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Clear message


cf ["MOTU/ReportingPage"] instead.

Monthly newsletter with all relevant information for MOTU developers

Edition: April 2007 (working draft).

Looking ahead

  • Freeze in effect, FF + UVF (explain)
  • deeper freeze to come (when?, manual approval?), also
  • release imminent

Policy Changes


With the MOTU Meeting of 2007-03-06, the policy to do StableReleaseUpdates for universe changed. Now, any MOTU can simply upload to (distribution)-proposed, without requiring previous acknowledgements from the motu-sru team. Also the need to get 5 "works for me" comments from testers was reduced to 2. However the minimum aging period in (distribution)-proposed of 7 days still remains. As a result, the team motu-sru won't be needed any longer. Further information: [:MOTU/Meetings/2007-03-06], [:MOTU/SRU].


Debian maintainers have expressed discontent about the Maintainer field being unchanged in Ubuntu, because this causes them to be contacted in some situations where they are not the correct point of contact. To alleviate that, you should change the maintainer of every (debian) package to which you introduce an ubuntu version number. Rename the Maintainer-field to XSBC-Original-Maintainer and add a new Maintainer pointing to Ubuntu MOTU Developers <>. Of course you can also add a more specific Maintainer as long as it has an email address. If you forget to do that, dpkg-buildpackage will bail out with an error. More details: [:DebianMaintainerField].


  • php4 will get removed


  • Luka Renko (Lure), [:LukaRenko], approved on 2007-03-12.

  • Albin Tonnerre (Lutin), [:AlbinTonnerre], approved on 2007-03-19.


MOTU Council founded

  • introduction of MC here

Bug squashing

  • bugs tagged packaging
  • bugs tagged bitesize
  • Universe hug days
  • wiki TODO list

Buildd Farm