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General Agenda Items and Proposals




Archiver : File-roller over Xarchiver


Remove Cheese


Display-manager : LightDM over LXDM


Control Center


Music player


10.04.1 (two bugs)


New Wiki Area


Lubuntu Project Meeting




#title #lubuntu Meeting

Meeting started by gilir at 17:05:15 UTC. The full logs are available at http://mootbot.libertus.co.uk/lubuntu/2010/lubuntu.2010-12-01-17.05.log.txt .

Meeting summary

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20101201 (gilir, 17:06:35) LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20101201 (gilir, 17:07:25)

  • Archiver : File-roller over Xarchiver

ACTION: Set archiver to file-roller in lubuntu seed and default handler for archive in lubuntu-default-settings (gilir, 17:17:43)

  • Remove Cheese

ACTION: Remove cheese from the lubuntu seed (gilir, 17:30:30) ACTION: Call for testing for guvcview on the mailing list (gilir, 17:31:07)

  • Display-manager : LightDM over LXDM

ACTION: Set LightDM to the Lubuntu seed when it's available in Natty and majors bugs are solved (gilir, 17:44:16)

  • Control Center

ACTION: Add pcmanfm "control-center" to the menu (gilir, 17:59:08)

  • Music player

LINK: https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/msg02886.html (gilir, 18:02:16) ACTION: Replace aqualung with audacious and audacious-plugins in lubuntu seed and default applications (gilir, 18:12:51)

  • 10.04.1 (two bugs)
  • New Wiki Area

LINK: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu (phillw, 18:41:49)

  • Other topics

ACTION: Propose a time for the next project meeting (gilir, 18:48:42)

Meeting ended at 18:52:48 UTC.


Action items

  • Set archiver to file-roller in lubuntu seed and default handler for archive in lubuntu-default-settings
  • Remove cheese from the lubuntu seed
  • Call for testing for guvcview on the mailing list
  • Set LightDM to the Lubuntu seed when it's available in Natty and majors bugs are solved
  • Add pcmanfm "control-center" to the menu
  • Replace aqualung with audacious and audacious-plugins in lubuntu seed and default applications
  • Propose a time for the next project meeting

People present (lines said)

  • gilir (155)
  • phillw (61)
  • meetingology (18)
  • subdee (9)
  • bioterror (7)
  • Wiebelhaus (5)
  • ubot5 (4)
  • EG_linux (2)

Full Log

  • 17:05:15 <gilir> #startmeeting

    17:05:15 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Dec 1 17:05:15 2010 UTC. The chair is gilir. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell.

    17:05:15 <meetingology> Useful Commands: #topic #action #link #idea #voters #vote #chair #action #agreed #help #info #endmeeting.

    17:05:36 <gilir> hi everyone

    17:05:48 <subdee> hello

    17:05:52 <gilir> welcome to the 1st project meeting for Lubuntu Smile :)

    17:05:55 <phillw> hiyas

    17:06:17 <gilir> you can find the agenda on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20101201

    17:06:25 <Wiebelhaus> Hello

    17:06:35 <gilir> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20101201

    17:07:25 <gilir> [LINK] https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20101201

    17:07:50 <gilir> please say hello to appear in the logs Smile :)

    17:08:01 <phillw> hello

    17:08:29 <subdee> hello

    17:08:59 <gilir> ok so this meeting is mostly to discuss applications by default on Lubuntu

    17:09:48 <gilir> we already have discussion on the mailing list, but you can add comments about the differents item here

    17:10:21 <gilir> we have some items on the agenda, we will discuss each on them

    17:10:27 <subdee> are we discussing them in order of appearance in the agenda list?

    17:10:47 <gilir> if you want to add another one, we can do it after all the items

    17:10:55 <gilir> subdee, yes

    17:11:12 <gilir> ok let's start

    17:11:24 <gilir> [TOPIC] Archiver : File-roller over Xarchiver

    17:11:24 <meetingology> TOPIC: Archiver : File-roller over Xarchiver

    17:11:45 <gilir> 1st item is the archiver

    17:12:11 <gilir> I propose to replace the current one (xarchiver) by file-roller, the one in Ubuntu

    17:12:31 <gilir> feedbacks are good about this on the mailing answers

    17:13:10 <phillw> it makes sense to use one from the repos that has support.

