initially target 128 MB RAM, but then got to 192 MB because of the installer

<gilir> like PII or PIII ?

<mmaksimov> leszek, I don't like GUI installer and try to avoid it if possible.... but that's just my personal choice

<pcman> leszek: you mean it requiers 184 mb to run?

<mmaksimov> gilir, Celeron on 400 MHz

<pcman> if the live cd installer requires much ram to run, the solution is quite simple.

<leszek> pcman, yeah ubiquity needs about 184 MB Ram to run fully with parted server (it needs for partitioning)

<gilir> mmaksimov, and is it usable ?

<pcman> quit the desktop environment and leave Xorg running only,.

<pcman> then, launch the installer.

<leszek> hmm... there should be a option for this in the isolinux loader but it didn't work for me

<mmaksimov> gilir, well, if you disable flash in browser and avoid script-rich sites, yes

<pcman> if low ram is detected, promp the user first, and quit the DE. Then, launch installer.

<leszek> I highly doubt it that the installer will run fine with 128 MB RAM (without swap)

<mmaksimov> gilir, though I didn't try anything else except different browsers

<leszek> pcman, even on plain X it will need a lot of ram 144 MB

<pcman> if you have only Xorg + ubiquity, it's possible.

<gilir> mmaksimov, yes, flash and Javascript is problematic, even with a more powerfull CPU Sad :(

<pcman> leszek: then we have to find out what's wrong with it.

<leszek> pcman, oh thats another story

<gilir> leszek, we need to add an entry in the live-CD to use the Debian install programm instead of ubiquity

<leszek> I tried to fix it somehow (for myself) 2 years and didn't come to anything usable but writting my own installer

<leszek> yes thats true gilir but debian live installer is not stable as far as I know, so only net-install for those pcs?

<gilir> leszek, debian-installer changed a lot recently, maybe it now possible

<leszek> or they simply have to choose alternate install cd

<leszek> thats how xubuntu solves this I think

<gilir> leszek, I'm more thinking about an alternate cd installation

<leszek> gilir, hmm... quite unstable still

<gilir> not running a live session

<leszek> yeah thats the best solution, if we don't want to rewrite a graphical installer

<gilir> you will have 2 entry on the Live CD :

<gilir> 1. Try Lubuntu

<gilir> 2. Install on low spec hardware <= alternate installation

<leszek> or simply textinstall

<gilir> yes

<pcman> good idea

<mmaksimov> gilir, will these two be on the same CD?

<leszek> yeah if thats possible to do on one cd (don't know how much space it takes)

<gilir> mmaksimov, yes, we have enough empty space Smile :)

<leszek> nice

<gilir> just need to hack it on the lice-cd Smile :)

<leszek> so in the end we will have a 680 MB LiveCD + Alternate CD

<leszek> all on one CD

<leszek> thats the best solution I guess

<gilir> something like this yes

<mmaksimov> another question: are we targeting at "computer-illiterate" audience?

<leszek> thats a good question

<leszek> target audience

<gilir> mmaksimov, I call them lambda user or normal user Smile :)

<pcman> gilir: do we have enough space for additonal translations?

<leszek> geeks/ professionals/beginners/ switchers ?

<gilir> in opposition to power user Smile :)

<gilir> pcman, we have space yes, the ISO is 365 Mo for now

<pcman> gilir: I just noted that ubuntu live sessions tend to have incomplete translation and the installed system requires installation of language packs.

<leszek> it is crucial IMO to define the user group a little bit more, that makes our future decision easier (choose of apps for example)

<pcman> gilir: if language-specific stuff can be included it will be handy.

<gilir> pcman, yes, but it's takes a lot of space to have all the translation, it's something to look at at the end of the developement, so see how much space we have

<leszek> hmm... language-packs are still in dependency need of openoffice aren't they ?

