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Introduction to Launchpad

Julien has been kind enough to put some links together for navigating through Launchpad. As he gets time, they will get tidied up, so this is a work-in-progress.

Launchpad is not easy to use the first time Smile :) This is a couple of useful links I use very often :

To tracking bugs which interest you, you can use

If you want to search in bugs you reported :

If you want to search in bugs you subscribed :

You can also use the +source to search on a specific package :

Example, to view bugs about pcmanfm :

To view general information about a package :

Example, for pcmanfm :

Finally, if you want a dashboard of bugs for Lubuntu :

The people at the bug-squad are always updating their area, with help and tips on the filing of bugs Bug Squad.