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== Lubuntu Natty 11.04 Beta 1 Released == == Lubuntu Natty 11.04 Beta 2 Released ==
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 * [[https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/msg03691.html | Announcement email with feature list]]  * [[https://lists.launchpad.net/lubuntu-desktop/msg03730.html | Announcement email with feature list]]
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 * [[http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-natty-beta1.iso.torrent | Torrent Download]]  * [[http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-natty-beta2.iso.torrent | Torrent Download]]
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 * [[http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-natty-beta1.iso | Direct Download]]  * [[http://people.ubuntu.com/~gilir/lubuntu-natty-beta2.iso | Direct Download]]
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Iso name: lubuntu-natty-beta1.iso Iso name: lubuntu-natty-beta2.iso
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=== Manual test of iso and cd === === Manual test of ISO and CD ===

Testing Lubuntu

This section is dedicated to the development version of Lubuntu. As with all alphas and non-stable betas they are not suitable for a production environment, please take the time to read Common Questions for Testing

Ubiquity (the installer) will ask you for keyboard configuration. Be sure to say No, so you will be able to configure your keyboard properly and select your layout. Otherwise, you may not be able to use your keyboard after the reboot.

It is recommended that you join the Lubuntu mailing-list so you keep notified of changes and bugs. As always, please try to use the torrent download and keep uploading. Torrent Download shares the work between several computers and should be much faster. As it's free software, you don't need to worry about legal issues.

Lubuntu Natty 11.04 Beta 2 Released

You can download from the torrent and direct download link below. We would prefer it if you used the torrent.

Iso name: lubuntu-natty-beta2.iso

Minimal Installation and 64 Bit

General Testing

  • During the release cycle, things will get broken. You can really reduce these occurrences by taking the time to read Partial Upgrades.

PPA management

  • During the testing phase you may be asked via the mailing list to help test software by adding a test PPA. Sometimes it does not go too well and you need to reverse the changes. A great tool for this is apt. It's installed by default as the terminal package manager.

Usage is quite simple, just issue the following command:

sudo apt-add-repository -r ppa:Name_of_ppa

E.g., if the ppa is test/ppa the command would be:

sudo apt-add-repository -r ppa:test/ppa

Known Issues

All the known issues are mentioned in the Announcement email.

Manual test of ISO and CD

  • Using LXTerminal navigate to the directory with the iso file in it and issue

md5sum name_of_iso.iso

Note: iso name can be found in the released section

  • It should report back the corresponding value of the MD5 Checksum file. If it does not, the download is corrupt.

  • After confirming that the file has downloaded okay, you can then burn the cd (help on this can be found at Burning an ISO, there is a screen cast for using xfburn at Burning CDs/DVDs (using XFBurn)). Always burn at a slow speed (4X, or slower). Using LXTerminal issue

dd if=/dev/cdrom bs=2048 count=339675 | md5sum 

  • Again it should report back the corresponding value of the MD5 Checksum file. Any other result means that the cd has not burned correctly.

Reporting bugs

Specific Testing

QA tests

You can do more specific tests, like ones done for the Ubuntu ISO : http://iso.qa.ubuntu.com/qatracker/test/5090

You can also test specific programs :

Performance tests

You can test the performance with the following programs :

  • gtkperf : Test the performance of the gtk theme.
  • phoronix-test-suite: General benchmarks and tests suit.
  • bootchart: Test boot process.

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