<pcman> ok

<gilir> leszek, yes if you take all the packs

<gilir> leszek, I think I fix it for the last testing ISO installation , but not tested yet

<gilir> about the audience, I don't think the main target is power users

<leszek> so beginners ?

<gilir> because they can install a lxde-core or a lxde package, and add all the applications they wanted

<leszek> or advanced / experienced users

<gilir> more beginners that advanced users

<mmaksimov> gilir, then we have to think about hints&tips&some help during the install process

<pcman> beginners +1

<gilir> like Ubuntu, Kubuntu and Xubuntu

<gilir> it's the same target

<gilir> mmaksimov, we try to use ubiquity, the same installer that Ubuntu

<leszek> ah okay, so lets sum it up: people like my mum who doesn't care which os is running and needs me to install it, surfs the web a little bit and checks for mails, plays some games and writes some letters

<gilir> on a old pc Smile :)

<leszek> yes Smile :)

<gilir> yes it's the target

<gilir> but it doesn't mean that advanced users can't use it

<mmaksimov> do you mean the the target user might not be able to install?

<leszek> one part of the targeted users won't

<leszek> the more beginner/switcher part of the users

<leszek> the more advanced ones will

<gilir> but it's the same problem for Ubuntu

<leszek> yep

<Yorvik> Same problem for any OS that’s not on the machine

<gilir> ok, are we clear on the goals / specs / target ?

<mmaksimov> well, for Ubuntu you have a nice GUI which you may just click through with minimal changes

<gilir> Yorvik, unfortunately, yes

<leszek> ubuntu except the fact it has a little bit more graphical tools to configure the system (for advanced users)

<leszek> or GUI lovers (ex-Windows users ?)

<gilir> all standard configuration settings need a GUI yes

<mmaksimov> gilir, during installation or after it?

<gilir> that's why terminal is in accessories menu on Ubuntu Wink ;)

<gilir> mmaksimov, both

<gilir> I know it's incomplete for the "after it" part Smile :)

<mmaksimov> gilir, how does it match the text-only install option?

<gilir> mmaksimov, text installation is special case

<mmaksimov> once again, is it a special case or an expected one?

<gilir> and text installation mean the alternate installation, which is not so horrible after all

<Yorvik> The problem will never be solved until 'user testing' is carried out with the target audience.

<gilir> mmaksimov, let's say a supported case, until we find a more confortable solution

<leszek> ncurses interface works quite well. If we have the space and the debian installer (gui part) is ready we could even ship with the basic gui installer, as it does not need so much more than the ncurses interface

<leszek> but lets wait and see what the debian installer guys will do in the next months

<gilir> yes, it's currently in heavy developement

<gilir> but until it, solutions are :

<phillw> the tasksel system of installing, say, LAMP seems pretty painless - is that a large overhead ?

<gilir> for +184 Mo => ubiquity

<gilir> for -184 Mo => debian-installer (gui or text)

<phillw> (not for lamp, but as a low-graphic, yet friendly way)

<gilir> phillw, you mean the configuration of the installer ?

<mmaksimov> gilir, is the current live cd == ubiquity?

<gilir> mmaksimov, when you use the "Try Lubuntu" menu entry, yes

<mmaksimov> then it does work on 128 Mb

<gilir> ubiquity is the icon on the desktop to launch installation

<mmaksimov> done it yesterday Wink ;)

<gilir> mmaksimov, and it's not too slow ?

<phillw> :gilir yeah, for taking information to do a 'text' based install if GUI not available

<mmaksimov> slow

<leszek> mmaksimov, it cannot work

<leszek> you need swap space

<leszek> otherwise it will simply crash

<mmaksimov> well, there was a previous install of lubuntu on HDD.... could it use swap partition there?

<Yorvik> It does work on 128MB with out swap space as I’ve done it

<leszek> mmaksimov, yes

<leszek> Yorvik, did you test it on real hardware ?

