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Show of hands to gauge attendance


Review ACTIONS from the last meeting


Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team


Weekly report - Update from IRC OP's team


Weekly report - Update from comms team


Weekly report - Update from Support Team


Weekly report - Update from Devs teams


Weekly report - Update from Docs team


Inclusion of clipboard manager or similar. Bug #926893


Lubuntu Team Meeting


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#title #ubuntu-meeting: Lubuntu Team Meeting

Meeting started by gilir at 20:02:06 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-02-08-20.02.log.html .

Meeting summary

  • phillw - Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team

ACTION: gilir to reduce size of ppc alternate daily (gilir, 20:09:57)

  • phillw - Weekly report - Update from comms team
  • Unit193 - Weekly report - Update from IRC OP's team
  • gilir - Weekly report - Update from Devs teams
  • MrChrisDruif - Weekly report - Update from Docs team

  • Yorvyk - Inclusion of clipboard manager or similar. Bug #926893

ACTION: gilir to summarize and document clipboard issue on the mailing list (gilir, 21:02:44)

Meeting ended at 21:04:54 UTC.


Action items

  • gilir to reduce size of ppc alternate daily
  • gilir to summarize and document clipboard issue on the mailing list

Action items, by person

  • gilir
  • * gilir to reduce size of ppc alternate daily
  • * gilir to summarize and document clipboard issue on the mailing list

People present (lines said)

  • gilir (76)
  • wxl (44)
  • MrChrisDruif (25)

  • leszek (25)
  • rafaellaguna (15)
  • StephenSmally (14)

  • phillw (13)
  • anliot (13)
  • Yorvyk (9)
  • Unit193 (8)
  • meetingology (5)
  • ubottu (1)

Full Log

  • 20:02:06 <gilir> #startmeeting Lubuntu Team Meeting

    20:02:06 <meetingology> Meeting started Wed Feb 8 20:02:06 2012 UTC. The chair is gilir. Information about MeetBot at http://wiki.ubuntu.com/meetingology.

    20:02:06 <meetingology>

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    20:02:20 <gilir> hi Smile :)

    20:02:41 <Yorvyk> o/

    20:02:46 <phillw> o/

    20:02:53 <leszek> Smile :)

    20:03:04 <gilir> as usual, agenda available on https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda

    20:03:16 <wxl> _/\o/\_

    20:03:19 <wxl> Wink ;)

    20:03:54 <gilir> and as a quick note, sorry for being quite this past few days, it should be ok now Smile :)

    20:04:54 <rafaellaguna> Everybody has personal life

    20:05:11 <Yorvyk> OK the rest of us managed to make enough noise to compensate Smile :)

    20:05:21 <gilir> phillw, I don't see any actions items from last meeting, so I'm moving to the items Smile :)

    20:06:14 <gilir> #topic phillw - Weekly report - Update from QA meeting and team

    20:06:46 <phillw> I brought up that the ppc alternate vanished from alpha2 area. It appears a misunderstanding

    20:07:08 <wxl> did it vanish now?

    20:07:12 <wxl> i thought it was just huge Big Grin :)

    20:07:12 <phillw> they thought no-one was testing it. They're going to try an get us a CD sized alternate for ppc built Smile :)

    20:07:24 <leszek> its playing seek and hide :P

    20:08:00 <gilir> phillw, alpha2 was a bit messy :/

    20:08:04 <wxl> we have at least 5 potential testers. would be nice to have more. i noticed today that qemu can emulate ppc if others are interested

    20:08:08 <phillw> one of the tresters did actually install onto a ppc - but I've not had any further news yet.

    20:08:36 <gilir> wxl, what is the actual state of ppc daily (alternate and live) ?

    20:09:04 <wxl> gilir: daily-live is cd sized but is buggy and will not install successfully in my experience

    20:09:05 <phillw> gilir: the normal one is on-size, alternate is over-size.

    20:09:27 <wxl> gilir: as for alternate it is too large-- which makes no logical sense but is what it is (in fact last time i checked ALL the alternates were oversized)

    20:09:57 <gilir> #action gilir to reduce size of ppc alternate daily 20:09:57 * meetingology gilir to reduce size of ppc alternate daily

    20:09:57 <leszek> wxl: maybe taskel issue here

    20:10:36 <phillw> wxl: has an update on testing the 'norma' installation.

