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Lubuntu Team Meeting


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#title #ubuntu-meeting: Lubuntu Team Meeting

Meeting started by gilir at 20:05:45 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-01-18-20.05.log.html .

Meeting summary

  • phillw - Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/ (phillw, 20:13:50) ACTION: gilir to check the unity-greeter / black wallpaper bug on ISO (gilir, 20:15:38)

  • Unit193 - Weekly report - Update on IRC OP's team
  • MrChrisDruif - Weekly report - Update on Wiki / Docs team

  • gilir - Weekly report - Devs teams report
  • jmarsden|work Mailing list migration

Meeting ended at 21:02:46 UTC.


Action items

  • gilir to check the unity-greeter / black wallpaper bug on ISO

Action items, by person

  • gilir
  • * gilir to check the unity-greeter / black wallpaper bug on ISO

People present (lines said)

  • gilir (61)
  • amjjawad (58)
  • StephenSmally (22)

  • phillw (21)
  • michaelrawson (15)
  • MrChrisDruif (15)

  • wxl (14)
  • jmarsden|work (9)
  • Unit193 (9)
  • meetingology (5)
  • ubottu (1)

Full Log

  • 20:05:45 <gilir> #startmeeting Lubuntu Team Meeting

    20:05:45 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Jan 18 20:05:45 2012 UTC. The chair is gilir. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/AlanBell/mootbot.

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    20:05:55 <jmarsden|work> o/ 20:06:02 * gilir takes a seat

    20:06:10 <phillw> 0/

    20:06:15 <michaelrawson> o/

    20:06:23 <MrChrisDruif> Sit down already Wink ;-)

    20:06:27 <Unit193> \o

    20:06:35 <gilir> as ususal, aganda is here : https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda

    20:06:42 <StephenSmally> 0/

    20:07:42 <gilir> no action from previous meeting

    20:08:05 <gilir> so we will go directly to team report Smile :)

    20:08:33 <gilir> #topic phillw - Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team

    20:08:51 <phillw> Sadly, one big bug has just surfaced.

    20:09:24 <phillw> I've just gotten confirmation of it & it prevents a new install of lubuntu 12.04 from running. Does not affect xubuntu or kubuntu.

    20:09:43 <gilir> phillw, you have a bug number ?

    20:10:01 <phillw> gilir: I got confirmtaion about 3 minutes ago!

    20:10:29 <phillw> gilir: I'll get it raised but the issue is unity-greeter[1589] trap int3 ip:7fec4fbe4b3b sp:7fff55e32490 error:0

    20:10:29 <phillw> also the build useed to report the bug is 17

    20:10:29 <phillw> same errors for me in 18 on real hardware

    20:11:12 <gilir> phillw, hum, we should not have unity-greeter at all on lubuntu

    20:11:18 <jmarsden|work> why would there be a "unity-greeter" ... exactly!

    20:11:56 <phillw> that is what njin from the QA team saw when he tried to confirm it for me. It fails crazily on VM. He used a 'real' machine.

    20:12:11 <gilir> phillw, I'll look at a daily ISO to check, maybe the last update of lighdm was not so nice Smile :)

    20:12:33 <phillw> okies, I got it 1st on 17th, we re-tried once 18th came out.

    20:12:36 <amjjawad> that black wallpaper is so bad

    20:13:00 <michaelrawson> lightdm won't run at all for me. I'm all for keeping lxdm for now.

    20:13:25 <phillw> other than that, the new front wiki for the main QA team has been redisgned and will gradually filter through to update everything.

    20:13:28 <amjjawad> for me, I got it after I updated and upgraded my system

    20:13:50 <phillw> https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Testing/

    20:14:01 <gilir> michaelrawson, report a bug instead, we can't just switch this type of application when a bug arise

    20:14:09 <phillw> The current push is to have everything needed for alpha 2 testing.

    20:14:30 <phillw> end of QA report.

    20:14:38 <michaelrawson> @gilir, I have. Sorry for chipping in Smile :)

    20:14:38 <meetingology> michaelrawson: Error: "gilir," is not a valid command.

