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Meeting started by phillw at 20:08:07 UTC. The full logs are available at http://ubottu.com/meetingology/logs/ubuntu-meeting/2012/ubuntu-meeting.2012-06-20-20.08.log.html .

Meeting summary

  • Previous Actions

LINK: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/Administrator (phillw, 20:11:59)

  • QA Report
  • IRC Team
  • wiki / docs
  • Comms team
  • artwork
  • Any Other Business

Meeting ended at 20:45:52 UTC.


Action items

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People present (lines said)

  • phillw (70)
  • rafaellaguna (37)
  • kanliot (17)
  • meetingology (5)
  • Unit193 (5)
  • Myrtti (4)
  • MrChrisDruif (2)

  • highvoltage (1)

Full Log

  • 20:08:07 <phillw> #startmeeting

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    20:08:07 <meetingology>

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    20:08:13 <rafaellaguna> eey, said "bad" for me! Sad :(

    20:08:21 <phillw> hi, can all those here say /o

    20:08:41 <phillw> (attendance record)

    20:08:45 * MrChrisDruif lurks

    20:09:07 <rafaellaguna> o/

    20:09:30 <phillw> lol - I always get that wrong, as well. (no such command)

    20:10:08 <phillw> So, we have MrChrisDruif, bioterror, rafaellaguna only from Lubuntu?

    20:10:28 <rafaellaguna> anybody from Ubuntu?

    20:10:56 <rafaellaguna> this looks like Google+ Big Grin :)

    20:11:04 <phillw> #topic Previous Actions 20:11:40 * phillw was detailed to provide a set of what a 'QA' admin was required to do.

    20:11:59 <phillw> #link https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Lubuntu/Testing/Administrator

    20:12:11 <phillw> this has been done.

    20:12:57 <rafaellaguna> must we publish the results anywhere?

    20:12:58 <phillw> As there are no notes posted from last weeks' meeting & this was dropped on me 2 minutes ago. I don't know if there were any other outstanding actions.

    20:13:16 <phillw> rafaellaguna: for what?

    20:13:21 <rafaellaguna> leadership

    20:13:33 <phillw> rafaellaguna: let me change topic?

    20:13:39 <rafaellaguna> sorry

    20:13:55 <phillw> #topic QA Report

    20:14:33 <rafaellaguna> must we make it public?

    20:14:40 <phillw> QA has been going well, there are some upcoming changes to the iso tracker that will make life of reporting / finding things easier

    20:14:52 <phillw> rafaellaguna: please be patient?

    20:15:09 <rafaellaguna> sorry again :|

    20:15:37 <phillw> Julien expects the changes to the default applications to arrive either just before, or shortly after Alpha 2.

    20:16:12 <phillw> They are doing a lot of work on this, so it should be fairly seemless integration into 12.10.

    20:17:02 <phillw> I'm also hopeful that the ppc guys will have ffox back as the only available browser available to them (it's that or, go try find one).

    20:17:27 <phillw> #topic IRC Team

    20:17:38 <phillw> Hi Unit193 can you give any knews?

    20:17:41 <phillw> -k

    20:18:26 <Unit193> What type you looking for? The OPs call went well enough, and mostly other thigns are going well.

    20:18:43 <phillw> Unit193: a nil to report is always good Smile :)

    20:18:52 <Myrtti> channel access lists will be harmonized with Launchpad lists soonish, if not already in sync

    20:19:08 <Myrtti> have had a few trolls, they've been taken care of

    20:19:19 <phillw> thanks Myrtti

    20:19:32 <phillw> #topic wiki / docs

    20:19:41 <phillw> kanliot: what hae you to report?

    20:19:51 <phillw> *have

    20:20:02 <kanliot> going ok

    20:20:19 <kanliot> changes coming up

    20:20:24 <phillw> again, going okay is always good Smile :)

    20:20:36 <kanliot> going to rework the faq pages into the main lubuntu wiki

    20:20:45 <kanliot> make it easy to find things

    20:20:58 <kanliot> really not doing much collaberation

    20:21:17 <MrChrisDruif> Last notice from the previous owner of that group on launchpad: kanliot has been made the new owner.

    20:21:44 <phillw> thanks MrChrisDruif

    20:22:17 <kanliot> done

    20:22:26 <phillw> #topic Comms team

    20:22:54 <phillw> is this still dormant?

    20:23:26 <phillw> yes.

    20:23:48 <phillw> #topic artwork

    20:23:57 <phillw> rafaellaguna: you have the floor!

    20:24:04 <rafaellaguna> Big Grin :)

    20:24:26 <rafaellaguna> was just a question about leadership, if we have to notice anywhere

    20:24:34 <rafaellaguna> it should be comm stuff, isn't it?

    20:24:48 <rafaellaguna> important: the poll

    20:25:03 <phillw> rafaellaguna: that will be later in the meeting. How is the artwork & wall paper stuff going for 12.10?

    20:25:14 <rafaellaguna> we have space enough for up to 5 communit wallpapers

    20:25:25 <rafaellaguna> but we have no participation (1 submission)

    20:25:34 <rafaellaguna> any idea?

    20:25:48 <kanliot> yes, i was wondering just how the winners are chosen

    20:26:14 <rafaellaguna> kanlito: I can explain that

    20:26:14 <Unit193> I'd say wait a few days, may get more.

    20:26:18 <phillw> rafaellaguna: I can only suggest another call to the main mailing list, but we'll come back onto that in Any Other Business.