    20:10:39 <wxl> gilir: check http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/daily/current/ -- they are ALL oversized still, not just ppc

    20:10:41 <gilir> I should be able to reduce the size, if there is a bug on another part, we will have time to find it

    20:10:58 <gilir> ouch :/

    20:11:29 <wxl> downloaded the latest x86 daily-live and it would not boot. seems like the same old crashing dm issue-- not the one where the greeter fails and you can still log in

    20:11:31 <leszek> My guess the alternative iso stores too many packages. Even uneeded ones

    20:11:51 <gilir> there is still unity on the alternate :/

    20:12:04 <leszek> that might be it

    20:12:05 <gilir> ok, I'll check this

    20:12:34 <wxl> in any case, the lightdm-gtk-greeter and/or unity-greeter issue is still not resolved Sad :(

    20:12:39 <rafaellaguna> (sorry, back to PC)

    20:13:40 <gilir> wxl, I can't tell now, need to check what's wrong, I'm still not up-to-date with precise recent chenges

    20:13:59 <wxl> gilir: no prob, just make an action Wink ;)

    20:14:11 <gilir> phillw, anything else from QA ?

    20:14:24 <rafaellaguna> there're still people asking if we're using unity or lxdm greeters

    20:14:50 <phillw> gilir: nothing to add.

    20:15:01 <gilir> rafaellaguna, the goal is to used the lightdm-gtk-greeter, no unity-greeter, no lxdm

    20:15:14 <gilir> and of course, no unity by default Smile :)

    20:15:34 <gilir> phillw, thanks Smile :)

    20:15:34 <StephenSmally> sorry i'm late

    20:15:35 <rafaellaguna> I know, that's a thing to control, the rumours even fall into Unity

    20:15:50 <phillw> 918401 had the most recent news I am aware of.

    20:15:50 <rafaellaguna> there is a lot of noise with these alphas

    20:16:09 <gilir> Unit193 doesn't seem here, moving to next item

    20:16:35 <gilir> #topic phillw - Weekly report - Update from comms team

    20:17:25 <phillw> the comms team is restructuring, I'll have more news hopefully, next week.

    20:17:31 <wxl> Smile :)

    20:18:28 <gilir> phillw, IMO it's something we have to discuss in private with all the members of the team

    20:18:56 <phillw> indeed.

    20:19:32 <gilir> phillw, let's move to the next item if you don't have anything to add

    20:19:57 <gilir> #topic Unit193 - Weekly report - Update from IRC OP's team

    20:20:48 <Unit193> Right, there's been a problem user that hasn't listened to rules, the IRC team stuff is still pending as far as I know

    20:21:56 <Unit193> There was some thought about adding us on the site to clean up spam there too though

    20:22:23 <gilir> Unit193, which site ?

    20:22:49 <Unit193> lubuntu.net, but that may have been a thought

    20:23:18 <phillw> mario did request some extra eyes.

    20:23:34 <gilir> Unit193, not sure it's should be the job of IRC team, but if you want to help, I'm sure it will be appreciate Smile :)

    20:23:39 <Unit193> Anything else I'm missing, others here?

    20:24:04 <wxl> i'll say one thing

    20:24:21 <wxl> since i was the innocent recipient of the "dialogue" from this problem user

    20:24:38 <wxl> it might be good to have a published plan of action on what to do for the support folks

    20:24:52 <wxl> cuz i would have prolly just let it slide/forgotten about it

    20:25:44 <Unit193> He's been a problem with us quite a few times, and in another channel too

    20:26:36 <leszek> so they are only two possible ways, either ignore him or act and warn/kick maybe ban him

    20:26:48 <wxl> i don't mean that kind of action

    20:27:16 <wxl> more about reporting it to the appropriate parties which phillw was kind enough to alert me to but i suspect there are others in support (and the future support team) that may not have this knowledge

    20:28:16 <Unit193> leszek: When he tries to join, he'll be redirected to #ubuntu-ops

    20:28:28 <leszek> ah ok

    20:29:23 <gilir> Unit193, anything to add ?

    20:29:39 <Unit193> Nothing more unless someone else can think of it

    20:29:53 <gilir> ok thanks Unit193 Smile :)

    20:30:12 <phillw> Unit193: can we put our heads together to get something for support after the meeting.

    20:30:22 <gilir> amjjawad doesn't seem to be here, moving to next

    20:30:45 <gilir> #topic gilir - Weekly report - Update from Devs teams

    20:31:12 <gilir> alpha 2 was released, but only for alternate

    20:31:38 <phillw> just for the record, amjjawad is away for a month, I'll try and keep up with what is going on for him. any of the support team can give me a ping / email.