    20:14:49 <michaelrawson> gilir, I have. Sorry for chipping in Smile :)

    20:15:06 <gilir> thanks phillw

    20:15:38 <gilir> #action gilir to check the unity-greeter / black wallpaper bug on ISO 20:15:38 * meetingology gilir to check the unity-greeter / black wallpaper bug on ISO

    20:16:07 <gilir> #topic Unit193 - Weekly report - Update on IRC OP's team

    20:16:12 <Unit193> The IRC council call for OPs has been closed and we should hear from them later this week.

    20:16:43 <Unit193> I'm also still looking for someone to do the OPs interview

    20:17:07 <jmarsden|work> Unit193: Use a mirror?

    20:17:20 <Unit193> jmarsden|work: Last one I tried broke :/

    20:18:18 <gilir> Unit193, interview for the comm team ?

    20:18:28 <Unit193> gilir: Yes sir!

    20:18:41 <gilir> well, it's not mandatory Smile :)

    20:19:20 <gilir> let's see how the first ones go, maybe people will be interested after Smile :)

    20:19:45 <amjjawad> no one replied Jens except me and Phill :/

    20:20:01 <gilir> amjjawad, I done it off list Wink ;)

    20:20:06 <Unit193> Yeah, there isn't much info as to the questions and sych

    20:20:10 <amjjawad> gilir: aha Big Grin :)

    20:20:19 <phillw> amjjawad: also chris druif has replied.

    20:20:30 <amjjawad> phillw: that's cool Smile :)

    20:20:50 <gilir> Unit193, anything else ?

    20:21:02 <Unit193> That's all I can think of for now

    20:21:12 <gilir> ok thanks Unit193 Smile :)

    20:21:25 <MrChrisDruif> YOU FORGOT ME?

    20:21:27 <gilir> #topic MrChrisDruif - Weekly report - Update on Wiki / Docs team

    20:21:46 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, I follow the agenda order Wink ;)

    20:22:46 <MrChrisDruif> We've had a small issue regarding installing non-platform apps like ktouch on lubuntu

    20:23:27 <MrChrisDruif> I asked if others could look up if others could find any info on the wiki regarding this issue. I've not had any response yet

    20:23:50 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, is there a bug report somewhere (upstream or on launchpad) ?

    20:24:01 <MrChrisDruif> And still haven't really started with the restructuring of the wiki and help pages

    20:24:24 <MrChrisDruif> gilir; No, it was a question coming from amjjawad from the forum.

    20:24:30 <amjjawad> MrChrisDruif: we need to talk sometime soon regarding that Smile :)

    20:25:17 <amjjawad> I mean regarding the Wiki Pages and the re-organization of it

    20:25:21 <MrChrisDruif> If it had performance issue. gilir; if you know anything about it, info would be appreciated

    20:25:39 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, no sorry, never use it

    20:26:06 <MrChrisDruif> Alright, then I'll send a query to the mailing-list to find info about it

    20:26:14 <gilir> but maybe you could report a bug on upstream bug tracker, if you can't find information about this issue

    20:26:37 <gilir> yes, maybe someone on the mailing know something

    20:27:01 <MrChrisDruif> Other then that nothing to report

    20:27:02 <amjjawad> and I'll try to do some search on the forum in case I can find something useful Smile :)

    20:27:28 <gilir> thanks MrChrisDruif Smile :)

    20:27:34 <MrChrisDruif> amjjawad; thanks. About restructuring the wiki you can post to the wiki mailing-list

    20:27:34 <amjjawad> MrChrisDruif: please CC me when you will send that email Smile :)

    20:27:46 <MrChrisDruif> If you've got ideas, just share them

    20:27:50 <amjjawad> MrChrisDruif: I thought we can chat ?

    20:28:02 <gilir> #topic gilir - Weekly report - Devs teams report

    20:28:26 <gilir> No big and visible progress here

    20:28:42 <StephenSmally> i have to say a thing

    20:28:44 <gilir> work on lxfind continue

    20:29:08 <StephenSmally> gilir: yes, i'm implementing popup menu right now

    20:29:15 <MrChrisDruif> gilir; Q: will LSC ever replace gdebi?

    20:29:20 <wxl> yey lxfind!

