Below, please find the statement from the head of development of lubuntu for 14.04, ongoing to 14.10 and beyond.

Before talking about the future of Lubuntu, you have to know and realize the followings facts :

  • My availability will not improve in the future.

That means I will focus on fixing stuff, improving lxsession stuff, try to do some documentation, and prepare the future.

  • We have to consider that no one will magically appear to improve the code of Lubuntu.

It's the case since many months, and I don't think it will magically change for the next 6 months. We also don't have the infrastructure (documentation, clean process, availability of mentors ...) to correctly train new people on the devs team, so even if new young and enthusiastic people arrive, they can't really help us if they need training, guidance ...We may have some outside help on specific topics or bugs, but it will not change deeply Lubuntu as we know it. If eventually someone comes with actual work (mean, actual working code), we can still consider it if it's well tested.

  • LXDE is dying

Well, except pcmanfm, all components are frozen and will probably not going to see any improvements in the next 6 months. Expect only bug fixes and translations updates.

  • LXQt (the merge of Razor-qt and LXDE, using Qt instead of GTK).

This is slowly taking the place of the LXDE GTK. All work are done on this branch.

Considering this, and the result of the previous release, we have to admit that we need to focus on fixing bugs for 14.04. We can't introduce new functionalities and new stuff, unless it fixes bugs, or if someone from outside the Lubuntu dev team is actively working on it. In the short-term, that means :

  • The only LXDE components which will be eventually upgraded will be pcmanfm / libfm.

The others will be upgraded, but currently there are only bug fixes / translation updates releases.

  • Adding light-locker for locking screen.

It's actively developed, use (or will be used) by Xubuntu, it's in the philosophy of Lubuntu (GTK apps without any depends on other environment), it's prettier than xscreensaver, more integrated with lightdm, and it will hopefully fix the locking problems we have.

  • No others changes in default applications.

We removed the more problematics ones, and a change will cause more testing, more integration work … Generally, and by default, we are frozen in term of functionalities.

The goal is double

  • Stabilize this 14.04 as much as we can, so it can be the release reference.
  • Prepare an eventual switch to Qt for 14.10, mostly by preparing the testing environment for people, and make possible a smooth upgrade from the GTK version.
  • I'll go through the blueprints open for discussions, but I'll apply strictly the “rules” I made above. Don't be surprised …
  • Usually, there is a blueprint which summarize the work items for the release.

(see this for example https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-r-lubuntu-work-items). Since the next release is a “all-you-can-fix” roadmap, maintaining it will be IMO a waste of time. If you want to work on something specific, talk to me by mail or IRC (gilir on #lubuntu).


Julien Lavergne

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