Introduction to the Lubuntu Desktop project

Welcome to the Lubuntu-Page. The objective of the Lubuntu project is to create a variant of Ubuntu that uses LXDE, The Lightweight X11 Desktop Environment, as its default GUI. The ultimate goal of the Lubuntu project is to earn official endorsement from Canonical.

Members of the Lubuntu team take care of LXDE and other packages that are part of the planned Lubuntu install. Please join us and contribute to creating a lighter, less resource-hungry and more energy-efficient flavour of Ubuntu.

We look forward to working together with you on a truly international and inspiring Free and Open Source Software project! More info also on

Intended Audience

Lubuntu is targeted at "normal" PC users running on low-spec hardware. Such users may not know how to use command line tools, and in most cases they just don't have enough resources for all the bells and whistles of the "full-featured" mainstream distributions.

A Pentium II or Celeron system with 128 Mb RAM is probably a bottom-line configuration that may yield slow yet usable system with Lubuntu. It should be possible to install and run Lubuntu with less memory, but the result will likely not be suitable for practical use.

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Installation on Ubuntu 9.10 :

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