<Yorvik> Yes

<leszek> hmm... I tested it also and it crashed

<mmaksimov> leszek, if I remove the partitions, it will not be able to swap, right?

<leszek> mmaksimov, yes

<mmaksimov> will try it

<mmaksimov> ...and report to lubuntu-desktop

<leszek> k

<Yorvik> I’ll have another go as well

<gilir> ok let's move to the next item, if we have finish with the installer

<leszek> btw. did you test the only-ubiquity install option or livesystem ?

<Yorvik> Only ubiquity

<mmaksimov> leszek, can't say for sure.... what's the difference?

<gilir> it's something we can test for the next ISO, and set it as a point of attention

<leszek> only ubiquity only boots in a minimal Xorg with metacity windowmanager and ubiquity the installer (no desktop, no icons, no panel)

<gilir> and test how memory is needed for live-session and ubiquity-only session

<mmaksimov> leszek, no, live cd boot, than click on "install lubuntu"

<leszek> ok then test it with the next ISO

<gilir> ok let's talk about the work done and needed

<gilir> currently, there is 3 specs on launchpad where you can tracked current work




<gilir> We are in Feature Freeze period for Lucid, it means that we can't include features without exceptions granted

<gilir> So the state of this specs will not really change since the release in April

<gilir> to summarize, we have most of lxde components up-to-date

<gilir> lxdm included

<gilir> libfm included, but without pcmanfm2

<leszek> hmm... that means no pcmanfm2 in lubuntu ? or what ?

<gilir> default settings package + artwork package (including a plymouth theme)

<gilir> leszek, I'll talk about this for the "need to be done" part Smile :)

<leszek> ah ok

<gilir> so most of the work targeted was done, except the ISO building on the Ubuntu architecture

<gilir> last time I checked, there was a problem on the server side, I don't have a current date for this

<gilir> on the work needed part, pcmanfm2 need to be uploaded to the archive

<pcman> gilir: if there is no pcmanfm2, libfm along is useless.

<gilir> since the Feature freeze is in the past, it will require a exception

<leszek> hmm... yeah somehow

<pcman> gilir: another issue, I noticed lxde-settings-daemon. did you included it? it's not needed.

<gilir> I'll do it when pcmanfm2 will be regression free, or better feature complete Smile :)

<gilir> pcman, lxde-settings-deamon is in the archive, but not used anymore

<pcman> aphla tarball release of pcmanfm2 will be available in days.

<gilir> perfect scenario is to upload it with up-to-date libfm, and include after only bug fixes

<gilir> pcman, thanks, it will be easier to request an exception with a released tarball Smile :)

<gilir> pcman, do you think it will be features comparable with the old pcmanfm with this tarball ?

<pcman> gilir: 90%

<pcman> gilir: but it provides extra new features.

<pcman> such as gvfs support.

<gilir> after pcmanfm2, most of the work will be to fix all bugs Smile :)

<pcman> and trash can

<gilir> pcman, what are the remaining 10 % ? Smile :)

<leszek> yeah pcmanfm2 especially the libfm is a big step forward for lxde

<pcman> not sure. Smile :)

<gilir> pcman, yes I know there is cool features, that why I would like to include it by default Smile :)

<pcman> gilir: that's why I need more testing to make it suitable for production use.

<gilir> pcman, ok, we will see when it will be released Smile :)

<pcman> gilir: symlink creation is not yet implemented. keyboard shortcut is missing.

<pcman> gilir: testing from Lubuntu users is important.

<leszek> freely movable icons is still missing, (it seems to be the old pcmanfm desktop behavior and code (except the gvfs stuff))

<gilir> pcman, next Alpha should have pcmanfm2 for testing by default, you will have bug reports Smile :)

<leszek> there was a patch for the current pcmanfm (0.5) which allows freely movable icons

<pcman> leszek: that part is re-written.

<leszek> would be nice to take a look at it

<gilir> leszek, but it's not a regression, old pcmanfm have it too

<pcman> leszek: so that patch won't work.