    20:31:39 <gilir> the live ISO was fixed just the day of the release

    20:31:56 <gilir> phillw, ok, thanks for the news

    20:31:57 <wxl> um, "fixed?" Wink ;)

    20:32:30 <gilir> wxl, yes but maybe it's another problem

    20:32:50 <gilir> also, we are now very close to Feature Freeze

    20:33:22 <gilir> it means, no new feature, no new version (unless bug fixes only) can be added after this freeze

    20:33:34 <MrChrisDruif> Aloha

    20:33:40 <leszek> yep and I hope the new lxkeymap will make it in time

    20:33:56 <gilir> so after February 16th, it's closed ! Smile :)

    20:34:00 <rafaellaguna> sure yes, unlike lxlauncher

    20:34:06 <MrChrisDruif> I thought there could be made exceptions to this Feature Freeze?

    20:34:21 <StephenSmally> rafaellaguna: i wasn't planning a release for precise

    20:34:25 <wxl> lxlauncher won't make it? Sad :(

    20:34:32 <gilir> leszek, please give us some time for the packaging also Smile :)

    20:34:43 <leszek> Smile :)

    20:34:48 <rafaellaguna> StephanSmally: it would be crazy, better next release

    20:35:07 <gilir> for now, only lsc and lxkeymap (the previous version) are on time for feature freeze

    20:35:20 <MrChrisDruif> rafaellaguna; it *could* always be backported if it's important enough

    20:35:35 <gilir> it means, no lxfind, no lxlauncher v2 by default

    20:35:52 <StephenSmally> and no lxscreenshot i think

    20:35:54 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, yes, exception are possible, but it should be really exceptions Smile :)

    20:35:59 <leszek> gilir: but we can package lxkeymap 0.7.99 and then fix it up til release I hope

    20:36:02 <rafaellaguna> agree with gilir about changes

    20:36:03 <gilir> StephenSmally, yes also

    20:36:30 <StephenSmally> ok, both lxscreenshot and lxlauncher needs to be improved, so no problem

    20:36:30 <gilir> leszek, you don't plan to add more features ?

    20:36:47 <leszek> no its feature complete basically

    20:36:58 <leszek> it only needs bugfixing

    20:37:09 <StephenSmally> (anyway i can't get this ubuntu love for feature freeze ;-P )

    20:37:21 <gilir> leszek, ok, so we can update it as if for feature freeze, but it needs to be fixed for Beta 1 (01/03)

    20:37:27 <rafaellaguna> leszek: (cof) and (cof) icon remapping (cof)

    20:37:31 <leszek> StephenSmally: its a necessasity

    20:38:11 <gilir> StephenSmally, it's not a love Smile :) Just a rule Smile :)

    20:38:13 <MrChrisDruif> Btw, at which topic are we?

    20:38:18 <StephenSmally> well, i get it speaking about software on the os iso, but i don't get it with the software in the repo

    20:38:25 <leszek> gilir: yeah it needs to be fixed thats the problem right now, because I don't have much time fixing it

    20:38:49 <StephenSmally> leszek: i can help in bug fixing if necessary

    20:39:05 <leszek> StephenSmally: that would be really great

    20:39:19 <StephenSmally> are all the bug listed on launchpad?

    20:39:34 <StephenSmally> (or git or something similar)

    20:39:35 <leszek> no not yet

    20:40:29 <leszek> I will list them, but you can also see the bugs in this short video I made: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xXIMOsYG6h4

    20:41:21 <MrChrisDruif> Maybe I've got something for the current topic

    20:42:00 <MrChrisDruif> It's what you could call a "bug" of the lubuntu-core meta-package

    20:42:03 <StephenSmally> ok, i will take a look, are only graphic bug or also keymap handling bugs?

    20:42:29 <leszek> StephenSmally: keymap handling is fine

    20:42:46 <MrChrisDruif> If you look at the depends and recommends diffs between oneiric and precise, you'll be surprised

    20:42:49 <StephenSmally> so graphic refining

    20:43:03 <gilir> StephenSmally, we can have a look at it after feature freeze, priority IMO is to release lsc Wink ;)

    20:43:17 <gilir> StephenSmally, but we can talk about it later or after the meeting

    20:43:20 <leszek> so only graphical bug so far. The profile manager I added is also misbehaving somehow when you are deleting keymap profiles

    20:43:23 <StephenSmally> yep

    20:43:39 <MrChrisDruif> Alright, just ignore what I just said _

    20:43:42 <leszek> k

    20:44:12 <gilir> and to finish the dev report

    20:44:37 <gilir> unfortunatly, the new session manager will probably not be ready for next week :/

    20:44:55 <leszek> xD

    20:45:00 <rafaellaguna> :|

    20:45:26 <gilir> I'm not sure I'll be able to fix it (and the other part of LXDE) before the release, so it's probably safer to keep the current one for 12.04

    20:45:50 <gilir> sorry Sad :(

    20:46:08 <MrChrisDruif> gilir; will we then be seeing a lightweight solution to the heated discussion of the mailing-list?

