Thanks to the help of the Ubuntu MATE team and their tool Ubuntu Pi Flavor Maker, we are now able to provide community-supported images of Lubuntu for the armv7-equipped Raspberry Pi 2 Model B and the armv8-equipped 3 Model B. Note that there is no current support for earlier Pi models, since they use the armv6 chip, though Debian does support them.


Here's the Pi 2 Model B running LXQt in Xenial:



Testing will be exploratory and non-formal. If you see a bug, please report it to the development mailing list.


Downloads are available in torrent and HTTP form from phillw. This is currently maintained by the folks behind Ubuntu Pi Flavor Maker and includes the other flavors as well.


  1. Download the compressed image
  2. Uncompress the file with unxz so that you're left with an .img file

  3. Run tail -f /var/log/syslog and keep it running

  4. Install your microSDHC into your card reader
  5. Look for the device name of the microSDHC to show up in the syslog, e.g /dev/mmcblk0

  6. Run sudo ddrescue -d -D --force image device-name (you may need to install gddrescue tho you can also use dd but this is left as an exercise to the reader)

Optionally, but recommended is to resize the file system so you have some room to do some stuff:

  1. Run sudo fdisk device-name

  2. Delete the second partition by typing d and then 2
  3. Recreate the second partition by typing n then p then 2 and accept any other defaults by hitting enter
  4. Write the partition and exit by typing w
  5. Reboot the system and login
  6. Run sudo resize2fs device-namep2


See Ubuntu Pi Flavor Maker for answers to frequently asked questions.


The Pi 3 is now supported! Bluetooth needs some support, though.

First check the Ubuntu Pi Flavor Maker blog, but keep checking back here for more news!

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