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Show of hands to gauge attendance


Review ACTIONS from the last meeting


A POC for maintaining Lubuntu FAQ pages


Discuss continuation of Netbook Interface


Update on QA. Also will Lubuntu have a wastebin on the desktop


Proposal to create dedicated teams


Lubuntu Team Meeting


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#title #ubuntu-meeting Meeting

Meeting started by gilir at 20:02:21 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2011/ubuntu-meeting.2011-12-21-20.02.log.txt .

Meeting summary

  • Review ACTIONS from the last meeting
  • A POC for maintaining Lubuntu FAQ pages

ACTION: phillw to email amjjawad about the POC of the FAQ (gilir, 20:23:36)

  • Update on QA. Also will Lubuntu have a wastebin on the desktop
  • Proposal to create dedicated teams

ACTION: gilir to send the proposal of the teams to the mailing list (gilir, 20:43:15) ACTION: Discuss continuation of Netbook Interface (gilir, 20:44:01) LINK: http://holageek.com/v1/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/slingshot.png (rafaellaguna, 20:52:01)

Meeting ended at 21:03:56 UTC.


Action items

  • phillw to email amjjawad about the POC of the FAQ
  • gilir to send the proposal of the teams to the mailing list
  • Discuss continuation of Netbook Interface

Action items, by person

  • gilir
  • * gilir to send the proposal of the teams to the mailing list
  • phillw
  • * phillw to email amjjawad about the POC of the FAQ

People present (lines said)

  • gilir (67)
  • phillw (35)
  • rafaellaguna (28)
  • rezbd (18)
  • stephen-smally (17)
  • jmarsden (11)
  • Yorvyk (11)
  • gastly (9)
  • meetingology (6)
  • MrChrisDruif (6)

  • moergaes (5)
  • LogicalDream (4)

  • Unit193 (2)
  • tp0x45 (1)
  • shandy (1)

Full Log

  • 20:02:21 <gilir> #startmeeting

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    20:02:36 <jmarsden> o/

    20:02:43 <gastly> o/

    20:02:43 <phillw> o/

    20:02:44 <gilir> hi Smile :)

    20:02:48 <Yorvyk> o/

    20:02:50 <LogicalDream> 'ello

    20:02:51 <rezbd> 0/

    20:02:58 <rezbd> o/

    20:02:59 <moergaes> Mörgæs here

    20:03:04 <shandy> hi

    20:03:16 <Unit193> Howdy

    20:03:24 <tp0x45> hi all

    20:04:24 <gilir> as usual : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda

    20:04:36 <stephen-smally> Hi

    20:05:23 <gilir> Chris will not be available, so I'll skip its topics

    20:05:48 <gilir> Mohi doesn't seem to be here also Sad :(

    20:06:12 <rezbd> I'm first time on a lubuntu meeting

    20:06:28 <phillw> gilir: I'll take the section for POC for wiki FAQ agenda

    20:06:29 <moergaes> Me too

    20:06:39 <LogicalDream> we are not following this agenda tonight ? https://wiki.ubuntu.com/LoCoCouncilAgenda

    20:06:43 <gilir> for new people, we will follow the agenda, if you have a question, just o/ Smile :)

    20:06:55 <stephen-smally> The netbook interface is an interesting topic

    20:06:56 <Unit193> LogicalDream: Wrong meeting

    20:06:58 <rezbd> ok Smile :)

    20:07:26 <LogicalDream> It was one hour ago or ... ?

    20:07:51 <gastly> LogicalDream, that meeting was on Tuesday (according to the wiki page) Smile :)

    20:08:05 <gilir> [TOPIC] Review ACTIONS from the last meeting

    20:09:00 <LogicalDream> tnx gastly my mistake

    20:09:22 <gastly> np Smile :)

    20:09:34 <gilir> I'm a bit late for the previous actions :/

    20:10:03 <gilir> just, if you want to follow the updates done for the release time, the page is now up-to-date : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/ReleaseStatus/Precise

    20:10:39 <gilir> I'll do the others items later this week

    20:11:09 <gilir> [TOPIC] A POC for maintaining Lubuntu FAQ pages

    20:11:18 <gilir> phillw, ^ Smile :)

    20:11:44 <stephen-smally> (stupid question) o/

    20:11:47 <phillw> As has been requested, so that we all know when an FAQ has been added

    20:12:11 <phillw> is someone willing to be point of contact so that things are tied up.