<leszek> yeah thats true

<leszek> pcman, aha ok

<pcman> leszek: but the new code is much more readable.

<pcman> so it can be improved very soon.

<pcman> that's why I decide to do the total re-write.

<leszek> yeah its really clean code

<leszek> never read software so easily :P

<mmaksimov> is it possible to include pcmanfm2 with pre-built debug info etc. in the next alpha?

<leszek> if I compare it to the mess in xfdesktop pcmanfms desktop implementation is really easy to read and to understand

<gilir> mmaksimov, sure, I'll add it with the apport, the crash reporter of Ubuntu

<mmaksimov> gilir, do you mean we won't have to install gdb and start pcmanfm2 from within?

<gilir> mmaksimov, it will not be automaticly for pcmanfm2, I don't know if apport need gdb to produce the backstrace, I need to look at it

<gilir> ok any questions/feedbacks ? something to say ? Smile :)

<mmaksimov> gilir, on which topic?

<gilir> mmaksimov, any Smile :) I think I finished the developpement part

<phillw> There was a query raised on the 10.04 testing forum .. Lubuntu should add disk utility because it is most unique software for formatting and powering down disks physically.

<mmaksimov> uhm, ok.... will lubuntu support multi-monitor configuration?

<mmaksimov> I know it may not be a frequent setup for a low-grade machine....

<phillw> but niether of the two who were chatting about it are about :-\ Will there be a disk formatting option in Lubuntu ?

<leszek> as ubiquity is included we will have parted I think

<Yorvik> A GUI based formatting option

<leszek> we could add gparted aswell

<gilir> phillw, for now, there is no disk utility

<gilir> IMO there is 2 options, gparted or gnoome-disk-utility

<pcman> gilir: we'll need that.

<mmaksimov> (back to ubiquity memory usage, sorry) leszek, I've tried live cd installation in a virtual machine today..... it failed in a spectacular way, and now I think it might be the lack of RAM, the VM has only 128 Mb allocated and a clean Info (!) virtual HDD

<pcman> gilir: gvfs actually requires gnome-disk-utility.

<pcman> otherwise volume management of gvfs won't work.

<pcman> very bad

<gilir> gparted is more for advanced users,

<pcman> another issue is policykit.

<gilir> pcman, sorry, I mean the GUI, palmi...something Smile :)

<pcman> gilir: ok

<pcman> gilir: that tool is nice.

<pcman> gilir: it's based on gnome-disk-utility.

<leszek> palimpset

<gilir> leszek, thanks Smile :)

<pcman> gilir: the program alone might not bring many deps since most of the work was done by gnome-disk-utility.

<leszek> actually palimpsest

<leszek> Smile :)

<gilir> pcman, yes, but accurate sometimes, and with additionnal gnome depends

<pcman> it's part of gnome-disk-utility.

<leszek> thats a cool tool

<gilir> accurate => not accurate

<leszek> but with current 9.10 release I had problems with old IDE disks

<pcman> gparted is great, but it's too geek-friendy.

<leszek> yeah that might be

<gilir> mmaksimov, I don't think multi-monitor is supported in LXDE, and Lubuntu don't add programs to add this functionality

<mmaksimov> pcman, no, "real men" use fdisk and other cli-only tools Wink ;)

<gilir> mmaksimov, do you have some debug about the crash under 128 Mo ?

<leszek> gilir, it is supported with xrandr and the lxmonitoring tool I guess

<mmaksimov> gilir, the live-cd install does detect the second monitor, just doesn't extend the viewport onto it

<leszek> monitor tool

<Yorvik> Talking of monitors - A program to adjust gamma on CRTs might be a useful thing

<leszek> for most users xrandr --auto will work when pluging a second monitor

<leszek> Yorvik, gamma on crts should be adjustable right within the firmware menu of the crt

<mmaksimov> leszek, I'll try it next time I boot my work machine from lubuntu live cd

<leszek> k

<gilir> Yorvik, it's something that should be added to a lxde configuration application

<Yorvik> leszek: But on really old monitors that isn’t always possible.