    20:29:20 <gilir> some progress on the packaging of the artwork, if you have the staging PPA, you may see some new stuff soon

    20:29:26 <wxl> (sorry just had to say thank you)

    20:29:45 <amjjawad> +1 for MrChrisDruif Q

    20:29:53 <gilir> and an update of gnome-mpalyer is in progress, available in PPA staging too

    20:30:07 <gilir> StephenSmally, yes ?

    20:30:24 <StephenSmally> mmm, no, for the moment

    20:30:32 <amjjawad> why not to keep it?

    20:30:43 <gilir> StephenSmally, you said you had something to say Smile :)

    20:30:56 <StephenSmally> ah, excusme Smile :)

    20:31:25 <StephenSmally> a last bug on LSC should be fixed now (using non english translation)

    20:31:42 <StephenSmally> so i think we will be ready to release 0.0.3 soon

    20:31:55 <gilir> StephenSmally, cool Smile :)

    20:32:27 <gilir> StephenSmally, ping me when it's ready, so I can test it and update it on the repositories

    20:32:38 <StephenSmally> of course

    20:33:04 <gilir> StephenSmally, and remember, feature freeze will be here soon, be sure to include most feature you want before this Smile :)

    20:34:03 <StephenSmally> mm, but if lsc is already in the repo...

    20:34:14 <gilir> nothing more from devs, unless StephenSmally or jmarsden|work want to add anything

    20:34:32 <StephenSmally> shouldn't be possible update it without problems?

    20:34:48 <jmarsden|work> Nothing from me, except that lightdm/black screen issue needs fixing Smile :)

    20:34:51 <gilir> StephenSmally, yes, but feature freeze applied to all packages in repo

    20:35:12 <jmarsden|work> StephenSmally: You can't add new features even to an existing app after Feature Freeze without getting an FFe

    20:35:16 <gilir> StephenSmally, after this, we can't add new feature, we focus on bug fixing

    20:35:22 <StephenSmally> Argh, ok, i will be fast as possible Wink ;-)

    20:35:38 <StephenSmally> another little things,

    20:35:44 <gilir> that's mean I need to finish the session manager really soon :/

    20:35:54 <amjjawad> StephenSmally: will LSC do the same function that Gdebi does?

    20:35:55 <wxl> ooh i forgot to ask, does lxfind do regex at all?

    20:35:57 <wxl> probably not

    20:36:10 <StephenSmally> i opened a topic on the Ubuntu Italian forum to collect feedbacks and hints about lubuntu

    20:36:38 <StephenSmally> wxl: since you use find as backend, yes, no with the native glib backend

    20:37:13 <wxl> StephenSmally: so if i understand you correctly, you're saying part of the backend does, but the other doesn't, so long story short, no

    20:37:33 <StephenSmally> LxFind supports 3 kind of backends

    20:37:43 <StephenSmally> Locate, Find and the Glib one

    20:38:17 <wxl> ah so it just selects the right one; got it

    20:38:46 <amjjawad> StephenSmally: will LSC do the same function that GDebi does?

    20:39:01 <StephenSmally> amjjawad: no, not at the moment

    20:39:11 <amjjawad> but in future yes, right?

    20:39:49 <amjjawad> StephenSmally: and for me to know more about LSC and can answer such Qs on the Forum ... will user be able to install and use LSC on any variant?

    20:39:50 <StephenSmally> amjjawad: we will see, if gdebi is too old or if is unuseful have to apps instead of one yes

    20:40:19 <michaelrawson> amjawad; I have LSC on ubuntu, if that helps.

    20:40:27 <StephenSmally> Yes, LSC haven't got any dependencies related to Lubuntu specifically, runs on any Debian Base distro

    20:40:35 <amjjawad> michaelrawson: that is good to know Smile :)

    20:40:42 <amjjawad> StephenSmally: thanks Smile :)

    20:40:44 <amjjawad> one last Q

    20:40:52 <amjjawad> will LXFind be available in 12.04?

    20:41:14 <StephenSmally> mm, i think gilir will ask better

    20:41:56 <amjjawad> gilir: ?

