Email: <lunarcloud AT gmail DOT com>

About Me

I am a Junior CS Major at Keene State College, NH, USA. I moved away from film making to programming, and am loving every minute of it.

Languages: Java C++ Qt

Linux History

I tried Fedora several times, but with no help, I missed mp3's and DVD's really quickly, and couldn't figure out that you were supposed to install them after. So I gave up on fedora.

I was itching to switch to Linux as we were getting the internet soon. A friend of mine gave me a copy of Slackware 9. It took getting used to, but I was hooked. Later, Due to dependency hell, I switched to Gentoo, one of the most powerful operating systems I have ever used.

For binary and stability issues, I switched to Kubuntu Edgy and have been alpha testing every new release.

Mostly I try to convert friends and am the ultimate resource to those around me for Linux knowledge. I was the guy who set up other's xorg.conf or the sources.list, both no longer issues.

I am a huge Kubuntu and KDE enthousiast, and am going to college to learn programming so I can help out KDE projects.


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