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|| '''[:MOTU/Council:MOTU Council]''' || The MOTU Council [:UbuntuDevelopers:approves new MOTUs] and resolves conflict[[BR]][ info page] and [ archives]. `motu-council` on ||



#ubuntu-motu on

Mailing list

ubuntu-motu on, [ info page] and [ archives].BRubuntu-motu-mentors on, [ info page] and [ archives].


To see the currently active MOTU team members, look at the [ team page in Launchpad].

MOTU Mentoring Reception

If you want to become a MOTU and would like somebody to mentor you, look at the [ MOTU Mentoring Reception]

[:MOTU/Council:MOTU Council]

The MOTU Council [:UbuntuDevelopers:approves new MOTUs] and resolves conflictBR[ info page] and [ archives]. motu-council on

Go back to [:MOTU].BR ["CategoryMOTU"]

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