About me

My name is Luca Waldner, 40 years old, Italian, Email <fantasminox AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com>

I started to use a personal computer in september 1992, a very nice Mac Classic (I still have a folder named 09-1992). After a lot of years with Mac, I used a Windows XP for about 3 years, very intensive years for study Windows and try to clean it. I started to use Ubuntu just when Edgy Eft was released (26/10/2006), a very good start for me! I migrate to Linux mainly for ethical reasons, then I discovered in it a really good OS, and with Ubuntu I found all what I was searching for.

What I'm doing here

Basically, I'm here for amusement. I like very much the Ubuntu community, I like very much Ubuntu and I like very much to learn and understand more and more about it. All this is very pleasant for me!

After I have undestand and learn something, I try to help someone other. I'm trying to do all I can do...

My wiki pages

ConvertireFileAudioMp3ApeOggWavMpcFlac (italian)

My software development

whhoohooo! May be in the next life, ok? Smile :-)


"Luca is a really a good boy, very intelligent, brilliant, humorous, a so deep and open mind, honest, loyal. Talk with him is a great experience, and I'm sure to not exaggerate if I say that it's a unique experience: he's so.... sexy! And sincere Smile :-) " -- LucaWaldner


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