    17:13:24 <gilir> and since it's used on Ubuntu, we should have a good support from other Ubuntu team

    17:13:35 <gilir> and less works for us Smile :)

    17:13:58 <gilir> phillw, yes, it's the main argument for the switch

    17:14:36 <phillw> less work for such a small team can only be an advantage, plus it allows other teams to support lubuntu more easily.

    17:15:08 <gilir> if no ones have concern about it, let's do switch Smile :)

    17:15:30 <gilir> phillw, yes, it's about support, but also about testing

    17:16:08 <gilir> but it applies for other items than the archiver Smile :)

    17:16:18 <phillw> as I see it, it is a win - win situation for lubuntu if we switch, the development, testing and support

    17:16:54 <gilir> I think it's ok, for this item

    17:17:43 <gilir> [ACTION] Set archiver to file-roller in lubuntu seed and default handler for archive in lubuntu-default-settings 17:17:43 * meetingology Set archiver to file-roller in lubuntu seed and default handler for archive in lubuntu-default-settings

    17:18:05 <gilir> [TOPIC] Remove Cheese

    17:18:05 <meetingology> TOPIC: Remove Cheese

    17:18:28 <gilir> there is 2 reasons behind the proposal of removing cheese

    17:18:57 <gilir> 1. the new version will require clutter, which is not "lightweight friendly"

    17:19:20 <gilir> 2. I don't think it's really essential on a default installation

    17:20:03 <gilir> for me the reason 1. is enough to remove it

    17:20:15 <gilir> on mailing, most of people doesn't use really cheese

    17:20:26 <phillw> Agreed, if someone has webcam, cam etc; they can always add it from the repos. I'll add a note to the wiki area for those wishing such functionallity.

    17:20:57 <subdee> is there an alternative?

    17:21:01 <gilir> the only problem I can see if the lose of the ability to test the webcam

    17:21:49 <gilir> subdee, someone mention guvcview on the mailing list

    17:22:11 <subdee> for a typical desktop user, taking photos and videos instantly from his webcam is a nice feature

    17:22:20 <phillw> gilir: I can easily add a section to the wiki about webcam support.

    17:23:48 <gilir> guvcview is in the repo, so we can at least test it to see if it's good enough for the purpose of testing

    17:24:12 <Wiebelhaus> Also VLC can do it.

    17:24:31 <gilir> phillw, yes, but it's quite usefull to have a test for webcam directly in the live-cd Smile :)

    17:24:52 <gilir> Wiebelhaus, yes, but we can't add vlc just for testing the webcam Smile :)

    17:25:24 <gilir> IMO, it's a small use-case

    17:25:27 <Wiebelhaus> Yar , Was responding to subdee but didn't name him , my bad.

    17:25:31 <phillw> gilir: has anyone tried out guvcview?

    17:26:01 <Wiebelhaus> @phillw , Yes It's great.

    17:26:01 <meetingology> Wiebelhaus: Error: "phillw" is not a valid command.

    17:26:03 <gilir> phillw, I don't think so, it was just mentionned on the mailing list

    17:26:41 <phillw> gilir: maybe worth investigating a little further, to see what resources it uses.

    17:26:52 <gilir> Wiebelhaus, is it just a test for the webcam, or do you have some options ?

    17:27:37 <Wiebelhaus> No options , I'd say let them pull it from repos if they need it.

    17:28:45 <gilir> ok, so we can ask for testing on the mailing list, and add it to the seed later

    17:29:32 <gilir> it's not critical, so we can wait a bit more on this item Smile :)

    17:29:41 <subdee> ok

    17:30:30 <gilir> [ACTION] Remove cheese from the lubuntu seed 17:30:30 * meetingology Remove cheese from the lubuntu seed

    17:31:07 <gilir> [ACTION] Call for testing for guvcview on the mailing list 17:31:07 * meetingology Call for testing for guvcview on the mailing list

    17:31:42 <gilir> I think it's ok on this one too, let's go the next item

    17:32:06 <gilir> [TOPIC] Display-manager : LightDM over LXDM

    17:32:06 <meetingology> TOPIC: Display-manager : LightDM over LXDM

    17:32:31 <gilir> It's a bit similar to the archiver choise

    17:33:04 <gilir> LightDM will probably be the next display manager for Ubuntu (planned for 11.10)

    17:33:41 <phillw> gilir: is it as low on resource usage as LXDM?