    20:42:13 <StephenSmally> (Feature freeze, you know, we need tester and need fast builds, launchpad takes hours to build)

    20:42:19 <gilir> amjjawad, not by default, it's too short, but yes in the PPA

    20:42:47 <amjjawad> gilir: thanks a lot. I need to be ready to answer that on Forums Smile :)

    20:42:47 <michaelrawson> gilir; permamently in PPA, or in 12.10?

    20:43:16 <jmarsden|work> Who knows what will be in 12:10, at this point? Smile :) probably lxfind can be in 12.10 if it matures by then...

    20:43:23 <gilir> michaelrawson, no, we can reconsider it for 12.10

    20:43:36 <michaelrawson> yup, thanks gilir.

    20:43:40 <MrChrisDruif> StephenSmally; I'm not seeing a definitive answer if it'll support .deb installation

    20:43:47 <amjjawad> gilir: what about LXScreenshot?

    20:44:32 <gilir> amjjawad, as I said on the ML, we need to compare it with scrot, to see if we can replace it

    20:44:34 <StephenSmally> MrChrisDruif: not in Precise

    20:44:58 <amjjawad> so that means not yet decided. Thanks G

    20:45:18 <gilir> any more questions ? Smile :)

    20:45:33 <amjjawad> gilir: wubi?

    20:45:35 <MrChrisDruif> But eventually yes? Maybe with backports eventually in Precise?

    20:45:39 <amjjawad> in 12.04?

    20:46:39 <gilir> amjjawad, I had no news about it, still in progress for 12.04

    20:46:50 <phillw> amjjawad: wubi will support 12.04 lubuntu

    20:46:51 <amjjawad> Ok, thanks gilir Smile :)

    20:47:03 <amjjawad> phillw: so is it official?

    20:47:03 <gilir> phillw is more up-to-date than me Smile :)

    20:47:26 <phillw> amjjawad: the fix has been made, we awair beta1 for full testing.

    20:47:59 <amjjawad> ok then it's kind of official Smile :) thanks phillw

    20:48:11 <amjjawad> I'm done with Qs so far

    20:48:40 <phillw> amjjawad: https://bugs.launchpad.net/wubi/+bug/907524

    20:48:42 <ubottu> Ubuntu bug 907524 in Wubi "No Lubuntu option" [Medium,Fix released]

    20:48:56 <gilir> #topic jmarsden|work Mailing list migration

    20:49:41 <amjjawad> thanks phillw, I subscribed to that bug Smile :)

    20:49:59 <gilir> jmarsden|work, I planned to just close the team for new member, and remove current members to be sure nobody post to the old mailing list

    20:50:15 <gilir> jmarsden|work, if you have a better idea, go Smile :)

    20:50:29 <amjjawad> gilir: why we do this? because we have sub-teams now?

    20:50:55 <jmarsden|work> That's fine, I was wondering when we will do it, I am still seeing some people (phillw and amjjawad from memory) use the old list...

    20:50:57 <gilir> amjjawad, no, because we have a new-and-more-official mailing list

    20:51:20 <amjjawad> gilir: ok but what about the members?

    20:51:28 <amjjawad> they need to join the NEW one first!!

    20:51:35 <gilir> jmarsden|work, I planned to wait some days after the annoucement of the new mailing list, but I can do it shortly now

    20:51:55 <gilir> amjjawad, I already send 2 mails on the old mailing about it

    20:52:08 <gilir> I think it's enough Smile :)

    20:52:11 <amjjawad> gilir: true but I'm sure most did not read it yet Sad :(

    20:52:14 <michaelrawson> o/

    20:52:20 <jmarsden|work> I think we need a clear decision; it's Ok with me if the etam thinks we need a longer period for people to move over... but ... yes, peole alread had notice.

    20:52:24 <gilir> I'll see if I can send a message with the kick of the members

    20:52:27 <amjjawad> gilir: I'll make sure to update the threads on UF

    20:52:50 <amjjawad> so that most of them who are already there will be informed

    20:53:05 <jmarsden|work> Thinking about this... which "team" is responsible for the mailing list? Smile :)

    20:53:13 <amjjawad> michaelrawson: where do you think we need to put that? what thread?