    20:26:19 <kanliot> i consdered doing a sarcastic walpaper but i had no idea why it would be rejected

    20:26:22 <rafaellaguna> *kanliot

    20:26:47 <rafaellaguna> sarcasm violates the Ubuntu specs

    20:26:55 <kanliot> oh really?

    20:26:55 <rafaellaguna> if any phisic person is involved

    20:27:07 <highvoltage> rafaellaguna: well, that's *just great*!

    20:27:14 <kanliot> lol

    20:27:18 <rafaellaguna> I get it :|

    20:27:29 <phillw> #topic Any Other Business

    20:27:39 <rafaellaguna> the resut will be decide by "all" the artwork team

    20:27:55 <phillw> please raise your hands thus o/

    20:28:35 <kanliot> o/

    20:28:36 <phillw> sorry rafaellaguna, I moved your answer, I'll correct it later

    20:28:52 <rafaellaguna> it's not my day Big Grin :)

    20:28:54 <phillw> kanliot: you have the floor, please keep it brief

    20:29:05 <kanliot> oh you just said raise your hand

    20:29:13 <kanliot> i thought we were voting on something

    20:29:16 <phillw> rafaellaguna: this is my 4th meeting.

    20:29:28 <kanliot> sorry go on

    20:29:40 <phillw> kanliot: for AOB, it is raise your hand if you wish to speak Smile :)

    20:30:03 <phillw> rafaellaguna: of the day... I want them all to finish soon Big Grin :)

    20:30:40 <rafaellaguna> Big Grin :) I know, anyway you're doing great

    20:30:45 <phillw> So, a call for any other business, any thing that has not been covered, any topics you'd like for next time etc. et.c

    20:31:32 <phillw> going once.....

    20:31:56 <phillw> going twice .....

    20:32:02 <Myrtti> rafaellaguna: you wanted to say something about leadership issues?

    20:32:08 <phillw> speak now or forever hold your peace

    20:32:10 <Myrtti> *now* is the time for that

    20:32:15 <rafaellaguna> YES!

    20:32:29 <rafaellaguna> I a bit lost about it

    20:32:45 <phillw> thanks Myrtti I thought he'd never chime in Smile :)

    20:33:11 <phillw> rafaellaguna: please explain it how you see it at the moment

    20:33:47 <rafaellaguna> we have a leader, a team coordinator or both?

    20:34:07 <Unit193> The mailing list is a mess, but dev, forum, IRC, and artwork seem to still function well, just need to get the meetings working and it's set, no? (As well as mailing list)

    20:34:41 <rafaellaguna> Unit193: it seems so

    20:35:29 <rafaellaguna> so there's no need for "elections"

    20:35:30 <phillw> rafaellaguna: mailing lists, are mailing lists. If I were to be brutally honest, I'd have removed myself.

    20:35:41 <phillw> same thing, month in, month out.

    20:35:45 <rafaellaguna> phillw: Big Grin :)

    20:35:58 <phillw> but, let me give a different prospective.

    20:36:00 <phillw> > The lack of leadership at the moment seems to be harming Lubuntu.

    20:36:00 <phillw> I'm curious, what harm exactly ?

    20:36:00 <phillw> It's not because people don't write on the ml or don't participate to the useless top posting debate that nothing is done in the background.

    20:36:00 <phillw> Regards,

    20:36:00 <phillw> Julien Lavergne

    20:36:02 <Unit193> (Not all mailing lists are that bad, but I'm staying silent now)

    20:36:39 <rafaellaguna> I think exactly the same, but you said (right) there's a lot of mess

    20:36:56 <phillw> I remain on the Lubuntu-QA mailing list, we are getting along without this "spam", but, a general ML is for that.

    20:37:29 <rafaellaguna> so we're fine

    20:37:37 <kanliot> noise is one thing, confusion is another

    20:37:38 <phillw> All sub teams have a ML, and we all know who we are.

    20:37:40 <rafaellaguna> once purged the noise

    20:37:45 <rafaellaguna> agree

    20:38:43 <phillw> rafaellaguna: You may recall I actually checked on QA to ask why the silence was on it.... it was because they had nothing to report.

    20:39:21 <rafaellaguna> like us, we're working "in background" but working

    20:40:44 <phillw> I'd love to see that 'stuff' go to, say the area on face book that we have, but until they do. I just glance through the emails and, like facebook, see if there is anything worth replying to.

    20:41:14 <phillw> I was, however, amused when they suggested new mailing list groups for areas Big Grin :)

    20:41:35 <rafaellaguna> yes, I saw

    20:41:40 <Unit193> Please remember this is still during a meeting.

    20:41:48 <phillw> I even answered

    20:42:17 <kanliot> i'm not happy with the level of leadership

    20:42:24 <phillw> Unit193: I see no reason for it be disbarred from A-O-B. in a meeting. It is the chance, on A-O-B for people to chat?

    20:43:41 <kanliot> at the very least i want somone around, who gets to quote rules of the mailing list to other people

    20:43:56 <phillw> but, with a complaint... those in favour of ending the meeting now, please vote as +1 (end) 0 (not bothered) -1 (keep meeting open)

    20:44:09 <phillw> #vote

    20:44:09 <meetingology> Please vote on:

    20:44:09 <meetingology> Public votes can be registered by saying +1, +0 or -1 in channel, (private votes don't work yet, but when they do it will be by messaging the channel followed by +1/-1/+0 to me)

    20:44:23 <rafaellaguna> +1

    20:44:31 <phillw> 0

    20:45:16 <phillw> anyone else care to vote?

    20:45:33 <phillw> going once.....

    20:45:46 <phillw> going twice ....

    20:45:52 <phillw> #endmeeting

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