    17:33:57 <gilir> we can share some work by moving to this

    17:34:23 <gilir> phillw, it's similair when I tested it

    17:34:32 <gilir> it's/it was

    17:34:49 <gilir> the main problem is that it's currently not ready

    17:35:17 <gilir> as it's targed for 11.10, the priority is not on this

    17:35:23 <gilir> for the Ubuntu teams

    17:35:27 <phillw> it gets my vote, then. any thing that works and reduces the workload on you people is good for me. We can always stay with LXDM for 11.04 and re-visit it in 11.10 if you prefer.

    17:35:37 <subdee> agreed

    17:35:59 <gilir> phillw, yes

    17:36:27 <gilir> there is still some work to do to make it useable

    17:36:52 <gilir> but when it will be finished, I think we can at least test it on some alpha release

    17:37:04 <gilir> release/releases

    17:37:33 <gilir> I already plan to maintain LXDM, so we have a backup

    17:37:36 <phillw> gilir: maybe plan it for 11.10 as ubuntu are going to do. That makes absolute sense to me to try it in the alphas of 11.10

    17:38:02 <gilir> phillw, of course yes Smile :)

    17:38:30 <gilir> but I really would like to switch earlier, because maintaining a display manager is not really easy

    17:39:13 <phillw> gilir: are you confident you can have it running for 11.04? I'm only thinking of the time you will have to spend on it.

    17:39:24 <gilir> that's why I propose to test the switch for this release

    17:40:01 <gilir> phillw, fortunatly, I'm not alone on this Smile :)

    17:40:18 <phillw> gilir: let's go for it, you have a backup plan (I love Plan 'B's) Big Grin :)

    17:41:37 <phillw> if it is still having issues when we approach beta, we can switch back to LXDM?

    17:41:38 <gilir> ok, so let's go to this plan

    17:42:06 <gilir> phillw, yes, LXDM is more or less ready now

    17:42:25 <gilir> LXDM doesn't require a lot of works now

    17:43:09 <phillw> that's totally okay with me, my only concern was additional workload on you, but as you have stated it is not just you - let's give a workout Smile :)

    17:43:15 <gilir> also, there was no real objections on the mailing, just the same concerns than mine from pcman

    17:44:16 <gilir> [ACTION] Set LightDM to the Lubuntu seed when it's available in Natty and majors bugs are solved 17:44:16 * meetingology Set LightDM to the Lubuntu seed when it's available in Natty and majors bugs are solved

    17:44:42 <gilir> ok, next topic

    17:44:55 <gilir> [TOPIC] Control Center

    17:44:55 <meetingology> TOPIC: Control Center

    17:45:24 <gilir> Following the disucssion on the mailing, we have 4 choices

    17:45:30 <gilir> 1. Do nothing

    17:45:48 <gilir> 2. Include pcmanfm control center

    17:46:02 <gilir> 3. Include lubuntu-control-center

    17:46:25 <gilir> 4. Include tuquito control-center

    17:47:00 <subdee> tuquito looked nice but haven't used it tbh

    17:47:05 <gilir> IMO, since 2. exist, and people requests a control center, 1. is a No

    17:47:11 <phillw> I'd prefer to discount 1. which then leaves the choice of which we are going to use

    17:47:36 <phillw> how is pcmanfm control center coming along?

    17:47:47 <gilir> phillw, it's already working

    17:48:13 <gilir> the only modification to do is to add it to the main menu

    17:48:14 <phillw> as we use pcmanfm, maybe that would be the logical choice?

    17:48:26 <gilir> phillw, IMO, it's a minimal choice

    17:48:37 <subdee> according to this blog, tuquito is pretty light http://lubuntublog.blogspot.com/2010/11/tuquito-control-center.html

    17:48:45 <gilir> it's just pcmanfm launched with icons Smile :)

    17:49:26 <phillw> gilir: we are not going to get much lighter on resources and RAM than that, are we?

