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Review ACTIONS from the last meeting


Proposal for maintaining a tutorials page

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Lubuntu Team Meeting


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#title #ubuntu-meeting Meeting

Meeting started by gilir at 20:01:39 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-04-20.01.log.txt .

Meeting summary

  • Review ACTIONS from the last meeting

ACTION: amjjawad to create the Comm. team (gilir, 20:10:04) ACTION: gilir to officialy launch the teams next week (gilir, 20:10:41)

  • Update from QA meeting and team
  • Update on IRC OP's team

ACTION: phillw to create the support team (gilir, 20:28:33)

  • MrChrisDruif - Update on Wiki / Docs team

  • IAmNotThatGuy Proposal for maintaining a tutorials page

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu points to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation (wxl, 20:51:07)

  • other topics ?

Meeting ended at 21:01:33 UTC.


Action items

  • amjjawad to create the Comm. team
  • gilir to officialy launch the teams next week
  • phillw to create the support team

Action items, by person

  • amjjawad
  • * amjjawad to create the Comm. team
  • gilir
  • * gilir to officialy launch the teams next week
  • phillw
  • * phillw to create the support team

People present (lines said)

  • gilir (62)
  • amjjawad (61)
  • MrChrisDruif (39)

  • phillw (33)
  • wxl (30)
  • IAmNotThatGuy (22)
  • jmarsden|work (8)
  • iceroot (7)
  • Unit193 (7)
  • meetingology (6)
  • mcbaine1 (5)
  • ]Spectre[ (2)
  • ubottu (2)
  • hobgoblin (1)
  • gastly (1)
  • hyperair (1)

Full Log

 20:01:39 <gilir> #startmeeting

 20:01:39 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Jan  4 20:01:39 2012 UTC.  The chair is gilir. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

 20:01:39 <meetingology> 

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 20:01:46 <MrChrisDruif> o/

 20:01:50 <mcbaine1> Maybe I'm in the wrong pub ??

 20:01:51 <IAmNotThatGuy> o/

 20:01:53 <gastly> o/

 20:01:54 <jmarsden|work> o/

 20:01:57 <phillw> o/

 20:02:04 <gilir> :)

 20:02:06 <Unit193> \o

 20:02:08 <mcbaine1> o/

 20:02:34 <mcbaine1> topic ...

 20:02:38 <gilir> welcome to the lubuntu team meeting :)

 20:02:39 <IAmNotThatGuy> unimix, \o/

 20:02:53 <amjjawad> gilir: hi, am I in the right place?

 20:02:53 <IAmNotThatGuy> aww Unit193*

 20:02:58 <gilir> agenda is here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda

 20:03:01 <MrChrisDruif> amjjawad; yes

 20:03:06 <amjjawad> ok, good

 20:03:10 <amjjawad> so hi everyone

 20:03:27 <gilir> we will follow the topic on the agenda, if you have a question, just o/ :)

 20:03:41 <IAmNotThatGuy> Okies

 20:04:08 <MrChrisDruif> Alrighty

 20:04:09 <gilir> #topic Review ACTIONS from the last meeting

 20:04:16 <mcbaine1> Review ACTIONS from the last meeting

 20:04:27 <gilir> previous logs : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Meetings/20111221

 20:04:29 <]Spectre[> hi

 20:04:55 <IAmNotThatGuy> mcbaine1, Let the boss talk ;] and hi ]Spectre[

 20:04:58 <gilir> the proposal for the teams was posted, so far, only good feedbacks :)

 20:04:59 <hyperair> \o

 20:05:24 <]Spectre[> hi IAmNotThatGuy

 20:05:34 <amjjawad> gilir: the subteams on that link you sent are the same teams we are talking about?

 20:05:41 <gilir> we can probably make it official for the next meeting, just to be sure everyone read it

 20:06:14 <MrChrisDruif> Sure

 20:06:16 <gilir> amjjawad, yes, this one : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams

 20:06:49 <amjjawad> gilir: thanks, I already signed up with my launchpad name. But, I couldn't find the communication subteam as I'm also interested to join that subteam

 20:07:19 <gilir> amjjawad, probably because it's not created yet

 20:07:30 <amjjawad> can I create it?

 20:07:34 <gilir> I don't know if other people are interested by this

 20:07:35 <phillw> gilir: you can action that to me.

 20:07:39 <amjjawad> or it needs an admin?

