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Frequently Asked Questions

The Archive

How do I get my changed package X into Universe/Multiverse?

Via the SponsorshipProcess

NOTE : If it's important enough to be shipped in the stable distro, read StableReleaseUpdates.

What Version Should my Package Have ? / Should My Package have -0ubuntu1 appended to the End of the Version Number ?

How can I make multi pbuilders ? / How can I make a pbuilder for ( Edgy / Dapper / Breezy / Debian SID ) ?

What options do I need for debuild to make a source package including tar.gz?

  • debuild -S -sa

Upstream already provided a debian-dir in the orig.tar.gz, what now?

  • Always ask upstream kindly to remove it.
  • At your option (if you need to remove a file from the upstream debian-dir you will need to remove the upstream debian-dir from orig.tar.gz):
    • Remove it from the tarball, renaming the tarball while doing so. Example: foo_0.2.orig.tar.gz would then be foo_0.2repacked1.orig.tar.gz.
    • Just modify the package as usual.

I need to fix a bug in the upstream provided source, modify the source or add a patch?

  • If the package already has a packaging system, make a patch and add it.
  • If the package does not have a packaging system and the patch is small, you can modify the source. It is an Ubuntu goal to keep diffs with Debian small and so if modifying the source makes a smaller diff than adding a patch system you should generally modify the source.
  • If your package uses cdbs, you ought to consider using simple-patchsys and use cdbs-edit-patch to make your patch in any case.
  • See https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/School/PatchingSources for more information on patching

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