What's is a team :

  • Group of people willing to help on a specific area.
  • Need to be active : It's essential that people of the team are active. It's not necessary to be active on a daily base, but a minimal participation is necessary, so we don't have "ghost members" in the teams. It's better to leave the team temporary if we don't have time on the short-term, and enter it again after.
  • Participation can be done by members outside the team: of course, other people can help the team, without the need to be part of the team. For example, you can contribute on some wiki pages without to be part of the team. But, if you want to do more, it's better to enter the team, so you can coordinate with other members.
  • Free to organize themselves : you can use the wiki, or a specific mailing list, delegate responsibility on 1 member for a specific area or not, nominate a member who will speak at the weekly meeting or not ...
  • Report to the weekly meeting : Each week, every team should do a report to the other members of the team, share important topics, summit important proposal. They can also report that there is nothing to report.

Teams :

  • Devs team : Coding (Packaging, patches, fixing, breaking, development of specific applications ...)
  • Artwork Team : Creation of graphics and artwork (wallpaper, icons ...)
  • IRC team : IRC keepers (Moderate and help on IRC)
  • Documentation team : Support (Write and maintain wiki documentation)
  • Communication team : Spread the word (Animate social networks, website, blogs, forums ...)
  • Testing team : Test, test, test (QA, ISO testing, SRU testing, bug testing / confirmation)

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