 20:07:51 <gilir> amjjawad, no, you can do it

 20:07:53 <phillw> I'll see if I can get Jens to come on board.

 20:08:04 <amjjawad> communications means facebook, forum, etc and as u know, I'm good in that

 20:08:12 <MrChrisDruif> Alright, Jens

 20:08:19 <iceroot> does every of that team has a specific leader for coordination?

 20:08:32 <amjjawad> gilir: so can I do it or phillw will do it?

 20:08:53 <gilir> iceroot, it's up to each team to name a leader or a coordinator

 20:09:09 <gilir> amjjawad, you can do it, ask phillw if you need assistance

 20:09:16 <amjjawad> ok

 20:09:21 <amjjawad> phillw: what do u think?

 20:09:24 <amjjawad> shall i go for it?

 20:09:44 <MrChrisDruif> gilir; action amjjawad for it and phillw for backup

 20:09:48 <phillw> amjjawad: we'l chat after the meeting

 20:09:54 <amjjawad> ok done

 20:10:04 <gilir> #action amjjawad to create the Comm. team

 20:10:04 * meetingology amjjawad to create the Comm. team

 20:10:09 <amjjawad> what about the POC regarding the FAQ pages?

 20:10:41 <gilir> #action gilir to officialy launch the teams next week

 20:10:41 * meetingology gilir to officialy launch the teams next week

 20:10:43 <phillw> amjjawad: that is part of Documentation team.

 20:11:00 <MrChrisDruif> So that would be me amjjawad

 20:11:04 <amjjawad> which I'm already part of it :) good

 20:11:11 <IAmNotThatGuy> MrChrisDruif, and me too ;P

 20:11:30 <amjjawad> but as far as I know, we had a chat that I'll take care of this? so what do I miss?

 20:11:57 <gilir> amjjawad, I thik nothing, phillw contacted you as planned, so nothing more to add I think ?

 20:12:28 <amjjawad> gilir: I replied the email but I did not get any reply yet!

 20:12:38 <amjjawad> idk what is going on .. I think I miss something

 20:12:57 <gilir> amjjawad, let's talk about it after the meeting

 20:13:01 <phillw> amjjawad: we were busy setting up the doc team, patience my friend!

 20:13:12 <amjjawad> never mind guys

 20:13:18 <amjjawad> whatever u think it's good for the team

 20:13:27 <amjjawad> after all, I'm doing my best for Lubuntu and its users :)

 20:13:37 <amjjawad> I don't care about positions and stuff like that :)

 20:13:37 <gilir> let's continue with the weekly reports

 20:13:58 <gilir> #topic Update from QA meeting and team

 20:14:08 <gilir> phillw, ^ :)

 20:14:53 <IAmNotThatGuy> gilir, Well, I have one Agenda Item I believe ;P

 20:14:58 <phillw> the lubuntu-qa team is established (more always welcome). The only outstanding & fresh issue really is bug 911905

 20:14:59 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 911905 in ubiquity (Ubuntu) "hitting enter on install screen 1 forces language to top selection" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/911905

 20:15:26 <phillw> which was raised at the meeting, I'm going to check to see if it also affects lunbuntu after the meeting.

 20:16:05 <phillw> thank-you to my sharp eyed opposite number at xubuntu :)

 20:16:17 <gilir> :)

 20:16:59 <phillw> Also some information as to the reasonings and workings of the automatic testing has been forthcoming.

 20:17:00 <gilir> well Alpha 2 is in 1 month, we have time to break other stuff :p

 20:17:05 <phillw> That's all from me.

 20:17:15 <gilir> thank phillw

 20:17:16 <jmarsden|work> phillw: Any progress towards automation of ISO testing?

 20:18:01 <phillw> jmarsden|work: yes, an email arrived i  my inbox 15 minutes ago. I'vwe only had chance to send it to the lubuntu-qa team, not read it yet!

 20:18:14 <jmarsden|work> I'm ahead of the game :)  OK...

 20:18:39 <gilir> #topic Update on IRC OP's team

 20:18:49 <gilir> Unit193, ^ :)

 20:18:55 <Unit193> 1. We have done some access lists updates 2. There is a meeting later this, or next month about the IRC council onboarding 3. And bug #899630 might be of some interest to us

 20:18:57 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 899630 in Ubuntu IRC Bots "[Eir] Enable Eir to check other #$buntu channels for banned users and warn" [Wishlist,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/899630

 20:19:46 <MrChrisDruif> Unit193; why didn't you mark it as affecting you?