    20:12:44 <phillw> one example would be letting the guy who looks after the forum thread on Lubuntu be kept up to speed on additions?

    20:13:16 <phillw> stephen-smally:

    20:13:17 <moergaes> Anybody having a link to the FAQ pages?

    20:13:35 <stephen-smally> nevermind, is a question to gilir

    20:13:56 <jmarsden> moergaes: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/FAQ

    20:14:03 <moergaes> Thanks

    20:14:05 <gilir> phillw, you suggest to propose this to amjjawad ?

    20:14:47 <phillw> gilir: as he has also shown interest in looking after another wiki based area, once he is off his sick bed, I think he would be happy to fulfil that role.

    20:15:13 <Yorvyk> phillw: As I said on the list, I think it would help if there was a brief explanation of the role of the POC

    20:15:33 <rezbd> does amjjawad not come to the meeting? or he has a different nick for IRC? he's very helpful.

    20:16:00 <phillw> A point of contact is the 'delegated' person to whom queries can be directed, instead of just to the general mailing list.

    20:16:56 <phillw> that person knows the other POC's to whom some thing in one area could affect, it speeds up the transferrerance of pertinent information.

    20:17:19 <phillw> without flooding the mailing list.

    20:17:53 <gilir> phillw, do you know someone else interesting ?

    20:18:00 <jmarsden> IMO, FAQ maintenance needs a good understanding of the tech issues being answered, and of appropriate wording for the questions and their answers... are we expecting the "POC" to be "the official" FAQ maintainer? Or just some sort of human information relay?

    20:18:07 <phillw> rezbd: It may be that it falls at bad time for his timezone.

    20:18:31 <phillw> jmarsden: a bit of both.

    20:19:00 <rezbd> phillw, I understand. it's bad time for my time zone too. 02:19 AM here right now.

    20:19:06 <phillw> At present, only those subscribed to FAQ section get notified of any aedits.

    20:19:21 <Yorvyk> jmarsden: thats what I was trying to get at. How much do they need to know?

    20:20:24 <phillw> I would say they need to have enough knowledge to understand the exisiting FAQ's and also understand things from a n00b point of view.

    20:20:42 <gilir> jmarsden, that would be nice, but maybe just a review from a dev would be suffisent for the beginning ?

    20:21:13 <phillw> gilir: I'm for that, I used to send my proposed to you Smile :)

    20:22:20 <jmarsden> OK, as long as we are not expecting more tech depth from amjjawad than is realistic.

    20:22:26 <phillw> a peer review of instructions that (may) include the use of sudo is a good idea Smile :)

    20:22:37 <gilir> let's propose it, and see what he thinks about it, phillw could you do it ?

    20:22:53 <phillw> gilir: sure, email him.

    20:23:02 <phillw> you can #action that to me.

    20:23:31 <phillw> (*Sure, I will email*

    20:23:36 <gilir> [ACTION] phillw to email amjjawad about the POC of the FAQ 20:23:36 * meetingology phillw to email amjjawad about the POC of the FAQ

    20:23:55 <gilir> ok next Smile :)

    20:24:16 <gilir> [TOPIC] Update on QA. Also will Lubuntu have a wastebin on the desktop

    20:24:24 <gilir> phillw, still you Smile :)

    20:24:48 <phillw> The QA team are busy looking at the further automation of tests in the lab.

    20:25:21 <phillw> they are also re-writing some the tests to be flavour specific (e.g. we use pcmanfm)

    20:26:12 <phillw> At random I chose a test that is to check that you can send something to the wastebin & delete it. Hence my question as to if Lubuntu will be putting the waste bin onto the desktop?