    20:46:10 <wxl> yikes

    20:46:19 <MrChrisDruif> The clipboard manager issue?

    20:46:33 <wxl> MrChrisDruif: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/IRC%20Meetings/Agenda#preview

    20:46:38 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, there is a specific item for this Wink ;)

    20:47:07 <gilir> any other questions ?

    20:47:16 <Yorvyk> I was only going to ask the same thing

    20:47:36 <gilir> #topic MrChrisDruif - Weekly report - Update from Docs team

    20:47:39 <anliot> i'm getting some random crashes w/ a daily build from saturdy. someone help me report them or identiy them?

    20:48:18 <MrChrisDruif> Ah, missed all those topics

    20:48:28 <gilir> anliot, you can ask on #lubuntu chan when you are testing

    20:48:38 <anliot> k

    20:49:07 <MrChrisDruif> Anyhow, nothing serious to report from the Docs team, other then that Ali is working on different pages of the wiki

    20:49:42 <gilir> ok thanks MrChrisDruif Smile :)

    20:49:42 <MrChrisDruif> We've still have to get our game-plan defined

    20:49:58 <gilir> that's the fun part Smile :)

    20:50:07 <MrChrisDruif> Ghehe, yeah....right Wink ;-)

    20:51:17 <gilir> #topic Yorvyk - Inclusion of clipboard manager or similar. Bug #926893

    20:51:18 <ubottu> Launchpad bug 926893 in lubuntu-default-settings (Ubuntu) "There is NO Clipboard Manager in Lubuntu - a basic feature yet very important" [Undecided,Opinion] https://launchpad.net/bugs/926893

    20:51:30 <MrChrisDruif> Anyhow, we've been mailing a bit on some ideas so we hope to have something more concrete next week, but real life is intervening all the time with me

    20:51:37 <wxl> uh oh 20:51:42 * wxl puts on his flameproof suit

    20:52:00 <gilir> MrChrisDruif, ok, sorry I was a bit too fast

    20:52:07 <Yorvyk> Is there a solution to this bug?

    20:52:09 <MrChrisDruif> It's alright _

    20:52:25 <MrChrisDruif> Yorvyk; according to the mailing-list several

    20:52:26 <wxl> there are many solutions Big Grin :)

    20:52:27 <gilir> Yorvyk, yes Smile :)

    20:52:57 <leszek> I don't really get the problem of the clipboard manager . CTRL+C and marking and pasting with middle mouse button works fine. Other desktops don't bring clipboard managers by default, so why should we or do we need one ?

    20:53:01 <gilir> the question is, which is the best Smile :)

    20:53:24 <gilir> leszek, well, there is still an issue with leafpad for example

    20:53:27 <wxl> gilir: i don't want to make more work for anyone but i like the idea of lxclippy

    20:53:50 <gilir> try copy on leafpad, close leafpad, and try to paste

    20:53:52 <anliot> control+c clipboard gets destroyed when an app closes.

    20:54:04 <rafaellaguna> it's an X problem?

    20:54:11 <anliot> its an x feature

    20:54:28 <wxl> xclip (was that it?) seems like a good starting point. memory usage is small. not entirely sure of its footprint disk space-wise because its part of that whole gaggle of x11 apps.

    20:54:45 <gilir> wxl, but we don't need all the feature of a clipboad manager (like parcelite)

    20:54:48 <Yorvyk> I prefer it to disappear when the app closes

    20:54:50 <leszek> ah ok so the bug should be against lxsession than, correct ?