 20:20:11 <wxl> Unit193: since i was confused may i ask if "IRC Support" is going to be a separate team or be a sub-subteam or just be sort of unofficial?

 20:20:40 <Unit193> MrChrisDruif: I thought I mmight have, but I follow differently

 20:21:09 <Unit193> wxl: Last I knew it was mostly unofficial/you add your name to WhoWeare

 20:21:26 <wxl> Unit193: ok, just clarifying.

 20:21:52 <gilir> wxl, I think it can be handle by the doc team or the irc team

 20:22:04 <gilir> it's between the 2 :)

 20:22:14 <MrChrisDruif> gilir; Support is provided by everyone able, right?

 20:22:45 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, sure, like testing I hope :)

 20:23:07 <phillw> I'll add to that, you are not limited to membership of just one team!

 20:23:16 <gilir> but yes, maybe the team is not needed in this case

 20:23:19 <amjjawad> Testing, IMHO, should be done by all members NO matter what team they belong to

 20:23:28 <wxl> gilir: i ask because i am happy to be part of the IRC support but am less inclined to play channel cop. so being a part of IRC OP team doesn't make sense.

 20:23:37 <MrChrisDruif> IRC OP's team is just to keep the channel clean and Documentation is for writing down information to reduce questions in the first place

 20:24:30 <MrChrisDruif> So I'd say it tends more to Documentation then OP

 20:24:37 <wxl> indeed

 20:25:00 <Unit193> There was a general support team at one point

 20:25:10 <wxl> i kind of like that idea

 20:25:21 <jmarsden|work> Maybe we can rename "Documentation Team" to "Documentation and Support Team" ??

 20:25:24 <wxl> which would also include the forums which also don't neatly fit into the given subteams

 20:25:39 <gilir> hum, sounds like a good idea :)

 20:26:05 <phillw> jmarsden|work: Documentation, Wiki, Support, Forum etc..... it's getting to be a long name!

 20:26:08 <amjjawad> forums is about communications with others more than just documents

 20:26:23 <gilir> teams names can be changed, is up to each team :)

 20:26:26 <hobgoblin> only in the cafe is it amjjawad

 20:26:28 <amjjawad> let's keep the forum support in different team

 20:26:58 <wxl> i'd say we have IRC OPs for policing the channels, Docs/Wiki, and Support (IRC,Forum)

 20:27:00 <phillw> If lubuntu wishes, I will set up a 'support' team that any of us from the other teams, or from no team can join?

 20:27:16 <wxl> +1 phillw

 20:27:19 <mcbaine1> yes plz.

 20:27:34 <MrChrisDruif> I like what wxl is saying

 20:27:38 <amjjawad> forum = support team = yes

 20:27:49 <IAmNotThatGuy> philiw, I think we are using the Lubuntu list in launchpad. I hope that will be enough

 20:27:50 <phillw> I take that

 20:28:13 <phillw> gilir: I think you can action that to me & I'll get it set up tonight.

 20:28:17 <Unit193> How many teams are we even up to

 20:28:18 <Unit193> ?

 20:28:30 <phillw> ...6..?

 20:28:33 <gilir> #action phillw to create the support team

 20:28:33 * meetingology phillw to create the support team

 20:28:59 <gilir> IMO there is no problem to create many teams for the beginning

 20:29:17 <gilir> we can see in the future if there are useful, or if we can merge some

 20:29:31 <jmarsden|work> Well, when #teams ~= #activeparticipants, you probably have too many teams :)

 20:29:34 <amjjawad> gilir: it is all about being organized, I guess1

 20:29:53 <gilir> jmarsden|work, yes :)

 20:30:19 <gilir> amjjawad, yes, but also to delegate some specific topics to people

 20:30:50 <gilir> ok, last weekly report

 20:30:53 <amjjawad> gilir: I like and support the idea of sub-teams because this is very helpful

 20:30:56 <IAmNotThatGuy> I would suggest phillw to re-think about creating -support team. I think we can do it after the 12.04 release

 20:32:02 <gilir> IAmNotThatGuy, why not ? let's see if it's usefull or not

 20:32:27 <amjjawad> +1 gilir

 20:32:37 <wxl> i agree

 20:32:51 <wxl> everything's mutable

 20:33:01 <IAmNotThatGuy> Okay then. If the team is interested to have a separate team, then I have no issues with it =]

 20:33:03 <gilir> we talk about it next week, we will see how many teams and how many members we will have already

 20:33:18 <wxl> oh and phillw let me know when it's done so i can join ;)

 20:33:30 <gilir> #topic MrChrisDruif - Update on Wiki / Docs team

 20:34:21 <MrChrisDruif> Alright, nothing really to report right now. The Documentation team only got set up last week and I've been appointed Head last night/this morning.