    20:26:22 <jmarsden> phillw: Any progress on automated ISO (install) testing?

    20:26:24 * jmarsden thinks that for political correctness, we have to be ecological and have a "recycling bin" not a wastebin Smile :)

    20:27:08 <phillw> jmarsden: yeah, they are triaging some issues as some of the recent dailies have failed due to mixture of errors on the builds and the robot that tests them.

    20:27:48 <gilir> technicaly, we can't have a "real" wastebin on the desktop, just a shortcut

    20:28:11 <gilir> so, you can't do a "right click => empty"

    20:28:22 <phillw> the new auto system is most unlikely to be in for 12.04, we are due a session on learning about it in the New Year, anyone interested in attending, please email me & I'll ensure you are informed as to when it will be held.

    20:28:41 <gastly> gilir, I thought so, pcmanfm doesn't support this afaik

    20:29:08 <phillw> gilir: that is fine, as long as when I write the test it won't be obsolete by the time 12.04 launches!

    20:29:20 <rezbd> phillw, didn't get it. attending in what?

    20:29:40 <phillw> rezbd: a session on the new auto-testing system.

    20:29:45 <Yorvyk> I have never seen a reason or justification for a waste bin on the desktop-anybody got one?

    20:30:36 <moergaes> A link to a waste bin is fine with me.

    20:30:50 <gastly> I personally never use the waste bin :p

    20:30:50 <phillw> They are also looking to 'alter' iso testing from just "does it install" to test each app in the default install actually runs as expected. This, again, is not going to be in place for 12.04 and does require the auto-testing - or a lot of testers!

    20:30:57 <gilir> Yorvyk, same opinion here

    20:32:05 <phillw> there are a couple of auto-testers being discussed atm, again in January I should have some more to report back on that.

    20:32:16 <rezbd> phillw, does it require high speed internet connection to attend on that auto-testing system?

    20:32:32 <phillw> rezbd: nope, it is being held on IRC

    20:32:40 <rezbd> oh ok Smile :)

    20:33:15 <phillw> my guess is that it will be on the qa channel, or in the classroom.

    20:33:38 <rezbd> that's cool Smile :) I'm interested

    20:33:56 <gilir> I think the easiest way is to contact phillw directly if you are interesting in the topic Smile :)

    20:34:21 <gilir> phillw, anything else for the QA report ?

    20:34:24 <phillw> for anyone who has not got my email phillw@ubuntu.com will land in my inbox Smile :)

    20:34:39 <phillw> gilir: not until we get to the teams bit, later.

    20:34:56 <gilir> ok, so I will jump to this Smile :)

    20:35:07 <gilir> [TOPIC] Proposal to create dedicated teams

    20:35:33 <gilir> something I would like to re-create is the system of team, we had in the past

    20:35:40 <gilir> team/teams

    20:36:08 <rezbd> phillw, it's not so difficult to get your email. I see you talk regularly in Lubuntu mailing Smile :)

    20:36:09 <gilir> I added my ideas on the wiki page : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Teams_New

    20:36:47 <gilir> the goal is coordinate the work inside of each team

    20:37:12 <gilir> for example, the artwork team is already working on the 12.04 artwork Smile :)

    20:37:31 <stephen-smally> i think is a good idea

    20:37:44 <rezbd> sounds cool Smile :)

    20:37:50 <stephen-smally> but, will each team have a mailing list?

    20:38:01 <phillw> gilir: I'm all for, as you know a QA/Testing team.

    20:38:05 <gilir> with this, we can work inside each team, and coordinate all together during the meeting on Wednesday, or the mailing list

    20:38:17 <rezbd> how many teams out there developing Lubuntu?

    20:38:32 <gilir> stephen-smally, each team can do what they want for communication Smile :)

    20:38:43 <stephen-smally> is great

    20:38:55 <rafaellaguna> sorry, I'm late!

