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## page was renamed from Lucid/SyslinuxUpdate


This spec describes proposed changes and improvements to Syslinux in Ubuntu Lucid.

Release Note


Current issues:

- Styling (logo, colors) does not reflect recent changes to Ubuntu boot and desktop

- Automatic timeout in the initial language selection screen can cause unintended language selection

- User is presented with too many choices in the main menu screen, some of which are only useful in rare situations and only meaningful to technical users

- The wording "Try Ubuntu without any changes to your computer" is awkward and potentially confusing

- Hints appearing at the bottom (e.g. "Press F4 to select alternative start-up and installation modes") do not provide any added value for advanced users and may prove confusing to beginner users.

User stories

Joseph burned the Ubuntu CD and wants to test compatibility with his new laptop which has Windows preinstalled. He chooses "Try Ubuntu without installing" to run the live session.

Federico wants to install Ubuntu on his old family PC, which previously had Windows on it. He chooses Brazilian Portuguese from the language selection screen and "Install Ubuntu" from the main menu.

Mikhail wants to install Ubuntu on his friend's old PC. He chooses to check disks for defects and test memory prior to installation. Then he chooses the "Safe graphics mode" in case there are issues with the graphics hardware.



Proposed changes:


- Update the Ubuntu logo and colors to match the current styling

Initial language selection:

- Remove timeout from the initial language selection screen

- Change the default title of the language selection screen to "Press Enter to use English as your main language". If the user chooses another language, the text should change accordingly.

Mockup of the proposed design:


- Change the wording in the first option to "Try Ubuntu without installing"

- Move "Check disc for defects", "Test memory" and "Boot from first hard disc" into the "F6 Other options menu"

- Do not display any hints

Mockup of the proposed design:



UI Changes

Code Changes


Test/Demo Plan

Unresolved issues

BoF agenda and discussion


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