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Old PC supporting or New Kernel for 12.04

Stephen Smally

LxPanel developing status


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#title #ubuntu-meeting Meeting

Meeting started by gilir at 20:04:23 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-11-23-20.04.log.txt .

Meeting summary

  • Plan for the website lubuntu.net

ACTION: Send a reminder about Website_Plan wiki page (gilir, 20:23:45)

  • PowerPC ISO

ACTION: Send a mail about ISO testing to the mailing list for Alpha 1 (gilir, 20:34:44) ACTION: Put an item about ARM images for next meeting (gilir, 20:38:09)

  • Old PC supporting or New Kernel for 12.04
  • LxPanel developing status

ACTION: Send comments about lxscreenshot to stephen-smally (gilir, 21:01:46)

Meeting ended at 21:05:16 UTC.


Action items

  • Send a reminder about Website_Plan wiki page
  • Send a mail about ISO testing to the mailing list for Alpha 1
  • Put an item about ARM images for next meeting
  • Send comments about lxscreenshot to stephen-smally

Action items, by person

  • stephen-smally
  • * Send comments about lxscreenshot to stephen-smally


  • * Send a reminder about Website_Plan wiki page
  • * Send a mail about ISO testing to the mailing list for Alpha 1
  • * Put an item about ARM images for next meeting

People present (lines said)

  • gilir (86)
  • stephen-smally (31)
  • michaelrawson (24)
  • jmarsden|work (12)
  • bioterror (12)
  • M0hi (9)
  • meetingology (7)
  • wxl (7)
  • Yorvyk (7)
  • Sarvatt (3)
  • cjohnston (3)
  • frankbooth (1)

Full Log

  • 20:04:23 <gilir> #startmeeting

    20:04:23 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Nov 23 20:04:23 2011 UTC. The chair is gilir. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

    20:04:23 <meetingology>

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    20:04:49 <gilir> Welcome to the 1st lubuntu team meeting Smile :)

    20:04:54 <M0hi> o/

    20:05:03 <gilir> let me explain the rules first Smile :)

    20:05:35 <gilir> Agenda is available on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda

    20:06:11 <gilir> the meeting will last 1 hour, any items left will be discussed next week

    20:06:41 <gilir> logs, actions etc ... will be available on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20111123 for this meeting

    20:07:37 <gilir> if you have any questions during the meeting, raise your hand : o/

    20:08:36 <gilir> I will go with the different items of the agenda from people who are here Smile :)

    20:08:46 <stephen-smally> Hi, i'm here

    20:09:05 <gilir> just in time Smile :)

    20:09:28 <gilir> [TOPIC] Plan for the website lubuntu.net

    20:10:03 <gilir> So, people expressed some concerns about the website

    20:10:19 <gilir> I think we are all agree that it needs some work :p

    20:10:20 <M0hi> gilir, Are we supposed/allowed to maintain a separate site for the OS ?

    20:10:49 <gilir> M0hi, you mean separate from the wiki page ?

    20:10:58 <michaelrawson> xubuntu & kubuntu have their own.

    20:11:14 <M0hi> gilir, yes

    20:11:19 <bioterror> kubuntu has own, so does xubuntu

    20:11:54 <gilir> yes, you can do more things than on the wiki

    20:12:03 <jmarsden|work> Terminology: GNU/Linux is the OS, Ubuntu is the distribution, Lubutu is the flavour. We can have a dedicated web site for the Lubutu flavour of Ubuntu, yes.

    20:12:19 <M0hi> Okies

    20:12:35 <michaelrawson> o/

    20:12:48 <gilir> I put a page on the wiki, to gather some ideas : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Marketing/Website_Plan

    20:13:08 <gilir> yes michaelrawson

    20:13:30 <michaelrawson> I think amjjawad and morgaes were cooking up some prototypes for the site....

    20:13:54 <michaelrawson> do they know about the page and were are they today?

    20:14:01 <michaelrawson> *where are they

    20:14:10 <gilir> yes, and rafael also have ideas about the website

    20:14:21 <gilir> I hope, I posted it on the mailing list

    20:14:37 <michaelrawson> okay, as long as they know. Smile :)

    20:15:14 <gilir> we also discussed with Mario about this, I'll put our ideas also on the wiki

    20:15:21 <cjohnston> I would be willing to help with the website. Especially the getting it hosted by Canonical.. I have a good working relationship with IS

    20:15:39 <cjohnston> Not saying I can get it approved to be hosted, but if it does get approved, working with IS on making it happen

    20:15:57 <michaelrawson> While I can't web design as such, I can check for basic errors like spell checks .

