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My name is Luke L., and I'm from Texas, USA. I'm studying MIS/CS at Texas Tech, and I'm an intern at a global company for the summer doing low level intern work.



Default webserver home folder

According to the FHS, static web pages should go into the /srv/www directory. This makes much more sense than putting them into the /var/www/ directory.

/var contains variable data files. This includes spool directories and files, administrative and logging data, and transient and temporary files.

/srv contains site-specific data which is served by this system.

I wouldn't ask for this to be implemented until Intrepid, and this should NOT be implemented for Hardy. I was tempted to suggest a BSD style "Everything in /usr/local" but I figure /srv/ is better for us. /var makes no sense to me.


My involvement in Ubuntu at the moment is minimal. I only use Windows when at work or when playing games, but I try my hardest to get ALL my tasks done on Ubuntu. I hope that more developers will make games for Linux, as that is one area of software that is tough for the community to create.

I'm mostly interested in the improvements in the server release, as well as advocating some high-level changes in Ubuntu's development philosophy ([ Revise Ubuntu's release support scheme] , [ The State of Ubuntu's Development]). When I have the time (and a good internet connection, both of which are lacking) I intend to become a MOTU.

I'm heavily interested at the moment in getting a web based server administration program going for Ubuntu (Moral support!). Also, I'm interested in getting Ubuntu to support and help develop a GUI VM manager.

= Contact =

I'm on IRC as lukehasnoname in the #ubuntu-server and #ubuntu-motu channels. I'm also a part of the ubuntu-server and ubuntu-devel mailing lists.