<gilir> Yorvik, do you think there is already a program to do it in the Ubuntu archive ?

<Yorvik> No, I use xxgamma

<leszek> Yorvik, yeah you are right, I have a crt here that only can adjust contrast

<leszek> xxgamma is good

<leszek> maybe a small shellscript with zenity for xgamma will work also


<gilir> more generaly, there is lack of some configuration GUI

<leszek> a xgamma gui nice

<gilir> I know sidux LXDE maintainer have some python scripts, I'm sure we can work with him to improve them and submit them upstream

<Elfriede> interesting extra lxde debian packages:

<gilir> Elfriede, nice synchro, I'm just talking about them Smile :)

<leszek> :

<leszek> )

<phillw> A quick Question, is lubuntu going to ship with FFox or Chromium ?

<gilir> it will be too late for 10.04, but it could definitely be useful for the future

<leszek> phillw, chromium

<phillw> thanks

<phillw> it had FFox 3.5.7 on the iso I downloaded

<gilir> Ubuntu just switch to FF 3.6

<phillw> I updated the one on the iso, when I was getting flash to work, it went and got Chromium.

<leszek> btw. chromium also has a commandline parameter to set a proxy (someon asked that on the mailinglist)

<leszek> chromium-browser --proxy-server=host:port

<gilir> leszek, not really user friendly Smile :)

<leszek> I know

<leszek> so we need a proxy gui config tool also

<gilir> yes

<mmaksimov> oh, another question. Flash generally kills low-grade machine. However, IMHO it is desirable to be able to play it on user request (click?)

<gilir> mmaksimov, best option IMO is to have the same utility that Firefox

<leszek> mmaksimov, as flash player isn't included I don't see the problem

<gilir> installing Flash when you are on a page which have flash

<gilir> leszek, flash is too much used on the web to be ignored, sadly Sad :(

<mmaksimov> leszek, when I played with browsers on previous alpha 2 preview iso, all browsers played all flashh "out of the box"

<leszek> gilir, I think I misunderstand mmaksimov then, I thought he meant a click to play feature for flash

<gilir> is someone test if the closed source driver, if it's use less CPU than gnash ?

<Yorvik> Apple manage to ignore it Big Grin :)

<mmaksimov> leszek, yes, click on it to play anything

<gilir> Yorvik, only on phone Wink ;)

<Elfriede> i'am reachable on OFTC, channel #sidux-lxde

<leszek> mmaksimov, therefor you will need a special chromium extension

<Yorvik> There is an extension for stopping flash auto playing.

<leszek> as flash is not shipped with lubuntu we shouldn't ship this extension

<leszek> installing flash is something else

<leszek> this should be easy enough for the majority of users

<Yorvik> It was just something worth noting, should people have problesms

<gilir> however, mobile team will have the same problem if they use chromium, so maybe they will have time to code this functionality Smile :)

<leszek> btw. firefox does not have this functionality out of the box too

<leszek> (click to play feature)

<mmaksimov> leszek, are you sure?

<gilir> leszek, I mean the click to install feature

<leszek> mmaksimov, yes I am sure

<leszek> gilir, it is defacto a ubuntu extension that pulls the flashplayer via apt-get

<leszek> there is a native installer in firefox also, but that needs root access to install the player

<leszek> (or hacked config to install it to user dir instead globally)

<mmaksimov> leszek, in my curretn ubuntu installation FFdoes have click-to-play feature, and I cannot recall doing anyhting special to achieve this

<leszek> chromium is linking to adobes flash site , they have a deb package so it might be ok

<leszek> mmaksimov, ff never had this feature out of the box

<leszek> I will take a look in coding a small gui for setting the proxy server

<gilir> leszek, this will be nice Smile :)

<leszek> will clone the gnome gui for this Smile :)

<gilir> Is there any other questions for this meeting ?

