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People present

ajmitch, sistpoty, slomo, siretart, Yagisan, ogra, Nafallo, dholbach, sivang, \sh, dcraven, Mithrandir, shaga


  • Date: 2005/09/22
  • Begin: 12.00UTC
  • End: 13.17UTC

Full log

[http://revu.tauware.de/~sistpoty/motuminutes/motu_minutes_2005_09_22.log here]

Agenda (taken from the wiki-page)

  1. tiber.tauware.de (Revu-Server): accounts for MOTU's, sudo-accounts etc. (StefanPotyra)

  2. UVF for universe and multiverse (ReinhardTartler, ajmitch)

  3. Transitions, Testbuilds etc. Last workload to fix (StephanHermann)

    • a) CXX Transition is done. Bddebian could fill the morgue candidates list with all apps/libs etc. which have to be removed from the archives (for me that is yehia and gql) b) Unmet Deps..most of it it's done..only some parts are left. Haskell specialists welcome ..hmake ftbfs. c) GL/GLU Transition - Can anyone give a short update on this? I'm honest, I don't know the status of this transition. d) Please check the test build logs and lists on Lamonts Testbuild Logfiles. If something is not understandable of the output please ping and ask infinity or lamont to clarify your problems. The testbuilds itself are snapshots of a certain date, so they're not in sync with the latest buildd logs/uploads on Lamonts Buildd Logfiles. If something has to be fixed, please fix asap if you can and upload, but check beforehand with the latest uploads in our archives. The more we can bugfix, the better for the Ubuntu User. e) .desktop files - If we can update/create/add .desktop files to packages without .desktop files, please fix/add/create them. Actually please check new upstreams from debian or source upstream repository/packages, if they are not added in new versions. Universe Packages without Desktop Files List
  4. date and time of next meeting


  1. Since Canonical sponsored a server for revu (tiber.tauware.de), the idea came up to use this very machine for general MOTU business as well. dholbach suggested to collect ideas for any web-frontends or other tools, that could make MOTU work easier on the wiki-page MOTUWebTools. There was some discussion on how to handle administration of tiber, and it was agreed to have an admin-team, probably consisting of a few MOTU's from different timezones, which can be reached by admin@tiber.tauware.de. User accounts shall be given on request.

  2. ajmitch pointed out, that - although there was UVF for universe - some MOTU's didn't stick to it properly. A brief discussion followed, how UVF should be handled for dapper. The conclusion was that this topic is deferred and will be discussed on UBZ.
  3. Transitions etc.
    • a) CXX transition is done b) slomo stated that there are currently 88 source packages with unmet dependencies, including main packages. Especially haskell-packages are currently trouble-makers, so slomo stated that he could need some help there. ogra and \sh discussed, that everything which is unfixable, with no new upstream and users won't demand should be listed as morgue candidates. c) unfortunately nobody knew the exact status of GL/GLU-transition

      d) \sh encouraged us to check the test build logs on http://people.ubuntu.com/~lamont/buildLogs/. e) \sh invited us to fix packages with missing .desktop files, when we have enough time.

  4. The next meeting will be at 2005-10-19 20:00 UTC.

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