    17:49:40 <gilir> subdee, tuquido have several advantages : it's dynamic and modular

    17:50:14 <gilir> it automaticly hides and shows available applications in an organized way

    17:50:34 <gilir> phillw, no, because we use something already running

    17:50:41 <gilir> it's just free Smile :)

    17:51:42 <gilir> subdee, but the bad points : we need to upload to the Ubuntu repo, to maintain it there, and it problably need more tweaking (like on the theme)

    17:52:47 <gilir> I also really like this control-center Smile :) But it needs some work to make it work properly in Lubuntu

    17:53:36 <gilir> in short term, we can add pcmanfm as a control-center, and keep a eye on tuquito (maybe work a bit on it if we have time and motivation Funny :))

    17:54:40 <gilir> if we think it's good enough during the cycle, we can put it in later

    17:55:06 <gilir> we can do the same for lubuntu-control-center

    17:56:46 <gilir> ok, nobody seems against this Smile :)

    17:56:56 <phillw> gilir: again, it is something that be re-addressed at 11.10, if pcmanfm control center is working now, I'd go with that for the 11.04 cycle.

    17:57:26 <gilir> at least, I will add pcmanfm as a control-center, l-c-c or tuquido are now ready, so we can wait more

    17:57:40 <gilir> now ready / not ready

    17:58:21 <gilir> phillw, yes, we can discuss this again in the next release, like any part of the seed Smile :)

    17:58:22 <phillw> get's my vote Smile :)

    17:59:08 <gilir> [ACTION] Add pcmanfm "control-center" to the menu 17:59:08 * meetingology Add pcmanfm "control-center" to the menu

    17:59:55 <gilir> ok, now the big one Smile :)

    18:00:09 <gilir> [TOPIC] Music player

    18:00:09 <meetingology> TOPIC: Music player

    18:01:04 <gilir> the problem for this one, is that no proposed candidate is really better than the others

    18:01:21 <bioterror> I think we should stick with the audacious?

    18:01:53 <phillw> +1 from your last email, gilir

    18:02:03 <gilir> bioterror, according to my review, yes

    18:02:16 <gilir> [LINK] https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/msg02886.html

    18:02:48 <phillw> it will keep rafael off the streets mugging grandmothers if he has to design a new skin :P

    18:02:54 <gilir> I was not sure about the better candidate, so I spend some time to evaluate 3 candidate : aqualung (actual) deadbeef and audacious

    18:03:50 <gilir> phillw, yes, having the possibility to use "winamp type" skins will be esaier for him I think Smile :)

    18:03:58 <bioterror> maybe deadbeef shall see 11.10

    18:04:28 <gilir> bioterror, I don't want to disucuss this topic for each release Smile :)

    18:04:47 <bioterror> for me music is everyday thing

    18:04:50 <phillw> as Audacious seems better at handling large music libraries, and some of us do have large music libraries, as the RAM and CPU is similar - along with skinning I do think Audacious edges it.

    18:04:55 <bioterror> and I bet for many other it is too

    18:05:03 <gilir> of course, if there are improvements, we can still review it again

    18:05:17 <gilir> bioterror, yes Smile :)

    18:05:36 <bioterror> (i've solved my problem with MOC Wink ;)

    18:06:16 <phillw> I don't think deadbeef is quite ready yet, although it does show a lot of promise.

    18:06:53 <bioterror> should the player be mainted? like in a real repository? not ppa

    18:07:16 <gilir> phillw, the package is more or less ready, so I can at least upload it to Ubuntu, so people have the choice

    18:07:35 <gilir> bioterror,

    18:09:04 <gilir> also a good point for me, audacious is well maintained by other people Smile :)

    18:10:27 <phillw> for the reasons I gave above, I think Audacious does edge it as the lead contender. If it is also well maintained that is another plus for choosing it.