<Yorvik> What colour are we going to use?

<Yorvik> Blue/Green/Pink/Purple?

<mmaksimov> Gray!!!!!!! Wink ;)

<gilir> hehe Smile :)

<leszek> NewWave Gray :P :P :P

<mmaksimov> uhm, ok, gray+blue maybe....

<leszek> LXDesigns Blue is I think the best choice for 10.04 for now

<gilir> I think the blue theme will remain for this release, except if another complete theme pop up before artwork freeze

<Yorvik> There was some discussion on the mailing list about the art and I supported Green

<gilir> Yorvik, the problem is to have a complete theme for the release

<leszek> yeah

<gilir> I'm not against the green, or any other color

<Yorvik> I think that is for the best, get everything coordinated and looking nice whatever the colur

<leszek> NewWave (what I am working on) is nearly complete but it still sucks and needs polishing

<Yorvik> colour

<gilir> but it need to be clean, coherent and complete (as much as possible)

<Yorvik> Yep

<Yorvik> The blue isn’t bad as long as the icons themes etc. match we should stick with it and start polishing Smile :)

<Yorvik> If anybodies interested I have the Live CD 'running' in 128MB with no swap

<Yorvik> It is slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow!

<leszek> lol

<Sergio17771> when the next iso be released?

<gilir> Sergio17771, Alpha 3 for February 25th, maybe a few days late as usual Smile :)

<phillw> is there a record of this get-together for those who couldn't attend, or am I ok to post them my log from xchat ?

<gilir> phillw, feel free to add your log here :

<Yorvik> Not sure if this channel is logged

<phillw> If it's not there, I'll post the log to it for you.

<gilir> Yorvik, yes I don't think it's logged too

<mmaksimov> I've assembled a small list of todos that were mentioned and some decisions.... should I add it to wiki? at IRC Meetings or someplace else?

<Yorvik> It’s not in the archives anyway

<phillw> is no problem, RanchHand has visitors and mohil had to leave early, So I'll pop it on for them and anyone else.

<gilir> mmaksimov, you can add them as task in the differents team :

<gilir> or fill bug on Launchpad

<Yorvik> phillw: Would be useful to have it recorded some where

<phillw> If I can just say - I tried lubuntu for the 1st time yesterday - I've been following its progress - You've done a fantastic job :-D

<phillw> I've got the wiki page up now - I'll try adding it as an attachment - If I have any problems I'll shout !!

<Yorvik> Yes, well done gilir on pushing it this far

<gilir> phillw, thanks, it's the result of the work of many people, developers, testers, designers etc ... Smile :)

<gilir> let's continue to make it even better Smile :)

<phillw> Indeed, I'm happy to test whatever I can. I've now found a bit of hard-disk space (only have a 80GB drive) so I can test installing it etc.

<Yorvik> The live CD session has just crashed I I tried to post a message here Sad :(

<phillw> Did anyone pick up on the cannot find /dev/sr0 errors using it from persistant USB (It was logged in casper.log - So I'm guessing that it is persistance that is the problem)

<mmaksimov> BTW, should I mention the 20100215 iso under "download lubuntu"?

<gilir> phillw, I also have this one on a installed version

<gilir> mmaksimov, no, I would like to polish it a bit for Alpha 3

<phillw> I know one other, on the 10.04 test forum who reports the saem

<phillw> *same*

<Yorvik> I’ve seen it mentioned on #ubuntu+1

<phillw> I'm not sure if it is an issue of 10.04 Ubuntu making the usb-stick, or with lubuntu - I can always try 9.10 to do it, if that would help ?

<Yorvik> I don’t think it’s confined to Lubuntu as the mentions I’ve seen were for Ubuntu

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