    20:39:12 <stephen-smally> so if a developer need a nice design for a stuff can ask on the artwork mailing list (or whatever)

    20:39:16 <gilir> rezbd, teams are not created yet Smile :)

    20:39:27 <jmarsden> gilir: Do you have proposed leaders/coordinators for each of the proposed teams listed at : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Teams_New

    20:39:38 <gilir> rafaellaguna, just in time, I'm talking about teams and the artwork team Wink ;)

    20:39:40 <Yorvyk> These teams will be part of the larger general ubuntu teams?

    20:39:53 <rafaellaguna> nice Smile :)

    20:40:11 <gilir> jmarsden, no, I think each teams should nominated a leader / coordinator

    20:40:18 <gilir> but it's part of the discussion Smile :)

    20:40:25 <rafaellaguna> I have a question about Network session (artwork related) too

    20:40:50 <gilir> Yorvyk, they can work with other ubuntu teams, but they have to organize this

    20:41:43 <gilir> rafaellaguna, we can talk about it after this topic

    20:41:50 <rafaellaguna> ok

    20:42:28 <stephen-smally> btw, +1 for the separated teams

    20:42:35 <gilir> if nobody have comment now, I can send an official proposal to the list, and open the teams Smile :)

    20:42:48 <jmarsden> gilir: go for it Smile :)

    20:42:51 <gastly> yup +1 for the teams

    20:42:53 <phillw> +1

    20:43:15 <gilir> [ACTION] gilir to send the proposal of the teams to the mailing list 20:43:15 * meetingology gilir to send the proposal of the teams to the mailing list

    20:43:46 <gilir> ok, move to the netbook session

    20:44:01 <gilir> [ACTION] Discuss continuation of Netbook Interface 20:44:01 * meetingology Discuss continuation of Netbook Interface

    20:44:25 <gilir> I'll introduce this one Smile :)

    20:44:54 <jmarsden> gilir: what about rafaellaguna's question... ?

    20:44:54 <gilir> so the netbook interface was create just to show how lxlauncher can work Smile :)

    20:45:27 <gilir> we did do much work about it, since the beginning

    20:45:57 <rafaellaguna> Not too many interventions on this interface

    20:46:05 <stephen-smally> i think lxlauncher needs heavy tweaks anyway

    20:46:16 <gilir> I don't think there is so much work to keep it, it's already working

    20:46:23 <rafaellaguna> I must say it's needed a complete rework

    20:46:30 <rafaellaguna> not simply patching

    20:46:57 <rafaellaguna> I'm not talking about the possibility of including a selectable background

    20:46:57 <gilir> rafaellaguna, there is a work-in-progress to add theming support for lxlauncher

    20:47:15 <gilir> but work-in-progress since more than a year :-/

    20:47:22 <rafaellaguna> gilir: no, I'm focused on Lubuntu session "only"

    20:47:37 <stephen-smally> basically, lxlauncher read a gtkrc file.

    20:47:37 <rafaellaguna> gilir: yep, I tried, but was unsuccesful

    20:47:47 <stephen-smally> but the customization is not so simple, and:

    20:48:02 <stephen-smally> 1 - the tabbed interface is not comfortable

    20:48:03 <gilir> rafaellaguna, of course, the classic session is the priority Smile :)

    20:48:31 <rafaellaguna> My idea is, if the project continues, making something similar to Elementary's Slingshot launcher

    20:48:56 <rafaellaguna> KDE did something similar on the new Netbook Plasma environment

    20:50:26 <rafaellaguna> can I put a link?

    20:50:28 <gilir> rafaellaguna, same problem as always, do we have the manpower to do it

    20:50:47 <gilir> rafaellaguna, yes, with the LINK tag

    20:50:55 <rafaellaguna> well, you all know now "I am two"

    20:51:16 <Yorvyk> Is there any suggestion that anybody use the netbook Interface?

    20:51:28 <rafaellaguna> Smile :) I mean, frankbooth is the other part of the artwork team

    20:51:43 <rafaellaguna> a friend of mine loves that interface, more than classic session

    20:51:45 <gilir> unless we can re-use something, which need to be lightweight, it would be difficult to change this interface

    20:52:01 <rafaellaguna> http://holageek.com/v1/wp-content/uploads/2011/07/slingshot.png

    20:52:46 <gilir> rafaellaguna, do you have a link to the source also ? :p

    20:53:15 <rafaellaguna> of lxlauncher?

