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Ubuntu Release Parties 29th April - 2nd May 2010



Running A Release Party

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Lucid Lynx is coming, scheduled for release in April 2010. To celebrate the new release the community is planning release parties which mainly take place in the period of 29th April - 2nd May.

For every Ubuntu release we like to organise parties all over the world. At these parties everyone is welcome and we get together to celebrate, meet new friends and often introduce people new to Ubuntu to our community and our Operating System. Release parties are not only a great way to meet people but they are a lot of fun!

Click on the map to add your party!

If you want to organize a release party:

If you have a release party scheduled, be sure to:

  • Add it to the LoCo Directory. Add your party to the LoCo directory.

  • Add it to this page. Ensure you add the name(s) of the organisers, preferably with email addresses.

  • Spread the word. Blog about it, advertise it, tell your friends, tell local media, tell podcasts and otherwise promote it.

  • Stay in touch. Join the IRC channel #ubuntu-release-party on

  • Add picture tags. If you post photos to Flickr, please tag them with ubuntu, release, party, 2010, 10.04 and lucid. Jono Bacon the Ubuntu Community Manager is wanting to put together a collage of release party group photos, so take a group photo of your party people and email jono AT ubuntu DOT com with a link to the photo online and the subject "Lucid Release Party Photo" -- ensure that you specify which LoCo Team party it is at.

Confirmed Parties

You'll find a list of all confirmed parties in the LoCo Directory. Expect this list to grow as we get nearer to the Lucid release.

Warning /!\ Note that the page below is deprecated, please add your event to the LoCo Directory instead. We'll keep this around for historical purposes. If you're already on this page please add your entry to the directory and remove it from this page.


If you're still in the process of organizing something and want a call for discussion, put that there. If you see something here in your area, you probably already have enough people for a meet-up so finalize it!