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Lubuntu Team Meeting


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#title #ubuntu-meeting: Lubuntu team meeting

Meeting started by gilir at 20:05:46 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-11-20.05.log.txt .

Meeting summary

  • Review ACTIONS from the last meeting
  • Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team
  • Weekly report - Update on Wiki / Docs team
  • Weekly report - Devs teams report

Meeting ended at 20:45:02 UTC.


Action items

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People present (lines said)

  • gilir (77)
  • jmarsden|work (15)
  • MrChrisDruif (15)

  • phillw (13)
  • meetingology (3)
  • moergaes (1)
  • bioterror (1)

Full Log

  • 20:05:46 <gilir> #startmeeting Lubuntu team meeting

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    20:05:57 <MrChrisDruif> o/

    20:06:12 <gilir> hi Smile :)

    20:06:19 <MrChrisDruif> Aloha

    20:06:36 <phillw> o/

    20:07:03 <jmarsden|work> o/

    20:07:07 <moergaes> Mörgæs

    20:07:11 <bioterror> \o I'm a leftie

    20:07:18 <MrChrisDruif> Afaik is Unit193 not able to attend

    20:07:37 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, ok

    20:07:47 <gilir> it should be a quick meeting today Smile :)

    20:07:59 <gilir> as usual, agenda is here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda

    20:08:30 <gilir> #topic Review ACTIONS from the last meeting

    20:08:54 <gilir> let's start with the teams, there are progress since last week

    20:09:26 <gilir> most of the team are created now, and the Subteam page is update : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/SubTeams

    20:10:02 <gilir> it shoudl be ok to start with those, let see how it's working in the future Smile :)

    20:10:19 <MrChrisDruif> Yes, all the links to the launchpad pages are all there

    20:10:35 <gilir> just, please keep a mail active, so we can reach each team if we have a topic for them Smile :)

    20:10:49 <gilir> at least, on the Launchpad page

    20:11:08 <jmarsden|work> Can we remove the bit about how to join the Old Teams? People should join the new ones, not the old ones Smile :)

    20:11:15 <phillw> gilir: I'm sure we all now have mailing lists from the lp pages.

    20:11:41 <gilir> jmarsden|work, yes Smile :)

    20:11:47 <gilir> phillw, great Smile :)

    20:12:19 <gilir> ok, let's continue

    20:12:34 <gilir> #topic Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team

    20:12:47 <gilir> phillw, ^

    20:12:51 <gilir> Smile :)

    20:13:27 <phillw> QA are at a sprint event, so a lot is going on. The iso's are now building again and we have a couple of new people in posts.

    20:13:55 <phillw> e.g. balloons crom canonical is our admin etc. I'll have a better update next week after the sprint.

    20:14:02 <phillw> /s/crom/from

    20:14:41 <phillw> gilir: and just to make you blush, your weekly update report is considered to be excellent Smile :)

    20:14:51 <phillw> that's all from me.

    20:14:52 <gilir> yes, it's a busy week for canonical Smile :)

    20:15:06 <gilir> hehe, thanks Smile :)

    20:15:08 <jmarsden|work> phillw: I will have a Pandaboard (for ARM testing) in about a week or so, might be able to help testing ARM images once that arrives.

    20:15:38 <phillw> jmarsden|work: the arm team are quite busy, I'll get you patched in when you want.

    20:15:47 <jmarsden|work> OK.

    20:16:02 <phillw> busy as in making great strides forward!

    20:16:02 <gilir> jmarsden|work, cool Smile :) we can talk about this when you will have the device in your hand Smile :)

    20:16:19 <phillw> they are also at sprint Smile :)

    20:16:27 <jmarsden|work> gilir: Yes, right now it is "in the mail"

    20:17:00 <gilir> jmarsden|work, it's christmas in january Smile :)

    20:17:20 <gilir> ok, thanks phillw Smile :)

    20:17:31 <jmarsden|work> I helped out someon people who had one but didn't know what to do with it... I volunteered to make use of it Smile :)

    20:17:44 <gilir> #topic Weekly report - Update on Wiki / Docs team

    20:18:06 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, anything new from the Doc team ?

    20:18:35 <MrChrisDruif> No, sorry about that. Been a busy week for me personally and also with the TV team

    20:18:54 <MrChrisDruif> I did remove the old teams from the /SubTeams page just now.

    20:19:17 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, no problem, you have the right to report nothing Smile :)

    20:19:19 <MrChrisDruif> Other than that no updates.

    20:19:57 <gilir> ok thank MrChrisDruif Smile :)

    20:20:30 <MrChrisDruif> =)

    20:20:33 <gilir> I'll skip report from IRC (since Unit193 is away), and add a report from the devs

    20:20:50 <gilir> #topic Weekly report - Devs teams report

    20:21:15 <gilir> I'll assume for now the report of the team at the weekly meeting

    20:21:40 <gilir> so this week, our software-center was accepted in ubuntu repositories Smile :)

    20:21:53 <MrChrisDruif> Great work gilir

    20:22:32 <gilir> if you want to keep the last version, you can still use the PPA

    20:22:48 <gilir> but be sure to report bugs Wink ;)

    20:23:00 <gilir> 2 more items are available for testing

    20:23:11 <MrChrisDruif> Which are?