 20:34:28 <MrChrisDruif> One thing I

 20:35:13 <MrChrisDruif> 've already spotted is that we've got some duplicate data on our part and some info even needs to move "upstream"

 20:35:58 <wxl> i'll bring up an old point, if not just to ponder-- we had discussed at some point having a application-specific documentation with an index of some kind. not sure if this is a question of docs or a question of the website (as it seemed to become in the mailing list), but there's something.

 20:36:09 <amjjawad> the whold wiki pages need a closer review IMHO

 20:36:14 <phillw> MrChrisDruif: if pages need merging / moving / deleting - just email me

 20:36:48 <amjjawad> whole sorry

 20:36:53 <MrChrisDruif> amjjawad; agreed, but I'm not seeing any leader on the Wiki team on this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Teams

 20:37:24 <iceroot> amjjawad: i could do that because im am completly new to the lubuntu-team and so i can read all the docu and see if important points (imjo) missing

 20:37:57 <iceroot> important = infos a complet new member/user needs

 20:37:59 <phillw> MrChrisDruif: I don't know what has happened, my mentor phil bull has vanished. I will attempt to re-contact them.

 20:38:15 <MrChrisDruif> I think that would be greatly appreciated

 20:38:33 <amjjawad> MrChrisDruif: I'm not sure if a leader is all what we really need for that? it's something to do with the team. Now, it's something to do with the sub-team. The idea of having a sub-teams is each and every time will be in charge of specific function or task

 20:38:36 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, I don't think you need a leader of the whole wiki if you work only on the Lubuntu part

 20:38:38 <phillw> MrChrisDruif: from memory cproffitt was heavily involved as well.

 20:39:09 <MrChrisDruif> gilir; I thought amjjawad was referring to the entire wiki, not just our part

 20:39:25 <amjjawad> I'm talking about Lubuntu now :)

 20:39:32 <MrChrisDruif> Ah, got ya

 20:39:36 <amjjawad> I care about Lubuntu more at this point to be extra honest

 20:39:54 <MrChrisDruif> Alright

 20:40:19 <phillw> MrChrisDruif: we also need people to keep an eye on the general wiki for when they go flavour specific, e.g. saying to use gedit when we use leafpad etc.

 20:40:22 <amjjawad> Ubuntu does not need a huge support because it gets all what it needs. On the other hand, Lubuntu does need that big time IMHO

 20:40:24 <MrChrisDruif> I think a lot of the entire wiki needs rework, but that an other matter. Our section does indeed need a rework I think

 20:41:03 <amjjawad> ABOVE ALL IMHO, there must be a link from the main documentation or help pages to Lubuntu Wiki

 20:41:15 <MrChrisDruif> phillw; indeed. This can be avoided by refering to "the default editor" with a reference to what that is on the different flavors

 20:41:17 <amjjawad> not only Lubuntu but the other variants too

 20:41:20 <wxl> phillw: that's a really good point

 20:41:47 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, maybe you can try to set up a plan for the section ? Before doing any big move ?

 20:41:48 <wxl> +1 MrChrisDruif

 20:41:55 <MrChrisDruif> gilir; sure

 20:42:02 <wxl> and that is where the ubuntu wiki fails

 20:42:25 <phillw> or even the default terminal!

 20:42:27 <gilir> I think the first part is trying tio imagine a "map" of the section

 20:42:43 <wxl> yes the major problem is that of organizing the information

 20:42:49 <MrChrisDruif> phillw; I get the point

 20:42:53 <phillw> wiki can generate one.

 20:43:04 <MrChrisDruif> phillw; not reliably

 20:43:07 <amjjawad> I had and still have a dream to have a strong and solid Wiki like for example Arch Wiki pages but that needs time and effort

 20:43:11 <wxl> i tihnk there should be categories e.g. window management, text editing, etc. etc.

