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Clear message

Monthly newsletter with all relevant information for MOTU developers

Edition: April 2007 (working draft).

Looking ahead

  • Freeze in effect, FF + UVF (explain)
  • deeper freeze to come (when?, manual approval?), also
  • release imminent

Policy Changes


With the MOTU Meeting of 2007-03-06, the policy to do StableReleaseUpdates for universe changed. Now, any MOTU can simply upload to (distribution)-proposed, without requiring previous acknowledgements from the motu-sru team. Also the need to get 5 "works for me" comments from testers was reduced to 2. However the minimum aging period in (distribution)-proposed of 7 days still remains. As a result, the team motu-sru won't be needed any longer. Further information: [:MOTU/Meetings/2007-03-06], [:MOTU/SRU].


  • php4 will get removed


  • Luka Renko (Lure), [:LukaRenko], approved on 2007-03-12.


MOTU Council founded

  • introduction of MC here

Bug squashing

  • bugs tagged packaging
  • bugs tagged bitesize
  • Universe hug days
  • wiki TODO list