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  * Autobuilding
Yes, I'll love that, too. This will be implemented in the next version, since I cannot do that on I'm in contact with \sh and ogra for a solution. If you have experience in setting up an sbuild for us, just contact us!

  * Automatic signup procedure

I consider these 2 important.

  * RSS feeds for new comments / new uploads
  * Jabber/IRC bot bot announcing new uploads/comments

Both are quite low priority on the list. Consider contributing ;)

  * deb-src for sources.list

== Completed Feature Requests ==

  * old tag - Admins can "archive" uploads. Possibility to hide archived uploads pending
  * auto lintian/linda
  * Contributors can now comment on own uploads

== Can I have a look at the code? What about svn access? ==

Try this link:
For svn access contact me via email, I'll arrange something
please see [:REVUDevelopment]

[ revu] is the current working name of a review tool for [:MOTU] Uploads. This service is experimental at the moment and involves quite some manual interaction. The service is located at

To register as uploader

Please send a signed email with your GnuPG keyid to I will add you then to the uploaders keyring (== Upload rights for revu). You don't need a password for uploading, just for logging in at the website and replying to comments.

Please note that all uploaders for universe have been added to the revu keyring!

Howto login

After your first upload, you will be automatically registered to the database and assigned a random password. Use your email address you used in the changelog file of your upload as login and press the 'recover password' link.

To register as reviewer

Please send a signed and encrypted mail with your password and GnuPG keyid to I will mark you as Reviewer in the database.

Howto upload

The upload process is similar to uploading to ubuntu, see [:Uploads]. Here is a dput snippet:

  fqdn =
  incoming = /
  login = anonymous

Don't forget to adjust your [DEFAULT] section to have an entry like this:

  default_host_main = revu

Please do only signed uploads, and please always include the orig tarball. Otherwise reviewers won't be able to look at your extracted source package. When building with dpkg-buildpackage, you can use options "-S -sa -rfakeroot" to build only the source package and also include the original source in the package.

After the package is built, you can use dput with the above config file changes to upload it by specifying just the *_source.changes file that was created, ie. dput *_source.changes. If your firewall requires a passive FTP, dput will seem to hang while uploading. In that case, try "dput -P *_source.changes".

Processing of uploads is done every 5 min. So, if your upload doesn't show up, please contact or siretart in #ubuntu-motu

Feature Requests

please see [:REVUDevelopment]


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