 20:43:41 <gilir> well a map or a list of pages, it's a wiki, it can be a bit "not organised" as long as the links are good :)

 20:43:48 <wxl> amjjawad: on your own such a thing is unlikely but maybe if we work together to develop a plan for how we can make it happen then we can delegate tasks and it can be resolved easily :D

 20:44:16 <amjjawad> I know wxl  :) nothing impossible at least for me :)

 20:44:56 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, just think about it, and when you have a clear idea, just submit it during a weekly meeting, ok ? :)

 20:44:57 <jmarsden|work> MrChrisDruif: sensible-editor already does point to "the default editor" so you can have people edit by doing    sensible editor /path/to/file.txt

 20:45:26 <phillw> MrChrisDruif: get a game plan together. you know that everyone will roll up their sleeves to help.

 20:45:34 <wxl> i will o/

 20:45:35 <wxl> :)

 20:45:35 <MrChrisDruif> Alright, didn't know about that. Thanks for the suggestion jmarsden|work

 20:45:59 <MrChrisDruif> =)

 20:46:09 <jmarsden|work> MrChrisDruif: There is also sensible-browser http://example.com

 20:46:26 <gilir> if it's ok, let's move to the next topic

 20:46:44 <gilir> #topic IAmNotThatGuy Proposal for maintaining a tutorials page

 20:46:52 <amjjawad> gilir:

 20:46:55 <amjjawad> sorry one Q

 20:46:58 <amjjawad> before we move

 20:47:12 <gilir> yes ?

 20:47:17 <amjjawad> what is the difference between https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu and the doc pages?

 20:47:18 <MrChrisDruif> jmarsden|work; sensible-editor points to nano

 20:47:36 <amjjawad> I see the same contents and info are there in two places?

 20:47:44 <MrChrisDruif> amjjawad; wiki is team related, help is "help" related

 20:47:46 <gilir> amjjawad, wiki.ubuntu.com is for the team (and now teams :) coordination

 20:47:52 <IAmNotThatGuy> Okay. As we are in a steady growth these days, I'd suggest to have a team to create and maintain tutorials page, either through forums or in lubuntu.net

 20:47:54 <wxl> that's not a sensible editor but i digress :D

 20:48:16 <gilir> amjjawad, help.ubuntu.com is for support and help

 20:48:16 <jmarsden|work> MrChrisDruif: Yes, that is the default editor in Lubuntu.  You can of course change it to whatever you prefer.

 20:48:32 <MrChrisDruif> jmarsden|work; it's the default in normal ubuntu as well

 20:48:37 <IAmNotThatGuy> Most of the beginners, entering firstly needs some guidelines after installing. So, I thought of putting forward this proposal

 20:48:57 <amjjawad> ok

 20:49:05 <amjjawad> why same info here and there?

 20:49:11 <amjjawad> why the duplicate?

 20:49:33 <phillw> IAmNotThatGuy: I'm guessing we use something similar to the Absolute Beginners stuff, but with a Lubuntu theme?

 20:49:39 <gilir> we moved from wiki. to help. sometimes ago, there are many still some dupplicate pages

 20:49:45 <gilir> amjjawad, ^

 20:49:59 <MrChrisDruif> amjjawad; that is one of the problems I've spotted. Information is in duplication due to moves and other actions from before my time with the team

 20:50:18 <amjjawad> so the new one is https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu ???

 20:50:34 <IAmNotThatGuy> philipballew, exactly. Plus, if we find something. good, we can share that link so that people can find a path

 20:50:57 <IAmNotThatGuy> phillw,* :[

 20:51:07 <wxl> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu points to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation

 20:51:07 <gilir> amjjawad, no, the new one is help., but we keep some specific pages on wiki.

 20:51:14 <wxl> meaning it's got a link that points to it

 20:51:39 <wxl> now i'm confused. what's "help?"

 20:51:45 <phillw> IAmNotThatGuy: that certainly sounds quite a reasonable task, we are not devoting resources to try and re-invent the wheel.

 20:51:57 <amjjawad> Ok, understood, thanks gilir :) but I think we need to fix the duplicate thing

 20:52:20 <MrChrisDruif> wxl; help *should* be the point were user can find their information

 20:52:27 <phillw> amjjawad: guess what MrChrisDruif brought up earlier?