    20:53:29 <gastly> rafaellaguna, that looks similar to gnome-shell

    20:53:52 <gilir> rafaellaguna, no, to slingshot

    20:53:58 <rafaellaguna> gastly: yes, but it's a hundred lighter

    20:53:58 <stephen-smally> is hosted on launchpad (and written in vala ;-P)

    20:54:08 <rezbd> it look gorgeous. rafaellaguna , what's interface is it?

    20:54:13 <rafaellaguna> gilir: no, there's a team on launchpad

    20:54:43 <gilir> find it : https://code.launchpad.net/~elementary-pantheon/slingshot/new-slingshot

    20:54:57 <Yorvyk> It looks like a load of icons on the desktop Sad :(

    20:55:01 <rafaellaguna> warning: the new-slingshot is different

    20:55:32 <phillw> Yorvyk: that, I believe is how they run their netbooks... very wierd Smile :)

    20:55:53 <rezbd> lol Yorvyk , yea for a classic deskop

    20:56:14 <rafaellaguna> gilir: slingshot now is a gnome2-like menu, semitransparent, like Cinnamon (the new Gnome3 fork for Mint) will look like

    20:56:34 <rafaellaguna> it's a hard work taking that and adapt to Lubuntu

    20:56:47 <rafaellaguna> also, pantheon library requierements are huge!

    20:58:12 <Yorvyk> I believe we need to find netbook users that like that style of interface and ask them for their views.

    20:58:56 <rezbd> I really like the present desktop interface of Lubuntu. I wounder what will it look like on 12.04 !

    20:58:58 <Yorvyk> 2 mins to go!

    20:59:21 <rezbd> Yorvyk, I'm a netbook user.

    20:59:43 <rafaellaguna> honestly, I think it's unnecessary, classic session looks fine on netbooks and also notebooks

    20:59:59 <jmarsden> +1

    21:00:03 <gastly> +1

    21:00:12 <gilir> well, unles we have a good replacement, I suggest to keep the situation as it is now Smile :)

    21:00:26 <stephen-smally> yes, but anyway we shouldn't ship lxlauncher until is ready

    21:00:26 <Yorvyk> +1 21:00:40 * rezbd agrees with gilir

    21:00:44 <MrChrisDruif> Evening

    21:00:48 <MrChrisDruif> Sorry I'm so late

    21:00:49 <rafaellaguna> me agrees gilir

    21:00:50 <MrChrisDruif> Couldn't come any earlier

    21:01:04 <gilir> stephen-smally, well it is ready, it just can't do many things Smile :)

    21:01:22 <stephen-smally> graphically speaking Wink ;-)

    21:01:31 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, it's time to finish Sad :( but you will be able to read the logs

    21:01:58 <gilir> ok, let's finish, thanks everyone Smile :)

    21:02:03 <MrChrisDruif> Unless everyone has to go, then there is no reason to stop =P

    21:02:05 <gilir> just a quick information to finish

    21:02:21 <gilir> I would like to cancel the next meeting

    21:02:23 <Yorvyk> OK bye - must dash!

    21:02:34 <stephen-smally> no problem, is christmas time

    21:02:40 <MrChrisDruif> Bye Yorvyk

    21:02:43 <rafaellaguna> due to xmas?

    21:02:59 <gilir> rafaellaguna, yes

    21:03:12 <gilir> I'll had it the minutes of the meeting

    21:03:23 <gastly> Good, I have exams next week xD

    21:03:28 <MrChrisDruif> rafaellaguna; the in-between time of Christmas & New Years

    21:03:30 <jmarsden> So next meeting Wed Jan 4 2012

    21:03:37 <gilir> thanks to everyones, see you next year Wink ;)

    21:03:50 <rafaellaguna> happy new year to everybody! Smile :)

    21:03:56 <gilir> #endmeeting

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