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  • Four applications and three new developers:
    • Benjamin Drung joined the MOTU team from Berlin, Germany.
    • Andres Rodriguez put some hard work into Server and HA applications and joined the MOTU team.
    • Cody Somerville was recommended for core-dev membership by the MOTU Countil.
    • Martin-√Čric Racine was approved as a MOTU and recommended for xserver-xorg-video-geode upload rights.
  • Three MOTU applications, all of them approved:
    • Marc Deslauriers works in the Ubuntu Security team and has done a lot of amazing work in a short time. Keep it up!
    • Fabrice Coutadeur has been working on lots and lots of packages already and helped to clear up lots of obscure build failures, also is he interested in video editing.
    • Michael Terry has done great work in Canonical's OEM team but also in getting rsyslog ready for Karmic and doing lots of merges. His main objective is getting deja-dup into main.