 20:52:45 <amjjawad> wxl: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu

 20:52:52 <amjjawad> phillw: I know, thanks!

 20:52:55 <IAmNotThatGuy> We can put this task under documentation team to update the tutorials page (which will have links for the tutorials somewhere in the internet) and make it simple for thee newbies

 20:53:07 <amjjawad> I'm just stating my opinion, sorry!!!!

 20:53:16 <IAmNotThatGuy> MrChrisDruif, ready? ;]

 20:53:28 <MrChrisDruif> I think so, you?

 20:53:41 <gilir> IAmNotThatGuy, maybe you can propose some ideas for the tutorials ?

 20:53:43 <IAmNotThatGuy> Yep. I will join you in docs team

 20:53:46 <gilir> some examples

 20:53:56 <wxl> when we say tutorials, do we mean videos/screencasts or just simple howtos?

 20:54:11 <IAmNotThatGuy> wxl, yes

 20:54:26 <wxl> ok. and do you have a list of topics you want to cover?

 20:54:37 <phillw> wxl: they can link to our existing excellent screencasts

 20:54:56 <MrChrisDruif> There are currently a number of screencasts available wxl, and if you'd like to make more: feel free

 20:55:20 <wxl> phillw: yes but i hear a bit of an implication that this is not sufficient? or is it merely a matter of having them properly indexed/organized, IAmNotThatGuy ?

 20:55:21 <amjjawad> I have a plan to write an absloute beginner guide for Lubuntu but will do that first either on the forum or my blog

 20:55:24 <IAmNotThatGuy> gilir, some tutorials in common with *buntu family. We are going to maintain those link. For example, tutorial to install multiple Desktop environments, install an application, package an application, etc

 20:55:37 <amjjawad> if someone will see it after that and like it, we can convert it to a wiki page

 20:55:38 <phillw> but, not everyone has kit / bandwidth for vids, so written doc is essential

 20:56:17 <MrChrisDruif> phillw; noted, but for others it might be handy

 20:56:29 <IAmNotThatGuy> wxl, yes. a separate tutorials page where we maintain the useful links (I prefer ubuntu site links)

 20:56:42 <wxl> k i like

 20:56:43 <iceroot> what about a tutorial/screencast for "if you come from windows, this is new/different in lubuntu" maybe the same for gnome/unity/kde

 20:56:53 <wxl> +1 iceroot

 20:56:54 <iceroot> maybe a topic to discuss in the doc-team

 20:56:58 <phillw> MrChrisDruif: a screencast is excellent, however you do all know my views on accessibillity :)

 20:57:02 <IAmNotThatGuy> nice idea iceroot

 20:57:19 <gilir> let's the doc team work on this :)

 20:58:13 <gilir> #topic other topics ?

 20:58:23 <phillw> gilir: sounds like a good idea to me, they're fizzing with ideas... What have I done by creating a team and putting such a group of enthusiastic people together?!!! :D

 20:58:43 <gilir> Any other items to discuss today (2 min left) ?

 20:58:48 <MrChrisDruif> amjjawad; do you happen to have the option to come more to IRC?

 20:59:05 <iceroot> gilir: i still have a topic.... lts

 20:59:11 <amjjawad> MrChrisDruif: I don't like it but if that helps, I'll

 20:59:29 <wxl> amjjawad: yeah it's nice to virtually see you ;)

 20:59:31 <amjjawad> I do love working in teams but I do have my own style

 20:59:31 <MrChrisDruif> It's much easier to discuss things quickly amjjawad

 20:59:50 <phillw> +1

 20:59:52 <amjjawad> wxl: and MrChrisDruif ok, I'll do my best :)

 21:00:00 <MrChrisDruif> Thanks amjjawad ^_^

 21:00:10 <amjjawad> MrChrisDruif: one hour daily is good?

 21:00:23 <gilir> iceroot, it was already discussed, the answer is no :)

 21:00:23 <MrChrisDruif> I think so, what time?

 21:00:41 <amjjawad> MrChrisDruif: I'm +4GMT

 21:01:03 <amjjawad> maybe before 20:00??

 21:01:09 <iceroot> gilir: ok, then i will stop now with that topic

 21:01:23 <amjjawad> it's 1am now

 21:01:30 <IAmNotThatGuy> MrChrisDruif, I am happy with any time. So, no need of considering me ;D

 21:01:33 <gilir> #endmeeting

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