    20:23:13 <gilir> 1� : the new session manager

    20:24:03 <gilir> I send a mail some weeks ago about it

    20:24:28 <gilir> for now, it should at least do the same that the previous version

    20:24:51 <gilir> and I would like to have some feedback from users, to know if there no problem using it

    20:25:02 <phillw> o/

    20:25:10 <phillw> is this for 12.04?

    20:25:23 <gilir> phillw, yes, the goal is to inlcude it in 12.04

    20:25:33 <phillw> I'll get it put on my VM

    20:25:46 <gilir> the PPA is https://launchpad.net/~lubuntu-dev/+archive/staging

    20:26:03 <gilir> thanks phillw Smile :)

    20:26:24 <gilir> the 2� item is an update of the default settings

    20:26:37 <gilir> also available in the same PPA

    20:27:12 <gilir> ther is some bug fixes, but also some changes that I would like to have feedbacks

    20:27:36 <jmarsden|work> gilir: Does it kill off the default screensaver? That's a change I'd like Smile :)

    20:27:51 <gilir> jmarsden|work, yes, it should Smile :)

    20:27:59 <jmarsden|work> Good!

    20:28:08 <gilir> it turns the screensaver to blank by default

    20:28:26 <gilir> we still need it to lock the screen

    20:28:32 <jmarsden|work> Yes, makes sense.

    20:28:32 <MrChrisDruif> Can you name some of the changed settings for 12.04 which affect users?

    20:28:40 <gilir> changelog is at the first entry of http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~lubuntu-desktop/+junk/lubuntu-default-settings/view/head:/debian/changelog

    20:28:54 <gilir> but most importants are :

    20:29:00 <gilir> Add a rule to maximize all new windows with type normal.

    20:29:12 <gilir> Place new windows on the monitor with the mouse, rather than the primary monitor.

    20:29:34 <gilir> Add a custom configuration file for xscreensaver, with blank mode by default

    20:29:49 <gilir> probably, the most visible is the first one Smile :)

    20:30:01 <gilir> it means any application you launched is maximised

    20:30:48 <gilir> I tested it on my neetbook, and it's very confortable to not manually maximised the windows you launched

    20:31:38 <gilir> of course, it's a setting we can change in the futur, and it only affected new installation

    20:31:39 <jmarsden|work> Ewww, not sure I like that idea... but I'll try it before I complain too much Smile :) Yes, but not everyone uses netbooks ...

    20:32:47 <gilir> jmarsden|work, yes, that's why I would like some feedback before Smile :)

    20:33:27 <gilir> Maybe I will upload it for Alpha 2, as I said, it can be reverted

    20:33:32 * MrChrisDruif always maximizes windows

    20:33:33 <jmarsden|work> Understood.

    20:33:56 <MrChrisDruif> Even on a "big" screen

    20:34:29 <jmarsden|work> I always leave a bit of desktop so I can right-click on it to use that menu... just different work habits.

    20:34:54 <gilir> finally, stefano started a new program to "replace" catfish

    20:35:21 <gilir> I didn' have time to look at it, but I doubt it will be ready for 12.04

    20:35:31 <gilir> but it should be available in a PPA at least for testing

    20:35:48 <MrChrisDruif> And catfish did what again?

    20:36:01 <gilir> searching files

    20:36:09 <gilir> sorry, forget to mention it Smile :)

    20:36:47 <gilir> that's all for me

    20:36:54 <MrChrisDruif> For use in PCmanFM?

    20:37:11 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, no, it's a separate application

    20:38:09 <gilir> anyone other questions before I end the meeting ?

    20:39:03 <jmarsden|work> Did we do anything about makiing it easier to autostart apps ?

    20:39:27 <gilir> jmarsden|work, the new session manager should do a better work

    20:39:53 <gilir> you can select application to start by type, instead of a list of commands

    20:39:57 <jmarsden|work> OK, good. I had a request for that from someone preparing to switch from XP to Lubuntu on a bunch of older PCs in Africa...

    20:40:29 <gilir> so, you can disable for example the screesaver, the power-manager, even the panel if you want

    20:41:17 <gilir> currently, the improvement sof the new session manager are :

    20:41:25 <gilir> Add initial applications by default support (panel, screensaver ...). It's a way to configure applications started by default, rather than just adding a line in autostart

    20:41:34 <gilir> * Add initial options support (Keymap, XRandr, Keyring). It's the ability to add some options add start-up, like a screen resolution (instead of using a .desktop file in autostart directory).

    20:41:44 <gilir> Add initial Dbus support (draft of org.lxde.SessionManager interface, GNOME compat mode)

    20:42:10 <gilir> not all are completed yet, but I hope have them ready for 12.04

    20:42:42 <jmarsden|work> Sounds good to me.

    20:42:49 <gilir> Smile :)

    20:44:35 <gilir> ok, let's end the meeting for now, if you have question, we have a new shiny mailing list :p

    20:44:59 <gilir> thanks everyone Smile :)

    20:45:02 <gilir> #endmeeting

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