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This section is dedicated to the people from all areas, both within our direct Lubuntu family and those from other areas with whom we swap ideas and assistance. For anyone interested in doing the most important part of any system, namely supporting and helping, this area is for you.

Our Motto

"All of us are smarter than any one of us."

How to join

Please, join Lubuntu Support Team. Automatically, you will be subscribed to the mailing list of Lubuntu Support Team. This sub mailing list will be used to discuss related topics to the support team only. For the general mailing list, please see this.

Thank you for taking the time to show an interest in helping others, no one is too new to join. People who are used to lubuntu can easily forget that like any system it does take a while to get used to. There are no dumb questions, only those too dumb to ask. It is the mark of a good support person that they do not get fed up of new people asking us the same questions time and time again, that is why for IRC and wiki we have FAQ Area and on the main forum we have One Stop Thread.

Lubuntu Contributors

There are Lubuntu Members and there are Lubuntu Contributors. The main difference between them:

  • Lubuntu Members have signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct and have commitment with Lubuntu Project and they always contribute, participate and play major roles to keep Lubuntu alive. They help each other and they help Lubuntu Users. Usually, they are so active in the community.
  • Lubuntu Contributors are Lubuntu Users who haven't signed Ubuntu Code of Conduct but decided to contribute to Lubuntu on their free-time, as much as it allows them to do so, and they don't have to be active daily.

With the help and support of both Lubuntu Members and Contributors, we have a great team and an amazing system. They work together and can't be a part.

Lubuntu Contributors are part of Lubuntu Support Team.

Membership of Lubuntu Contributors

Upon joining the Lubuntu Support Team, Contributors will have a 90 days of membership which can be renewed upon his/her request.

We are not forcing people to join but we highly advise and suggest to join to be organized and exchange knowledge, experience, tips, etc on the mailing list of this team.

The expiration will give more flexibility and much less commitment. The Contributors will feel much more comfortable.

If they desire and wish, their membership can be changed to forever which is a status in launchpad means your membership will has no expiration date Smile :)


Because most of the Contributors are on Facebook, a new group has been created. Please, see this group.


The Welcome Introduction Message

When a new Lubuntu User joins one of our Official Channels, we should greet him with a Welcome Introduction Message. This message will be his/her first step in Lubuntu World. Simple, nice, informative, useful and helpful message/guide/note that will help the new users to understand the basic and to know his/her first step and where to start from.

Copy-Paste this message

Hello and Welcome to Lubuntu!

Out of many active Linux Distributions, Lubuntu is one of the best and top 20 according to Lubuntu received official recognition as a formal member of the Ubuntu family, commencing with Lubuntu 11.10.

Lightweight, simple, fast, stable, easy, customizable, beautiful and has a great active and friendly community; this is Lubuntu Story in short. Keep It Simple and Short is a philosofy we believe in and follow!

There is no such thing as a question too basic, or silly, to ask. We listen carefully to every question you have, and someone will redirect you to the appropriate support channel - whether you are new to Lubuntu, or an experienced Linux user.

There are very important links that we do recommend you bookmark and refer to whenever you need some help. Please, make sure to bookmark these links:

  1. Special Search Engine for Ubuntu:

  2. Lubuntu Home Page on The Wiki:

  3. Contact Lubuntu and this link has all the Official Channels of Lubuntu:

  4. Lubuntu Documentation:

  5. Lubuntu One Stop Thread:

  6. IRC chat: #lubuntu on or go to and specify the channel #lubuntu.

  7. Question and answer site for *Ubuntu users and developers:

  8. Ubuntu Forums, a place to discuss pretty much anything about *Ubuntu family:

Finally, thank you for choosing and using Lubuntu!

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