    18:11:23 <gilir> I also didn't have objections on my review

    18:11:46 <gilir> so, we can consider it as a go Smile :)

    18:12:15 <phillw> +1 from me

    18:12:51 <gilir> [ACTION] Replace aqualung with audacious and audacious-plugins in lubuntu seed and default applications 18:12:51 * meetingology Replace aqualung with audacious and audacious-plugins in lubuntu seed and default applications

    18:13:19 <gilir> ok I finished my items

    18:13:26 <bioterror> +1 for audacious, it has almost same interface as deadbeef

    18:13:36 <gilir> [TOPIC] 10.04.1 (two bugs)

    18:13:36 <meetingology> TOPIC: 10.04.1 (two bugs)

    18:13:46 <gilir> phillw, Smile :)

    18:14:26 <phillw> gilir: I know you've been real busy, but do you have a realistic time scale for 10.10.1 (sorry I got the issue version wrong)?

    18:15:16 <gilir> phillw, yes Smile :)

    18:15:54 <phillw> gilir: I don't suppose you'd like to share it? Big Grin :)

    18:16:07 <gilir> I would like to test the fix I made for the os-prober issue with the natty alpha 1

    18:16:38 <gilir> if it's good, we can start to work on the 10.10.1

    18:16:54 <gilir> I have in fact 4 bugs that I want to fix in 10.10.1

    18:16:57 <phillw> okies, it's just we were running on "a couple of weeks after UDS-N"

    18:17:31 <gilir> phillw, yes, sorry one of the fix was a bit too long

    18:17:41 <phillw> sounds like a nice point fix release, then Smile :) 18:18:05 * gilir is searching the list of bugs

    18:18:21 <phillw> It is only so I can let others know.

    18:18:56 <gilir> 1. os-prober issue : https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/665530

    18:18:59 <ubot5> Ubuntu bug 665530 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu) "[lubuntu 10.10] grub2 cannot detect Windows 7" [Undecided,In progress]

    18:19:01 <phillw> there are two re-occuring ones on the release notes.

    18:19:26 <gilir> this one need a test with natty alpha 1

    18:20:06 <gilir> 2. wrong pdf viewer : https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-default-settings/+bug/657335

    18:20:09 <ubot5> Ubuntu bug 657335 in lubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu Maverick) "Wrong pdf viewer set by default on Lubuntu settings" [Undecided,Fix committed]

    18:20:30 <gilir> already fixed in natty

    18:21:10 <gilir> 3. support for samba etc ... https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lubuntu-meta/+bug/675212

    18:21:12 <ubot5> Ubuntu bug 675212 in lubuntu-meta (Ubuntu Maverick) "Add gvfs-backends to lubuntu-desktop" [Undecided,Confirmed]

    18:21:23 <gilir> easy to fix, should be fix shortly in natty

    18:22:22 <gilir> 4. lxdm not able to run with encrypted home : https://bugs.edge.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/lxdm/+bug/554583

    18:22:25 <ubot5> Ubuntu bug 554583 in lxdm (Ubuntu) "lubuntu cannot start programs if home-folder encryption is active" [Medium,Fix released]

    18:22:46 <gilir> this one need an additional fix, but it should be ok on natty shortly also

    18:23:00 <phillw> gilir 1 and 3 are the ones that create the most 'chatter' on support.

    18:23:11 <gilir> except the os-prober fix, all is ready

    18:23:45 <phillw> great Smile :)

    18:23:51 <gilir> phillw, yes :-/ but 4 is also critical, because 10.04 works with encryted home

    18:24:24 <phillw> quite so, and it will bork someone's system

    18:24:55 <gilir> yes Sad :(

    18:25:05 <gilir> phillw, do you want to add anything else ?

    18:25:21 <phillw> nope, all done. Thanks for the update.

    18:25:28 <gilir> [TOPIC] New Wiki Area

    18:25:28 <meetingology> TOPIC: New Wiki Area

    18:27:06 <gilir> phillw, this one is for you also Smile :)

    18:27:07 <phillw> As part of the switch over to 'standard' wiki "rules" several of us are in the process of transferring over the support documentation to where it "should" live. We're just awaiting clearance on another page before we do do the mass transfer

    18:28:16 <phillw> Auto re-drirects will be set up from the existing area, we are not being idle but really do not want have to this excercise twice Smile :)

    18:28:25 <phillw> *to do this*

    18:29:52 <phillw> there is also some discussions going on about accessibillity on the format, so things are little confused at the moment.

