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Wiki page for the Coding and Packaging sub-team of the Lubuntu project.


Seeds are the lists of packages we include in the lubuntu distribution. The minimal, boot, standard, desktop, and either ship or live seeds go onto lubuntu CDs. lubuntu seeds, being built on top of Ubuntu, inherit a shared set of seeds called the "platform" seeds. These platform seeds are maintained by Ubuntu Core Developers whereas the lubuntu seeds are primarily taken care of by lubuntu developers.

lubuntu seeds (as with all Ubuntu flavors) manage their seeds using the bazaar revision control system and host them on launchpad (build scripts pull the official seeds to build the cd).

Current Tasks

  • Decide what packages to be included in the default Lubuntu install
    • Purpose: Have a excellent selection of applications which the enduser might want to use 'out of the box', the lightweightness of the applications and operating system must the number 1 priority.
    • Status: Developing ideas
    • Discussion: here!

    • Assigned to: Whole Team
  • include Peazip in Ubuntu repo
  • Fix bugs (Current list by packages)

  • Maintained specific packages

  • Maintaining ISO :
    • TODO We should try to put Live CD with Ubiquity installer and alternate text-only installer together on one CD.
      • use Debian installer if it's mature enough?
      • need to measure the exact memory requirements for live-session and ubiquity-only session

Completed Tasks

LXDE project/Resources

Resources useful to Coders and Packagers.

Work on packaging LXDE project components is an on-going part of Ubuntu. Check these resources if you are interested in contributing to coding and packaging of LXDE components in Lubuntu:

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