    20:16:07 <gilir> thanks cjohnston Smile :) hopefully we fixed our hosting problem recently Smile :)

    20:16:31 <gilir> our main problem now, is more on the content and the technicals issues

    20:16:46 <cjohnston> Right

    20:17:10 <michaelrawson> and the layout. IMO.

    20:17:29 <gilir> ok, so I encourage every people who have ideas to put them on the wiki page

    20:18:15 <gilir> we can summarize them after

    20:18:25 <jmarsden|work> How the lubuntu.net web site relates to Lubuntu wiki content is also a major issue. Duplicating everything would be bad.

    20:18:54 <stephen-smally> we should redirect to the wiki for more specific infos

    20:18:54 <gilir> yes (for michaelrawson and jmarsden|work )

    20:19:29 <gilir> IMO, wiki should be for documentation and team organization, and only hosted by the wiki

    20:19:54 <Yorvyk> So we need to decide what the Lubuntu.net is for

    20:20:04 <michaelrawson> maybe (like ubuntu) "best of the wiki" could be put in the official documentation?

    20:20:36 <stephen-smally> michaelrawson: agree, why not put the content in the main page (of the wiki) in the website

    20:20:53 <gilir> well for me wiki = wiki.ubuntu.com + help.ubuntu.com

    20:21:13 <michaelrawson> me too. but yelp (?) integrates with it (?)

    20:22:05 <gilir> michaelrawson, that's another problem Smile :) to be able to have documentation offline on the system

    20:22:46 <gilir> well, many people who raised concerns about the website are not here Smile :)

    20:22:58 <michaelrawson> move on to next topic?

    20:23:10 <gilir> so I propose to send a reminder on the mailing list

    20:23:20 <M0hi> Okies

    20:23:21 <gilir> and move to the next topic ?

    20:23:32 <M0hi> M0hi, No #action needed?

    20:23:37 <michaelrawson> agree gilir

    20:23:43 <stephen-smally> agree

    20:23:45 <gilir> [ACTION] Send a reminder about Website_Plan wiki page 20:23:45 * meetingology Send a reminder about Website_Plan wiki page

    20:24:08 <bioterror> o/

    20:24:16 <gilir> yes bioterror

    20:24:36 <bioterror> could the website be more like xubuntu and kubuntu has it?, Get Lubuntu, Get help & Support and Get Involved

    20:24:48 <bioterror> I think that's really good, also they have some tours and explanations what it is all about

    20:24:55 <bioterror> less is more

    20:25:00 <michaelrawson> o/

    20:25:03 <jmarsden|work> bioterror: Post ideas to the Website_Plan page Smile :)

    20:25:09 <bioterror> I will

    20:25:11 <gilir> why not, the subject is pretty open Smile :)

    20:25:33 <gilir> yes michaelrawson

    20:26:10 <michaelrawson> xubuntu & kubuntu sites are VERY similiar...why not 'clone' a website for now and find and replace lubuntu instead of xubuntu? quick fix

    20:26:11 <M0hi> brb

    20:26:24 <michaelrawson> if you see what I mean.

    20:26:52 <michaelrawson> I'll put on wiki if nobody kills me. Smile :)

    20:27:00 <gilir> we can probaly copy the design, but not the content

    20:27:16 <gilir> but you write your idea on the wiki Wink ;)

    20:27:17 <stephen-smally> michaelrawson: +1, i like the xubuntu site. gilir: obviously Wink ;-)

    20:27:43 <gilir> ok, next topic Smile :)

    20:28:00 <gilir> [TOPIC] PowerPC ISO

    20:28:30 <gilir> There are some resquests for a powerpc ISO of lubuntu

    20:28:53 <stephen-smally> gilir: can we just built it with the ubuntu system?

    20:28:59 <gilir> fortunatly for this cycle, we have people willing to test the ISOs Smile :)

    20:29:14 <gilir> stephen-smally, it's already build, we just need testers

    20:29:25 <stephen-smally> gilir: perfect

    20:29:34 <gilir> to test and validate the quality of the ISO

    20:30:06 <gilir> according to the mailing list, we have at least 2 testers, so it's just fine Smile :)

    20:30:26 <Yorvyk> I can do that and have a couple of people interested - I'm trying tp persuade them to join the mailing list.

    20:30:45 <jmarsden|work> Is testing in an emulation environment like sheepshaver or pearpc likely to be useful? Or do we need real physical powerpc hardware?