    18:31:27 <gilir> phillw, on which page there is a problem for the tranfer ?

    18:33:10 <phillw> gilir: there is no problem, Jared (head_victim) had the 1st page approved, he has now done a 2nd one; we are just awaiting confirmation that the formatting is okay as when we transfer the pages over we have to manually reformat each one. We'd rather only have to do that once Smile :)

    18:33:35 <gilir> phillw, ok Smile :)

    18:34:29 <gilir> just keep us inform when you do the big move Smile :)

    18:35:00 <phillw> gilir: I chose the most picky person to validate them, if they pass him, they will pass any inspection Big Grin :)

    18:35:14 <gilir> great Smile :)

    18:35:57 <phillw> gilir: once they're all transferred, we will simply set up auto diverts from the exisiting area, so any one who has bookmarked stuff will be taken straight over to the new area.

    18:36:24 <phillw> I know that was a concern, but it can be done.

    18:37:25 <gilir> phillw, it's important that it can be done, it's annoying to bookmark a documentation and loose it when the location change

    18:37:45 <phillw> I've seen it in action, it works perfectly.

    18:38:19 <gilir> I think I also see it on some of my old bookmark on some ubuntu wiki pages Smile :)

    18:38:48 <phillw> it is another reason why we are not rushing things. It really is a massive undertaking and we want to get it right first time Smile :)

    18:39:12 <gilir> phillw, so only documentation and stuff about developement and coordination for the project will stay on wiki.ubuntu.com ?

    18:41:09 <phillw> yes, the support stuff moves over to the new area, with diverts from the existing area.

    18:41:49 <phillw> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu

    18:42:13 <gilir> ok Smile :)

    18:42:20 <gilir> phillw, anything to add ?

    18:42:25 <phillw> My list of thank you's for this will be a long one Smile :)

    18:42:34 <phillw> that's me done Big Grin :)

    18:43:00 <gilir> [TOPIC] Other topics

    18:43:00 <meetingology> TOPIC: Other topics

    18:43:15 <phillw> date time of next meeting?

    18:43:16 <gilir> anyone have anything to add ?

    18:44:04 <gilir> next project meeting is on December, 19

    18:44:40 <phillw> meeting room is free all day, pick a time Big Grin :)

    18:44:56 <gilir> and on December, 10, there is the first Bug day

    18:45:33 <gilir> phillw, we just need to set a time for this Smile :)

    18:45:35 <phillw> only 16:00-17:00 UTC booked on that day.

    18:47:31 <gilir> phillw, last time we done it on 15 UTC

    18:47:56 <gilir> I'll propose it on the mailing list

    18:48:33 <phillw> for bug day, or project? Yeah, if you can. then just head over to http://fridge.ubuntu.com/calendar and get the room booked. (Saves me getting nagged)

    18:48:42 <gilir> [ACTION] Propose a time for the next project meeting 18:48:42 * meetingology Propose a time for the next project meeting

    18:49:07 <gilir> phillw, only the project meeting, bug day will be special Smile :)

    18:49:45 <gilir> I don't think there will be a real meeting, just a 24h support and help on the chan for bug reports Smile :)

    18:50:19 <phillw> gilir: bug day is lubuntu specific, so holding it on here is okay. But it has been 'hinted' that our project meetings be help on the meeting room :P

    18:50:30 <phillw> /help/held

    18:50:58 <gilir> phillw, it's ok for next project meeting Smile :)

    18:51:26 <gilir> Anything else ?

    18:51:31 <phillw> you can book 2 hours if you wish.

    18:51:46 <EG_linux> hey lads! Big Grin :)

    18:51:49 <gilir> I hope it will be shorter Smile :)

    18:52:14 <phillw> it should be, we've got the apps out of the way Smile :) 18:52:36 * phillw proposes #endmeeting

    18:52:41 <EG_linux> i've just started to use lubuntu! Smile :) and i wonder, can i access shared network files that i have shared out on my windooze machine? Smile :)

    18:52:48 <gilir> #endmeeting

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