    20:53:28 <michaelrawson> IDK. all of them!

    20:53:30 <Unit193> One last email to say why they were removed, and remove them all, simple

    20:53:48 <amjjawad> I can't put that on all of them, it's cross posting and you know what is next Wink ;) michaelrawson

    20:54:04 <michaelrawson> I meant LOST and LOSG and possible the 12.04 thread. Smile :)

    20:54:07 <gilir> jmarsden|work, I don't know if we really need a team on this Smile :)

    20:54:29 <amjjawad> jmarsden|work: I say we don't need that

    20:54:36 <amjjawad> each sub-team will take care of its own list

    20:54:55 <amjjawad> lubuntu-user will be for everyone

    20:55:10 <Unit193> If people are subscribed to the mailing list, they should just need an email about it

    20:55:18 <amjjawad> michaelrawson: I'll see where to put that, most likely Lubuntu One Stop Group Smile :)

    20:56:02 <michaelrawson> you could also possible ask the fridge, etc to put out something. IDK, I agree with gilir in part.

    20:56:50 <michaelrawson> is it possible to send a message every time someone posts to that list, warning them it's closing soon, and where to look for new one?

    20:56:52 <gilir> michaelrawson, maybe a blog post on a Ubuntu Planet should be enough ?

    20:56:58 <michaelrawson> probably. Smile :)

    20:57:19 <michaelrawson> I am googling ubuntu planet. Smile :)

    20:57:55 <wxl> as an aside to the topic but consistent with this current tangent, amjjawad i think you should create a facebook GROUP for us

    20:58:00 <wxl> pages are easy to ignore

    20:58:07 <gilir> any ubuntu member volunteer for this blog post ? :p

    20:58:29 <amjjawad> wxl: there is a group but i have no clue who is in charge???

    20:58:31 <phillw> gilir: I'll giver it a go Smile :)

    20:58:53 <gilir> phillw, your blog is aggregate on the planet ?

    20:59:08 <wxl> amjjawad: we'll chat later about this. i'm sure you could get in touch and have him/her make you an admin

    20:59:23 <phillw> gilir: I thought you wanted s.o. to report it ubuntu planet?

    20:59:25 <amjjawad> I tired and he/she ignored me as usual wxl

    20:59:37 <wxl> amjjawad: then make a new group! Big Grin :)

    20:59:47 <amjjawad> phillw: what do you think? new group?

    20:59:50 <wxl> amjjawad: e.g. "Official Lubuntu"

    20:59:59 <amjjawad> I'm not an admin on Lubuntu Page yet??? so what gives? phillw ?

    21:00:10 <amjjawad> I've been calling for that since ages!

    21:00:13 <phillw> amjjawad: I rarely use fb!

    21:00:21 <amjjawad> many do phillw

    21:00:27 <amjjawad> I'm UP to this as forever

    21:00:32 <amjjawad> Smile :)

    21:00:42 <amjjawad> my requests were being ignored

    21:00:45 <amjjawad> I'm active on Fb

    21:00:51 <amjjawad> just like UF

    21:01:06 <gilir> phillw, we will talk about it later, maybe I can do a blog post about Lubuntu devs for 12.04, include this information

    21:01:09 <wxl> ACTUALLY i'd be happy to help out with a facebook group as part of support

    21:01:20 <amjjawad> I'm creating too many pages but I don't think it's very good idea. We need to focus on few official pages

    21:01:22 <phillw> okies gilir

    21:01:32 <michaelrawson> well...me too, but I'm with phill on fb usage.

    21:01:36 <gilir> ok, it's time, if nobody have important stuff to add, I'll finish the meeting

    21:01:55 <wxl> pages don't push notifications, but groups do, which is why i suggest groups

    21:02:07 <amjjawad> wxl: i don't mind Smile :)

    21:02:09 * MrChrisDruif uses fb a lot. But google+ for Ubuntu related stuff

    21:02:10 <wxl> sounds like this is our personal project amjjawad Big Grin :)

    21:02:12 <amjjawad> I need the green light

    21:02:29 <amjjawad> I already made G+ for Lubuntu Wink ;)

    21:02:46 <gilir> #endmeeting

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