    20:54:58 <MrChrisDruif> wxl suggested clipit at one time

    20:55:02 <wxl> gilir: right that's what i'm saying-- just make it simple. just enough to protect

    20:55:18 <wxl> MrChrisDruif: as i pointed out on the ml clipit's memory usage is a little bit larger than xclip

    20:55:19 <gilir> leszek, yes, I think lxsession should handle basic clipboard management

    20:55:34 <rafaellaguna> agree, in osx the clipboard contents stay. imagine it with a 16 mb image

    20:55:37 <wxl> gilir leszek +1 i like that idea the best

    20:55:50 * MrChrisDruif didn't finish reading all the post of the thread yet

    20:55:57 <gilir> wxl, clipit is a fork of parcelite I think, so it's the same case than parcelite

    20:56:35 <wxl> gilir: as i said, i wasn't suggesting clipit. i was just saying i use it Big Grin :) but i'm not suggesting lubuntu needs it. i'm saying we make something very simple. just enough to protect.

    20:57:11 <rafaellaguna> wxl: for that purpose we don't need an app, just modify the session

    20:57:31 <wxl> rafaellaguna: didn't realize that was an option until now which is also why i said i like that idea the best Big Grin :)

    20:57:48 <anliot> when you run xclip in --daemon mode it has no user interface period.

    20:57:59 <anliot> it just sits as a daemon and saves the clipboard

    20:58:06 <wxl> of course it seems there are other people who dislike the idea altogether. maybe this should be one of those pre-freeze voting kind of things

    20:58:08 <anliot> like you would expect windows or linux mint to do

    20:58:27 <anliot> i meant to say clipit

    20:58:30 <leszek> one thing that we could do for sure is install an clipboard manager like parcelite (wasn't it in back in an old version ?) but disable it by default. So that the user has to decide if he/she wants to use this feature

    20:58:32 <StephenSmally> anyway we can just "steal" the base xclip code and add it to lxsession

    20:58:53 <wxl> if we're going forward i think StephenSmally hit the nail on the head

    20:59:00 <gilir> leszek, we done this in the past, parcelite was by default, but not started

    20:59:04 <rafaellaguna> StephanSmally: yesss

    20:59:24 <leszek> gilir: yeah exactly. So why don't do this again ?

    20:59:25 <gilir> StephenSmally, could be a solution also Smile :)

    20:59:29 <MrChrisDruif> anliot; is the same with parcellite?

    20:59:41 <MrChrisDruif> "parcellite --deamon --no-icon"?

    20:59:41 <anliot> yeah

    21:00:01 <wxl> we need a vote

    21:00:06 <wxl> we could argue about this all day

    21:00:53 <MrChrisDruif> I don't know memory usage differences when running it like a daemon?

    21:01:10 <gilir> ok, I'll make a summarize of the options for thi sissue

    21:01:22 <Yorvyk> I think a bit of benchmarking is needed

    21:01:31 <anliot> no we don't need benchmarking

    21:01:33 <MrChrisDruif> And which is more supported xclip vs parcellite

    21:01:38 <anliot> its 2-5 megs of memory

    21:01:40 <gilir> we can decide what to do before the next meeting, or during the meeting

    21:01:56 <anliot> so the --daemon = 2-5 megs of memory

    21:01:58 <anliot> period

    21:02:03 <gilir> Yorvyk, and any benchmarking / testing will be appreciate Smile :)

    21:02:10 <wxl> gilir: sounds good. make an action and move on Wink ;)

    21:02:12 <Yorvyk> OK

    21:02:44 <gilir> #action gilir to summarize and document clipboard issue on the mailing list 21:02:44 * meetingology gilir to summarize and document clipboard issue on the mailing list

    21:03:00 * MrChrisDruif is off again

    21:03:04 <gilir> the meeting should be finished now :/

    21:03:05 <wxl> ok </stupid-clipboard-manager-topic> Wink ;)

    21:03:06 <Unit193> 16:03

    21:03:09 <MrChrisDruif> See y'all later

    21:03:13 <wxl> what?

    21:03:18 <wxl> there's more to do

    21:03:21 <gilir> Yorvyk, can we move your other item to next meeting ?

    21:03:22 <wxl> i guess we'll skip it eh

    21:03:45 <wxl> Yorvyk, StephenSmally and me you mean gilir Big Grin :)

    21:03:48 <Yorvyk> Yes, as I have to go very soon anyway

    21:03:50 <gilir> StephenSmally, we can look at lsc release tomorow evening ?

    21:04:33 <StephenSmally> yep

    21:04:34 <rafaellaguna> ok, leaving. Good night, boys

    21:04:48 <Yorvyk> Bye all.

    21:04:50 <gilir> ok, thanks everyones Smile :)

    21:04:54 <wxl> oh well

    21:04:54 <gilir> #endmeeting

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