    20:30:47 <gilir> Yorvyk, great Smile :)

    20:31:20 <Yorvyk> jmarsden|work: Any testing is useful

    20:31:41 <gilir> jmarsden|work, if we have enough people to test on real hardware, it won't be necessary IMO

    20:31:58 <jmarsden|work> OK

    20:32:11 <gilir> don't forget that we have also i386 and amd64 to test Wink ;)

    20:32:50 <bioterror> and probably soon ARM is coming

    20:32:51 <gilir> I'll do also a mail on the mailing to try to convince more people to do ISO testing

    20:33:40 <stephen-smally> ARM? would be great, but i think there aren't plans by Ubuntu... (i'm looking for setup the raspberry pi, a 25$ computer)

    20:33:42 <Yorvyk> Perhaps advertising outside the mailing list may help

    20:33:46 <gilir> bioterror, for ARM, we need testers, devices to test, and to create the images

    20:33:50 <M0hi> gilir, Lets get the whole list of testers so that it will be easy to contact the testing team

    20:34:03 <gilir> they don't exist yet, unlike powerpc ISO

    20:34:25 <bioterror> gilir, I could make a small invest thru dealxtreme. I have some interest

    20:34:44 <gilir> [ACTION] Send a mail about ISO testing to the mailing list for Alpha 1 20:34:44 * meetingology Send a mail about ISO testing to the mailing list for Alpha 1

    20:35:39 <Yorvyk> Should we send something to the news letter. It might reach more people.

    20:35:39 <stephen-smally> gilir, i will be very happy to test the ARM iso (in a month +-), if necessary

    20:36:48 <gilir> ARM is a more complex subject, but we can discuss it next week

    20:37:05 <stephen-smally> allright

    20:38:09 <gilir> [ACTION] Put an item about ARM images for next meeting 20:38:09 * meetingology Put an item about ARM images for next meeting

    20:38:49 <gilir> ok, if the powerpc subject is over, let's move to the next one

    20:39:09 <gilir> [TOPIC] Old PC supporting or New Kernel for 12.04

    20:39:37 <gilir> M0hi, if you are agree, I'll introduce the subject Smile :)

    20:39:58 <M0hi> gilir, proceed =]

    20:40:28 <gilir> so there is an ongoing discussion about the PAE support on the kernel for 12.04

    20:40:51 <gilir> currently, no decision was made by the kernel team

    20:41:10 <gilir> it's expected next week

    20:41:41 <gilir> also, we are unsure of the number of CPU affected by this

    20:42:19 <gilir> jmarsden|work, suggested a command to test it, but so far not so many reports

    20:42:32 <gilir> or we can assume that nobody is affected Smile :)

    20:42:48 <bioterror> those computers that gets affected are mostly from the late 90's

    20:43:10 <gilir> well, I don't think we can do more for now, except doing the test

    20:43:21 <jmarsden|work> bioterror: How do you know this, and have you found any that can run 11.04 or 11.10 but do not have PAE?

    20:44:09 <bioterror> jmarsden|work, sorry, but I dont work at museum of old computers

    20:44:20 <stephen-smally> and, if i have a late 90's machine, i would install archlinux or something very scalable (you know, lubuntu is not so usable with 128 Mb ram, i've a machine like this, with a old AMD Athlon)

    20:44:52 <jmarsden|work> So we're at <gilir> or we can assume that nobody is affected Smile :)

    20:44:52 <Sarvatt> first generation intel macbook was sold in 2006 and had a pentium M without PAE for instance, its not that old

    20:45:12 <wxl> oops am i too late?

    20:45:26 <bioterror> Sarvatt, my friend has one. it only supports 3GB of RAM

    20:45:47 <Sarvatt> it also wont boot ubuntu anymore if it goes in

    20:46:20 <Sarvatt> (sorry to interrupt the meeting)

    20:46:31 <bioterror> that was a good point

    20:46:53 <gilir> Sarvatt, any information is welcome, thanks Smile :)

    20:47:51 <jmarsden|work> OK, all we can do is ask for more testing and watch for others doing similar investigation of which machines are affected.

    20:48:08 <gilir> +1 jmarsden|work

    20:49:01 <gilir> ok, so let's move to the next topic

    20:49:18 <gilir> 10 minutes left

    20:49:33 <gilir> [TOPIC] LxPanel developing status

    20:49:45 <gilir> stephen-smally, it's your turn Smile :)

    20:49:53 <stephen-smally> Ok, Wink ;-)

    20:50:19 <stephen-smally> Maybe you don't know this, but Lxpanel is pretty inactive

    20:50:33 <stephen-smally> (under the developing profile)

    20:50:45 <wxl> i would argue that lxpanel needs development in applets more than IT needs development

    20:51:29 <michaelrawson> +1, wxl

    20:51:42 <wxl> a ram monitor, for one

    20:51:47 <gilir> well, it needs maintainance + bug fixing at least :/

    20:51:53 <Yorvyk> If it's not being developed nobody will provide applets for it

    20:52:06 <frankbooth> +1 gilir

    20:52:06 <jmarsden|work> stephen-smally: are you volunteering to take over lxpanel maintenance?

    20:52:13 <michaelrawson> python support for applets would be nice, but I won't get on to that now. Currently you have to do everyting in C, which is offputting.

    20:52:16 <wxl> well that's a good point Yorvyk but what would replace it?

    20:52:18 <gilir> stephen-smally, so, what's the point ? Smile :) We know we have a panel problem Smile :)

    20:52:40 <stephen-smally> Ok, i talked to pcman, wich is the main developer of lxpanel

    20:52:56 <stephen-smally> he's planning a rewrite of lxpanel in vala+gtk3

    20:53:55 <gilir> yes, but we don't know when, he still have work to do for the filemanager

    20:54:21 <stephen-smally> yes, i know

    20:54:55 <gilir> IMO, we should keep lxpanel for now, try to fix it

    20:55:12 <gilir> and eventually, rewrite some parts in vala if we have time

    20:55:27 <stephen-smally> ok, i can do this, anyway

    20:55:30 <gilir> as we can mix C and Vala

    20:55:55 <stephen-smally> yes, we can, the build system will need some instruction, but it's possible

    20:56:00 <gilir> stephen-smally, but you have also others projects, don't forget Smile :)

    20:56:07 <michaelrawson> Surely Vala makes C code, so we shouldn't have to mix?

    20:56:13 <stephen-smally> ;-), yes

    20:56:54 <gilir> stephen-smally, we still need a release of LSC

    20:57:06 <jmarsden|work> michaelrawson: You can rewrite all of lxpanel in Vala if you have the time and skills, otherwise, it can be migrated slowly, mixing vala with the existing C code Smile :)

    20:57:31 <stephen-smally> anyway, i'm also available for lxpanel in vala

    20:57:31 <Yorvyk> 3 minutes to go

    20:57:56 <michaelrawson> jmarsden|work compile vala first, then compile C code?

    20:58:00 <stephen-smally> what's after us?

    20:58:53 <gilir> stephen-smally, thanks, but we should talk about LSC and LXScreeshot before planning development time on lxpanel

    20:59:11 <jmarsden|work> michaelrawson: Order doesn't matter, compile everything (C or Vala) -> object code, then link it together.

    20:59:21 <stephen-smally> ok, Lxscreenshot is already done, i can make a project and a release if needed

    20:59:32 <gilir> stephen-smally, no one, but we have too much items after this one Smile :)

    20:59:44 <michaelrawson> okay, jmarsden|work, thanks for clarification. Smile :)

    20:59:48 <wxl> i personally would rather see lxpanel developed than lsc/lxscreenshot, but that may be me

    20:59:59 <stephen-smally> gilir: so we can occupy a little the channel? XD

    21:00:26 <jmarsden|work> stephen-smally: Some of us are at work...

    21:00:29 <gilir> stephen-smally, it needs some polishing (like translation, command line support etc ...) but I can send you list

    21:00:33 <stephen-smally> wxl: i partially agree

    21:00:52 <gilir> stephen-smally, but yes, lxscreenshot is almost ready

    21:01:14 <stephen-smally> ok, if you want some interface improvements let me know Wink ;-)

    21:01:45 <wxl> stephen-smally: my argument being that lxpanel is absolutely essential-- every user uses it. less people need lxscreenshot and scrot does the trick for those that do need it. plus synaptic does do the trick.

    21:01:46 <gilir> [ACTION] Send comments about lxscreenshot to stephen-smally 21:01:46 * meetingology Send comments about lxscreenshot to stephen-smally

    21:02:19 <gilir> wxl, but having project half finished is not nice also

    21:02:24 <stephen-smally> wxl: i agree, so i'm available to help in lxpanel

    21:02:48 <wxl> +1 gilir

    21:02:51 <stephen-smally> gilir: yes, the situation is not so good, i'm the only who develop lsc

    21:02:58 <michaelrawson> just installed lxpanel, works brilliantly.

    21:03:30 <michaelrawson> stephen-smally I'm happy to help lsc if you can teach me roughly where stuff goes.

    21:03:51 <stephen-smally> michaelrawson: thanks, we can discuss it via mails

    21:03:54 <michaelrawson> yup.

    21:03:56 <gilir> stephen-smally, ok, so let's finish the meeting here, can we talk about lsc on #lubuntu just after ?

    21:04:10 <stephen-smally> of course

    21:04:10 <gilir> or mail if you prefer

    21:04:31 <stephen-smally> as you like, i prefer irc anyway

    21:05:05 <gilir> Yorvyk, sorry for your subjects, I report them on the top of the list for next week

    21:05:16 <gilir> #endmeeting

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